Monday, August 21, 2017

Better - 14

Eclipse Day

Started sunny 
Turned grey

Saw through teensy pinhole
That tiny arc today

Dark moon
Bright sun

Then our fun
Was mostly done

Somewhat forecast
Not on a lark

The  skies 
On cue
Of course
Turned dark

Not from
Fancy eclipse stuff

But "normal" clouds
Sky'd had enough

Of once-in-lifetime
Thrilling sight

Time for rain and dampness
Mother Nature's might

Takes many forms
Some fair some not

We'll have to thank 
The skies we had

For the short, small
Glimpse we got

Actually, more than a couple glimples, but mainly at the beginning of event. Televsion coverage, via NASA and CSPAN helped us share in a bit of the amazements of the day. Of course, we who could not view the Totality will never really know the feelings of those lucky and/or ambitious enough to be in the path.

I was thankful for some cameras showing the eerie darkness in affected areas. After reading Annie Dillard's essay "Total Eclipse" many years ago I would have loved to have experienced the silver greyness she wrote of. Oh well. Better to have read about it then to have no idea that this happens.

On to the daily duties of a not-so-daily day.


We plan to be in Green Bay, Wisconsin this Friday through Sunday. Artstreet awaits.

(Forecast is for Sunny tomorrow.)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Better - 13

We don't have the extra channels on our TV.
Sometimes I miss them.
Most times I don't.

Facebook posts alert me on Sunday evening.

"Game of Thrones" is on!
"Game of Thrones" is over!!!!

I watched one episode once.
Years ago.

So now I just go right to the Spoilers.

Yup. THAT happened tonight.


You can trust me not to tell.

But. Wow.

Better - 12


Parts of Studio A have been cleaned for first time in two years - Better.
Fought short battle with Asian beetles in the garden - Better.
Watched "CBS Sunday Morning" - Better.
Played with paper cup cuffs and black and gold paint - Better.
Ate a relatively healthy breakfast of fried egg, gluten free toast, and lovely ripe cherries - Better.
While cleaning studio I found a Hagen-Renaker Performing Misty still in original box - Better.
Hunted around in the winter squash jungle. Many (though I won't count baby squashes will they're harvested) more baby squashes than last year - Better.
Tinnitus is super "loud," even though the pill that usually helps was swallowed. - Not Better.
Learned some things from Facebook links: Better.
Eyes are looking out on a partly sunny day: Better.
Jazz music filled the air earlier this morning: Better.
I've decided to send a something to a friend: Better.
There is still time left in this day: Better.
There is still half a bran muffin and a pat of butter left over from a friend and my coloring session at Tin Bins yesterday: Better.
One can clean lots during TV commercials: Better.
Many of the 100 Happy Bears have been moved to a happier place: Better.

Time to appreciate a cup of hot and hearty Ginger Tea: Better.

Sue the Slightly Better

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Better - 11

A rare No Art Fair summer weekend

Potential is wide for adventures
and cleaning
and bookkeeping
and cleaning

I really should clean


Adventures in cleaning?

Thee could be Discoveries
There might be great finds
And creating new vistas

Even the definition
Brings pleasure

One way or another
This weekend
Will hold
"A pleasing view"
Or two

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Better - 10

Eek! We are on the backside of August. Daylight is definitely shorter. Most of us still have many Summer Plans, but are running short on Summer Days.
Today is cool, wet, and rainy. Our tomato jungle is FILLED with green orbs, but with little hint of pink, much less RED. Sigh. I will not be anxious yet. Well, maybe a little bit.

Last evening was the fifth of six Stillwater Summer Tuesdays. Two were rained out. Two I forgot about. 

Last night I took a green towel and a purse full of art supplies. And a thermal cup of herbal tea. And hope. Hope that the music was good, that there would be a place to put down towel (I only got in on second set - stuff happens...), and hope that the past week's national doings would fade from mind - if only for an hour.

It wasn't a perfect weather evening, but it was a good weather evening. The tiny black flying insects didn't attack as often as they can. I scored a spot much to my liking. And the band took the stage soon after towel and art supplies were arranged.

