Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Today's word for Jen Morris' Deliberate December is Gentleness.

Sometimes I think many of us have forgotten what "gentleness" means. No, I do not have the ambition to look up some definitions tonight. 
My head hurts and there is too much to do and it's dark outside at quarter after eight. I have forgotten Summer. 

Bitch  bitch. Moan moan. Not from innermost core. But from shallow surface, and just below.

Time for a bit of Gentleness...
If only we had cats?

We DO have wool bankets. And soft pillows.
I could pour a bit of bourbon into a cup of hot cocoa. And add a dollop of whip cream. (Tinnitus is yowling that this might not be a good idea in my case - but it might be a Wonderful Idea for you.)

Gentle music is pouring lightly from laptop through headphones into ears. Breathing is regular and calm. Too bad I blew out the candle that had been burning all day. I sure would like to sleep. Not yet. There are sentences to type.

A little about daring to be gentle:
I learned many years ago that roughing oneself up never helps, and just adds to the inner bruises one might already have from outside sources.

So - a good solid practice is to be gentle with oneself. To appreciate the parts of us that still work. To try actually liking the person we have grown up to be. Much flawed or nearing perfection. Whoever the person is we are. Now. 

And to move gently toward the person we may still want to become. Stretching... stretching... With effort, but not strain.

Like those sometimes-gentle-but-not-always-gentle magical creatures some call cats? Stretch. Relax. Stretch. Relax.
"R-e-l-a-x" - Aaron Rodgers. (Oh, yes, Aaron Rodgers is cleared to play for the Green Bay Packers against the Charlotte Panthers this Sunday, but I digress.)

Now - back to the bruins for a little while; then gently on to whatever the rest of the evening brings.

Tomorrow's word: Expand (I have NO idea... Though I am glad that there are a variety of meanings for "expand" - other than the one this word brings to mind during this season of often-mindless eating.

Good Luck and Fare-thee-well,
from under the gentle, warm, comforting Hudson's Bay blanket - 

Monday, December 11, 2017



I received a lovely gift from a friend. It is a tote bag illustrated by a large bunch of scribbles - with the quote: CREATIVE MINDS ARE RARELY TIDY.

Hmm... I wonder why she thought of me...

It is not that I do not WANT to be tidy.
And a few parts of Life are.
Many are not.

I know that life would most likely be easier if life was tidier.
Time spent hunting for a particular thing would be spent on something more productive. But then I might not find a thing I'd forgotten about for years. Like that yarn I didn't know existed till yesterday. A hunt for something else flushed it from its hiding place. No, I do not know what will happen to it. Right now it's being used to tie up a drooping plant. And to attach Christmas "greenery" to our surveyor's tripod floor lamp "tree."

If life was tidy I would know where That Book was. Now I just know it exists. The same goes for lots of model horse related things. And journals. And certain art supplies.

Some things are at least semi-tidy:
* business records
* personal records
* art supply ordering information
* real hard-copy photographs
* most books
* most art supplies
* the house plants

And, as with maybe the majority of people in the U.S., I will re-re-re-re-commit to tidying up more "next year."

At present, I will remain one of those "I know it's around here somewhere" about a number of things. At least now, if I find them, there is another tote in which to haul them somewhere else!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Day

I wasted most of the day.
The Packers won over a 0-12 team - in over time.
The decorations for the coming days have been hauled up from the basement.
That is all.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


This morning I was in bed too awake too early this morning. Brain got to thinking of bed connected to building connected to Earth connected to Soral System connected to Universe connected to...

Well, you get the idea. And the more people one communicates with - the more connections in common.

Some less-than-six-degrees-of-separation are a wee tad amazing. 
I might go into more detail when more brain cells are capable of thinking.

And all of this is nothing you don't already know.

I just had to type a something.

This is it.


Friday, December 8, 2017


Waiting for something like Spring again...

And more Special Months - 

Here is a page from this April's International Fake Journal Month.
Yes, this IS a Thing for hundreds of odd, interesting folks - 

Some people stay the same Fake Person through the years. I am a different Fake Person every April. And a different Real Person, as well.

Creating a fake journal is an experience open to one and all. You can join in sharing on Facebook. Or not. If interested - Google it.

Now - back to another hour and a day at our last art fair of the year. Today has been a good one at Baraboo, Wisconsin's Very Merry Holiday Fair.


Thursday, December 7, 2017


This is one of the first pieces made in June's "100 Happy Bears" Personal Challenge. It seems oddly in sync with the times right now.

So many woes.
So many reason for dancing.

Not all is horror.
Not all is ecstasy.

Not all.

So we make choices many times a day. Act. Don't act. Act the same. Act differently.

I am not a dancer. At least not in public.
The bears are brave enough to not care.
They will dance just about anywhere.

Another day is here.
It's time again to choose the doings.

I will draw. Bears will dance.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Argh and Sigh and I Don't Want to Cry

Just a seriously silent"loud" bitch about dealing with tinnitus these past couple of days.

I am trying to eat and drink so carefully.
Yes, I took the morning pill.

It might be air pressure. 
It might be stress.
It could be almost anything.

I am trying almost my best to deal with it.
But today it's wearing me down.

Yes, I KNOW that so many others have far more SERIOUS maladies.
No, this isn't particularly Painful.
But there are so many kinds of Pain...

This seriously sucks right now - and I
will quit typing and get back to the day's tasks.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

The day's pleasures? It's hard to tell.
Back to the 1930's version of "Scrooge" on You Tube.

Carry on.
And I will do the same.

Sue the Inside the Petcock of a Steaming Pressure Cooker