Saturday, October 21, 2017

Too much art.

Yesterday my art brain cup was filled to overflowing.
The Milwaukee Art Museum has plenty of amazing stuff.
I apologized to sculptor, David Smith, as I zipped by.
I apologized to Andy Warhol.

 Georgia O'Keefe paintings slowed and stopped me.
As did the Marino Marini painting and sculpture.
I am a sucker for Marino Marini.

The Mark Rothko painting was garish this go-round. Funny how that can be. On another day it might have ben sublime.

We strode past Old Masters.
We stopped at modern glass.

We will have to return.

On to today's doings. They might involve art. They might involve animals. They will involve pals. And Racine and Kringle.

But first  - off to Milwaukee's Rummage-O-Rama. 'Cause that's also how we roll.

Maybe we will discover a million-dollar art work there. For five bucks? On to the possibility!


Friday, October 20, 2017


We are working/playing our way through a particular part of Wisconsin. Tree color ranges from a very few beautiful vistas to a bunch of leaf-less miles to mostly dull and merely O.K. It is not a usual Fall Color year. And that's O.K. Nature happens. And this kind of Autumn helps us appreciate the Spectacular ones.

A treat yesterday, thanks to Facebook again, was visiting the home and woods of a friend from college days. The dogs tolerated us. Tom made (for us) a Hobbit style "second breakfast." We got to see some more-than-vintage woodworking tools he still puts to use sculpting downed logs. And we got to walk the perimeter of some of his family's property. Pines, spruce, the dead elm that survived until recently... A field on one side held  another neighbor's potato field. I had many thoughts and emotions as we watched the large tractors, two harvesting machines, and the big trucks working together seamlessly. 
It was a perfect day for potato picking... If any of my family members are reading this - they understand. Warm, a light breeze, sandy loam, the vines dried, and the spuds.... Well, not picked up one by one by one (multiply by thousands, millions?). Scooped up now, rocks and vines removed, and after a few minutes - well, just a whole large truck bed FILLED to heaping with potatoes. I didn't walk out in to the field to see if they were harvesting Whites or Russets. It didn't really matter. Spuds were being harvested. The day was sunny and mild. And something felt oddly perfect.

After saying goodbye to Tom and the doggies it was time to head south. We are hitting as many thrift and antique shops as we can. What treasures have we purchased? NONE. One copy of "Yesterday" newspaper. I snap a few photos of things that catch my eye. Like this - 

Photographed as much for the truth in advertising as the oddly-shaped equine - possibly based on a press design? Rosemaling was peachy. And the price was right. Now, NOW, I almost regret not buying this. But our home has no horizontal space on which it could rest.

But the label! So TRUE. "Painted wooden horse on piece of wood." And now that I really look - the seller didn't even waste any white space on the label! As they say - It is what it is. Spare. Plain. Oddly elegant.

I would strive to be oddly spare and plainly elegant. If I strove to strive.

On to a second tiny cup of motel-eating-area de-caf coffee. Reminder to self: You did NOT eat the lovely old-fashioned chocolate doughnut. YAY! (sigh) You did not make a motel eatery waffle. YAY! (sigh) You ate a banana and a tiny bowl of raisin bran. (I haven't eaten cold cereal in over five years. Reasons.)

Now it is time to make some greeting cards, concentrate on the good jazz streaming from the headphones, and make some greeting cards.

Milwaukee adventures await!

Facebook Page: Sue-Rowe-Studios

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Challenges -

That October Personal Challenge to obcess over playing banjo - well, it ain't happening.

The PLAYING, anyway.
I THINK about playing/not playing that banjo every day.
Because it's on The Lists.

Other Doings out played the Banjo thismonth.

Brain has come to terms with this.
I still am planning on visiting a cousin in September of this year.
However, my version of the TARDIS is still in the shop.

And we are on the road.
Without the actual banjo.

But with the mind banjo right here.

Sometimes Practices take other forms.

"So it goes."
And today that's O.K.