Playing was Third Wheel Project. The first band was formed in Alaska, but there are a number of small groups now. I do not know where "our" band was from. There is one based in Minnesota, so I'm guessing this was them.

I played around with using only the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Seeing how small a line could be created. Blocking in shapes. Editted the scene. Started with guitarist/lead singer in center. No, that's a lie. Began with bassist. D'Oh. Nope. We often cannot trust our brains to recall specific acts exactly. Anyway, after drawing bassist I attempted guitarist. O.K. And the amps and mics. Do I dare draw the fiddler? "Do, or do not." I did. I was O.K. with only depicting the musicians. Sometimes a drawing can be ruined by adding the wrong detail. But I plowed the tip of pen onward. Here's the stage. Here are instrument racks. And the concrete and chain in background. I didn't put in the large boat in the river. But I think I might remember it.

After this drawing, it was time to goof off. Bears, where are you, bears? Oh, here comes one. The same brush pen was used for outlining. Then out came that tiny tin of gouache and watercolors. This bruin's color is all gouache. (Sorry for ignoring you all summer, little watercolor chunks!)

I know NOTHING about this bear. Except that it had a night spent with really good, Wonderful - in fact, pie. I don't know if it is male or female. I don't know what kind of pie is was. I could wish to be so blissful.

Set over - certain Johnny Cash songs will never be the same - I packed up and headed back to secret parking space, and home.

The live music and being with humans who were not screaming at eachother, in person or online, was soul washing and a bit life-affirming.

On to today's Grand Adventures. Back out into the cold wet rain, and then to the second floor of American Gothic Antiques. Where, twenty years ago come October, the Bears began. 

Fare-thee-well, and enjoy the music of your choosing.

- Sue

Monday, August 14, 2017

Better - 9

The real stuff.
I have sipped it. 
Because the coffee shops crew
was brewing de-caf.

I love the high test stuff.
Or part of my brain does.
The other part is saying,
while I'm pouring:


I will.
Right now
the brain
and heart
keeping time
Mr. Lionel Hampton
And his 
pounding vibes.

Better - 8

Posting every three days will not get me to where I want to go. Well, truth to tell, I'm not going to do the math to see if the above statement is true. So it goes.

Here is a squirrel from a couple years back.

Chillin' Squirrel

This chair used to be bright red. it is now mostly pale sort of washed-out pink. Except for area under dark pillow. Such is the power of our I-have-mixed-emotions local star.

Solar eclipse? We will stay here - probably looking at the ground for shadows cast by tree leaves. I will remember warnings to not look directly at welding arcs and sparks created by various uncles repairing farm machinery. Bright light? Uh, yes, my little self had to look. Though it was across the large farm driveway  - from house to barn. the lure of Light is strong with me. And the odder the light the better. So my heart will travel will folks heading for Totality Path, but my head will appreciate whatever darkness and mystery we will have here in Minnesota's metro suburbs. My thoughts are to the people who may have purchased sham eclipse glasses. My eyes are "bad." I treasure sight. And would want no harm to come to anyone trying to view the eclipse directly - through the special lens made for the job. Dang. This makes me think of "humans" again. (I look sideways out to purple phlox in terrace garden. I don't like thinking about humans right now.)

Anyway - back to cleaning a few more spaces. Yes, I am "better" when spaces are cleaner. And life is easier. This does not mean I keep up the discipline. I do not. There are lots of discipline balls in the air here. And discipline plates spinning. It's time to get back to the discipline of little boxes and plans. This year has not been the best planned. This has been a year, so far, of much "wandering." It's hard to wander and spin plates at the same time. It's time to get back to the practice of spinning plates. I have to make difficult choiced on the plates I want to spin. Iwant to spin ALL of the lovely life plates. Can't. The Ed Sullivan Studio could not hold all of the rods for all of the plates I'd like to spin. 

Well - THAT was an interesting paragraph. I WANT to be the squirrel - resting, yet alert.

Hello, sneaky sunshine, again, today.

On to the Grand Adventures of the Everyday.
Let's go have 'em!