Sunday, June 18, 2017

Studio B

I am sitting in a room in our home we now call Studio B.

It has been, by turn, daughter's bedroom, son's bedroom, daughter's sewing studio, and now, with grown urchins several years gone, and walls now empty of Tyler and Tara's "history," Studio B - another of my spaces in which to work and maybe work.

Here Frida Kahlo looks down within her red-white-purple graphic towel. The Brain - evil genius mouse from "Pinky and The Brain" animated cartoon series looks down from his un-used picture frame - a gift from good daughter. I am more Pinky most days. I should channel more of Brain's ambition and less of Pinky's Narf!"

Art supplies, organized or otherwise, are almost everywhere - although one CAN walk on bare carpet to every corner of the room. And there ARE bare horizontal areas in several areas. And one can open the printer cover and the not-vintage record player. There are drawers where I know where things are, and others that I have no idea of what they hold. Hmm. Let's open one of these, shall we? An old Olympus camera that is not mine. A small stack of the early black and white line drawing magnets we first offered. Bear art photos - some from shortly after that first bear was drawn - let's just say - a drawer of mixed emotions.

I'm preparing for Duluth, Minnesota's Park Point Art Festival. It will be the first in years at which hubby Todd will not be helping. Yes, he has his own life, but most summer weekends it includes being Good Art Fair Spouse. This year the Back to the Fifties Car Show Swap Meet at the State Fairgrounds is calling to him. I am powerless against the pull of a great Swap Meet. So I wish I'd have done more weight training and less weight gaining. Yes, years ago I did art fairs alone often, but work and play are different when going it alone. Weather, so far, looks like it will play nice with us. "Adventures" to the contrary are frequent - both at Fairgrounds and out on The Point. So we shall see what we shall see.

Currently, prepping is focused on re-stocking the greeting card racks, repairing the card racks' fabric "gun cases" stitched specifically for each rack, and making lists of what to do in this short fast week. I sit here trying to decide the cards that will have to stay home in order to make room for three or four new designs. Hard to do. The curse of "if we don't bring it that will be the ONE card most asked for." Yes, I do wish the universe would tell me who will be visiting the booth and what that person will be looking for. So far - huge silence. Every time.

Studio B is also good because one can close the door. The main studio is what most people would call The Dining Room. Haha. It is open to both kitchen and living room. It has been my working studio for over twenty years. It is set in the midst of living. Studio B offers a new bit of refuge or sanctuary. I'm starting to enjoy working here, though it is not set up for painting or pastel doings.
And it is on the opposite side of the house so light is different, thus, mood is often different, too. It is fascinating to realize how one's surroundings affect one's creativity. (It is one reason I so often head for local coffee shops.)

Now it time to head for trying to sleep. NOT in Studio B.
Tomorrow will find me scurrying from work here to work downtown to work back here. Frida looks calmly down from her wall. Goodnight, Frida. Goodnight, little studio. Goodnight all.


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