Friday, January 12, 2018

The DESK....

While scribbling in my regular scribbly journal this morning I focused on writing about how the January Personal Challenge to de-clutter was coming.

I am O.K. with progress so far. Lots more horizontal surfaces that are clean, useful, and not dangerous to walk through. Well, not dangerous, but some of you know what I mean.

As the listing of the areas now clean grew, one very nearby spot kept whispering, "I'm not on the list.... I'm not on the list..." The source of this haunting whisper??? Um... my ever faithful antique maple kitchen work desk. 

Dear Desk,
     Thank you for bringing this fact to my attention. It is not for 
appreciating your value, and the usefulness you bring to my every day. And I do mean Every Day. You are right there. Solid. Sturdy. Ready to hold anything heaped upon you, or shoved into your most innermost spaces. Sadly, I take you for granted, and forget the JOY of finding you waiting for us at Midtown Antiques those many years ago.
     In the over twenty years you have quietly served me you have witnessed an almost complete change in your use.
   Once upon a time you held working supplies for my model horse tack-making business. Now your job is mainly to keep hold of papers, paintbrushes, and other art supplies. And ideas. Tiny books filled with sketches, words, and ideas. And that drawer of "scrap" paper. You still hold that plastic drawer container from those tack-making days. It still holds tiny metal things and single-edged razor blades, and paper clips, and leather lacing. And needles and waxed linen thread. Useful things are useful things.
    Anyway, I decided, and WROTE DOWN IN TWO JOURNALS that next week is YOUR Week. You will be the focus of my thought and de-cluttering deed.
    I would wish for you to be a place of Joy and Usefulness. Restful yet energizing to the mind and eye. Are you feeling almost excited? Or more, yah, what took you so long?
     Hoping that you will accept my sincere apologies, and will help me face this task and adventure with seriousness, happiness, and no feelings of the doing being drudgery.

Sincerely yours,


Now, on to the rest of the day's adventures.

and wish me luck - 
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