Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving Day Greetings -

Every so often our yeast, flour, sugar, and all the other goodies that go into whipping up a batch of dough come together and heat up the kitchen. I'm compelled to make two loaves of whole-wheat white flour bread each week. Almost a ritual - mainly to knead. It helps that our oven can now be trusted.The bears were made for our Open House. The white sugar ones never made it to the shop.
They were cut from with the same cutters. Gingerbread stays so much more true to original shaping. Both were delicious. Good old Betty Crocker Cookbook.

On to the family festivities. I made a version of cinnamon apples in honor of Grandma Clara Reich to bring to our usual feast. Not the same recipe, hers used whole apples, but cinnamony. We'll see what her children think of the daughter-in-law's brave attempt.

On to the Grand Adventure!
Then back to sending out cards and magnets to shops, and working on commissions. Giving Thanks to all our customers, family, and friends!

- Sue

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open House: Nov. 19 - 21

The snow is slowly melting, cookies and other goodies are being rounded up, and our booth area upstairs in American Gothic Antiques (236 S. Main St., Stillwater, MN) is being readied for our Open House. Fri- Sat: 10 - 5; Sun: 11-5.
We have found some vintage bear goodies including one-of-a-kind hand-drawn cards starting from 1998, oil pastels from when I wasn't brave enough to pick up the soft pastels, and pen-and-ink drawings of bears pre-Larry and Bob. We will have older sketchbooks on view, hard as they are to see, and Pearl the Bear will make an appearance - if we can replace her lower jaw....

Fresh gingerbread bears will be there for the munching. Their friends, the sugar-cookie bears, have almost all been eaten already. Not on purpose - really. Just to check for flavor and texture. Crunch... flavor - yum.... texture....excellent.

Friday and Sunday you can me at find the shop. Saturday, you can walk among the Stillwater bears Sue-free as I'll be vending at the CPC Craft Boutique - Christ Presbyterian Church - located at 70th St. & Hwy 100 in Edina, MN. It will be our first time attending this event but we have that it's a fun way to spend the day. Hours are 9 - 4.

Time to get back to the work-a-day stuff of being an artist. Tara and I are heading for coffee!

Packers play the Vikings in Minnesota on Sunday.......... Go PACK!!!