Friday, August 11, 2017

Better - 7


Been working on bear stuff since 5 A.M. Dark then now. Sigh. I want sunlight from 5 A.M. till 9:15 P.M. Always. No more lightboxes. Much less bottled Vitamin D. Hahaha.

I have no emotions about the Eclipse yet. Will be envious of the folks getting to "see" it in totality, but to lazy to make a trek. Those of you who DO get to experience this most amazing event - please try to put it into words/photos for the rest of us. Otherwise, I will content myself with Annie Dillard's report from many, many years ago. If you are interested, this essay is from "Teaching a Stone to Talk." "What you see in a total eclipse is completely different from what you know," she writes. And, "The sky was navy blue. My hands were silver."
Our son will attempt a real view at a site yet to be determined.

Reading most anything written by Annie Dillard can make one "better." The foks with ways with words are like that.

Off to the Butterfly House at Como Park. This will make a friend and me better. In many ways. This is why we go.

Forget about work work work. It will be here when we come back.

Off to the day's Adventures!

And afterward - another drive NORTH - to spend the night with lovely relatives on a lovely busy colorful farm outsie Two Harbors. And then off to set up early Saturday morning at Brighton Beach  - north of Duluth, Minnesota. 

Trying to make a few folks' lives a tiny bit better.


100 posts this year. 100 hundred posts to go.

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