On to that Adventure we call Thursday.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Reminder to Self

amazing possibilities.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Some Stuff I Like

Some Stuff I Like (at least most of the time)

Full Moons
Thriving Gardens
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
More Sketchbooks Than A Person Needs
Chatting With Multi-faceted People 
Chatting With People Who have One Major Focus
A Really Good Independent Coffee Shop
Excellent Bourbon
Family and Friends, of course
Being Self-employeed (I like it most of the time. Not all of the time.)
Time to Waste
Old Country-Western Music
Raggae Music
A Little Bit of Rap
Dark Chocolate
A Clean House (sigh)
Old Ford Mustangs
Ball Bearings
Serious Teas
Grandma Rowe's African Violets
Art in General


Some day if you are bored, or even if you are not, make a list of things you like. There are probably more than you will give yourself time to note.

Save the others for another time.


It's time to go and get that serious hair cut. I do the Reverse-Sampson. The shorter the hair the more energy I have. Weird? Oh, well. It's just the way things are.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Do New to Re-New?

Brain and body are still chilled and foggy from the past weekend's Red Wing Art Festival. In the end we didn't do too badly.

But I am tired. Or weary?

This morning Todd went to the funeral of a former co-worker. younger than us by a number of years. Cancer. Quickly.

So that puts a certain perspective on the day.

We are breathing. I am not bitching.

Just wanting for a Good Different. And Time to do whatever one wishes. Even if it is regular work.

Tonight holds a Visual Journal meeting in Minneapolis. Very near U.S. Bank Stadium, where so many football players were injured playing yesterday. Both Packers and Vikings. Particularly, for Packer fans, Aaron Rodgers. I am a shallow serious fan. Life goes on - but it won't be as much fun for quite a while.

And I have to put me back on way less sugar, gluten, etc, etc eating restrictions. 'Cause this is being typed to a "chiming roar" tinnitus that I made "louder" by my weekend eating and drinking. We humans are a confusing bunch. We KNOW what NOT to do. We DO that. Millions of us. Billions of us?

On that note - 

On to making tomorrow better than today - 
More healed. Less bitch-worthy. More fun.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Art Festival

Yesterday's Red Wing Art Festival held a couple more morning hours of not raining than were forecast.

Then the rain and wind came. 
The busy morning went away.
We talk with our fellow artist pals.
We take turns going to the building were there are treats, hot beverages, a real restroom, and warmth for freezing hundry artists.

Then we return to the booth.

Some do not.

I made eight dollars in the last hour. Huzzah!
After a warm  and delicious turkey dinner sponsored by the Red Wing Art Association, and much good talk with pals, Todd drove to the locall casino. I packed the Kleenix into ears, sat at a nickel poker machine and slowly said goodbye to those dollars. I pretend this money is being spent at a Zen retreat. Really. I meditate and gamble slowly. Even a Zen retreat can be a gamble, right? Todd came away about seventy five dollars to the good last night. And the night was still early when we got home. Another Huzzah!

Today's forecast is for cold, but NO RAIN.

We will put more layers on, hope our booth is still standing, take lots of things out of the van and put them back up. Get hot tea and treats from the artists' center.And then hope that the noon start of the Packers vs Vikings NFL game won't muck up the size crowds too much, though, judging from the Packer jackets worn yesterday, um, this could be an issue.

I will bring two radios and my journal. 'Cause the writing of the game must go on. Or at least attempting to do so. (Drives Todd nuts.) This, too, is a discipline and a practice. It is about cheering on a team (GO PACK!!!!), but even more so a practice in Focus and Following Through. Time goes by in an odd fast flow. Stuff happens. Thoughts happen. I write as much as I can. And then seldom re-read what is written. The deed and lessons learned are most important. Yes, you can learn life things from sports - particating and witnessing. You do not need to be a fan.

So - on to waking up and going forward into the eventual lighting of the morning.

We will take whatever the day chooses to bring.
Right now I wish it was bringing hot tea and good toast.