Thursday, September 18, 2014

Going Backwards

Tinnitus... These past few days my head has been so very "loud" as to be almost not to be withstood. I'm whining.

Not in pain. But in constant, never-ceasing "LOUD roaring chinging drilling not-real sound." Concentrating is a bitch. Yay for Netflix and music and sports talk and anything to concentrate on other than what's going on in the skull.

It hasn't been this bad in a long long time. It isn't driving me to tears. Yet. Tears will come Saturday when at the memorial service for a wonderful dear uncle. He and family had to deal with Real Stuff. Some of them still ARE dealing with Real Stuff.

Art fairs will go on. Orders will be filled. Autumn and Winter are on their way.

The Mysteries of life will continue.

Ever onward. Ching ding roar zing.