Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Accomplishing in the Whirlwind...

Some days, weeks, and/or months are more whirl-windy than others. This is one of those months.

Today I am VERY thankful for our Stillwater (MN) Public Library and it's helpful staff. Very. 

So I got some things DONE I could not have finished today at home - internet connection problems.... - and now have about 9:33, 9:15, 9:09 .... minutes left of time left to type a something.

This might be about it. 

The little boxes are being checked off the column of numbers/boxes/tasks. Two down - 43 to go. Yes, I broke down this morning started a new MASTER LIST. So intently that I forgot to drink my de-caf at The Daily Grind.

Life is a wee tad better now. 6:37.....6:30....

Maybe tomorrow there will be time to make art. 
Or tonight - during Tax Time. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Wonderment

Does stress make tinnitus appear "louder"?
Or does "loud" tinnitus make one feel more stress?

Not "asking for a friend."

Breathe in. Breathe out. Tomorrow will be a different day.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Banjo Personal Challenge

It is past mid-March in my Person Challenge to practice playing banjo.
I am not good, but I am "ugly better."
I don't know many chords, but I know some chords.
I still only know "Tom Dooley."

But this morning I wrote a tiny four-chord song.
It is not a happy song.
But it is about the few "happy" things one might see on TV news.
It is a real song.

No, I am not going to share the words.
Not yet, anyway.

"Ring! Ring!" - the phone.

Time to quit typing about banjo stuff.
I've just committed to sending two new paintings to a gallery.

The stress of getting to do what you love for a living is oddly real.

Back to work.
Patience, banjo. I'll be back.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Keep Going

A Couple Things That Keep

Us Going -

The Force, Good Mugs, and Lots of Hugs.
(And I'm not from a Hugging Family - LOL!)

Mug was created by good friend and potter 
Ingrid Rogers-Bjerstedt.
Yoda is our Traveling Companion

We try to have fun with The Force at most Art Fairs.
And hugs seem to be happening more often -
which is mostly for the better!

On to a day of medium adventure!
And then back to work on greeting cards and bears.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Tonight our house and the interwebs are not getting along. I have a rough enough with tech stuff when everything is playing nice.

Anyway - typing just to type. Today a friend gave me flower seeds in beautiful seed packets. Zinnias and asters. The packaging is so pretty that it will become part of my long-neglected Garden Journal.

Yes - ANOTHER Habit not kept up...

But the sun is getting stronger and the geraniums have all survived the winter. They turn their leaves hungrily toward the light coming in through the patio doors.  The Mr. Jades do the same - but as they are back more from the door the motions of their branches and leaves are harder to notice.

The corner of Green in this kitchen helps mightily in keeping the brain semi-happy through the frozen-dirt months in the Upper Midwest. And the opened bag of potting soil is hinting at wanting to be put to work - soon.

Tomorrow morning holds an art exhibit adventure with a friend. A show of works by Judy Chicago. "The Birth Project." It cracks me up just a little that although I gave birth to two now-grown tykes and helped birth calves back in farming days the imagery of such can still make my open brain close up. I am prudish and also not. Art IS Powerful.

And now to push "Enter" and hope the internets still work - click!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Keeping On Track.

I am not so good at staying on the blogging track.
Priorities. Remembering. Keeping track. 

Too many "irons in fire" or not the best irons?

Time to consider creating more sheep - 
because friends on Facebook suggested a number of excellent Sheep Names.

Rosemary, for one.

Here is the photograph I shot at the Minnesota State Fair that was used for newest pastel - now titled "Luna."

Focusing in helped. So the above became this:

Somehow "art" happened. Decisions were made. Guesses were second-guessed. And a few last marks were decided upon. 

I do not know how YOU keep on the various tracks you are on. 
I do know that now I can leave a coffee shop and block on a few more tiny squares in a journal. 
Lose the journal - lose the life! Almost Haha.

I guess this life is about making marks - in the manners in which they might add up to living a life...

So - back up the hill - 
And on to getting back to blogging more often and with better content.

Hi-o, filling in "boxes" - away!!

- Fare-thee-well,

P.S. - We have been accepted into the Spring Green (WI) Art Festival in late June, 21018. We ARE excited!!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Another Re-start -

It is time to consider doing more with these three. 

They sit on the studio table. Waiting. I have to get near enough to somehow overhear what's going on, but not so close as to make them get up and move off the paper. 

Something has happened. And something is going to happen.

The pastels are waiting to see what it is...