Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lexington, KY

We arrived here yesterday afternoon. With luck, we plan on leaving EARLY Friday morning. Because some times one is compelled to drive for 30 hours for a day and a half of insane (sort of) Fun.

The power of the equine figurine is strong here. BreyerFest and other national model horse events are going on.

Yesterday, in one of the maze things called Clarion (Holiday Inn North) or CHIN halls a, should I type this, older mann said to his wife, "This is unbelieveable - it really is." Yup. That's why they come. Young and old. Male and, mostly, female, to roam the halls of this od strange dwelling and think "Was I in this room? Do I need another variation of the Breyer Classic Mustang Foal? - this one is slightly darker than the one I have. Are the maids happy that they don't have to clean many of these rooms for several days? Is there room in thecar for one more model? Did I remember my tickets to the real BreyerFest at Kentucky Horse Park?"

We'd done the first many. Then were gone for lots. Got the chance to return last year for the whole long weekend. Yup. Still magical.

This year - sneak down between art fairs. This IS the mild form of insanity. We are too tired to do this. But we have enough glint in our eyes to NOT do this.

So - today is our big day - the A Good Vintage Show will start soon, as well numerous panels on specific areas of the hobby. 

Time for breakfast! Wish us all survival - both metaphorically, and sometimes in reality.

Sue the Unedited

Two friend meeting after long absence - Huzzah!
(E.H. and A.C.)

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