Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Days Off - Update

Not easy, but I'm working on it.
Some of this morning's doings:
Reading a copy of "Outside" magazine, and copying down a couple of quotes about those sorts of folks who free-climb steep shear mountains or run ultra-marathons, 'cause what's the challenge in just running a bit over 26 miles?

I also painted another bunny - a hare, to be exact. There is something more "mystical" about hares.
Here's the little gouache creature for the day:

There might still be things to be done with this little creature. Some more subtle bits of ink, perhaps. This bunneh does seem to have a life story, but I have no idea about what it is. That's part of the fun - to see who shows up out of the brush.

Not thrilled with section around mouth and muzzle. But overall it's not bad for a practice bun. And it's ALL Practice.

On to many tasks. And maybe sneaking off to a movie that I'd never PLAN to see. Maybe a personal challenge. "It" is playing at local theater. I've never seen a Stephen King movie - on purpose. But this one sounds slightly less horror-y? I can always not look.
We shall see.

Off to the days adventures.


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timaru star ii said...

Straight out of the Golden Compass series. The corner-y frame adds to the wonkiness in a somehow sweet way.