Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Spring

The art fair applications keep going out, to new shows and old shows. You never know where you'll find "your people." One rejection so far, and one "you're on the Waiting List." This is one of the trade-offs for being self-employed. The annual waiting out the jury results. It helps makes artists just a tad more crazy. Be kind to your artist pals in early Spring - maybe buy 'em a cup of coffee, and give 'em a gentle backrub. Who knows - you might just parlay a wee bit of understanding into a lovely piece of original art. I'm not promising - but one never knows.

We are working on Pearl's own section on our web site. She has posed with so many human good sports in the past few years - and has also agreed to be sniffed by an art fair dog or two. I wonder what they think..... Does her faux fur pelt smell boring? Does her real siver fox collar smell silver foxxy? Why is she wearing pearls?

On to the day- it's pastel time! (although two oil paintings are also in the works, and at long last.... the start on a dancing bear sculpture.)