Thursday, October 12, 2017


Of late the brain is in it's now and then Meantal Frenzy mode.

I am not helping by procrastinating about certain things while over-doing other stuff.

This is from an earlier journal entry this year. No - no real coffee has been consumed today - yet. Yes, banking was done yesterday.

To trying crossing off two things with one block of Time earlier this morning I did manage to scribble in journal for twenty minutes while striding laps around house. No, some words will not be legible. But the brain feels a wee tad better for the scribbling and walking. Cheap therapy. 

The Lists are waiting. As is The Day.

Do what you can with yours, and I will attempt the same with mine.

Thoughts are with those forever dealing with natural disasters. I cannot imagine. Hopes that all will remain safe I know will not be realized. I do a tiny bit to help. I know I can do more. Will add that to The Lists.

Most of us can always do more. Or, if needing aid - be brave enough to ask. People are mostly good. Some take action immediately. Or early and often. Some of us do something later, or on a long-term basis for a particular cause. All these actions are worthwhile? Most of the time.

The simple act of typing can calm a bit of nerves. Or walking. Or scribbling. If you ever need a sketchbook or journal, just let me know. I am sort of a Magic Sketchbook Fairy! Large, but effective - LOL!

On to not being as prepared as I'd want for the Red Wing (MN) Art Festival, Oct. 14 - 15. Time to be with outdoor artists and customers one last time this season. We WILL weather the iffy weather. It's part of the tradition. Come join the umbrellad and bundled up! It'll be FUN!

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timaru star ii said...

I like that part about the Magical Sketchbook fairy. True! Keep on!