Thursday, December 31, 2015

200 Posts

Not that you would notice - because I have not typed - but this month I HAVE Focused and i HAVE Cared.

In BIG and LITTLE ways.

Mostly in One Hour Chunks a few times a day. Doesn't sound like much, but at this fluffy gluffy time of year this is big for me.

A Plan for 2016 is to Blog At Least 200 Times. Sorry, but it's the only way. And I need more than just The Hound of Accountability.

I need Stubborn.

Once upon a time I WAS Stubborn. And some has still got to be inside my wacky little brain/spirit. It made be get on the bike and pedal thirty miles a day. It made me "brave" enough to sign up for that Fargo, ND, horsemanship school. Yup, Shy Sue did what she had to do.

And now I need to do more of what needs to be done.
And of what I WANT to do but Fear Doing.

I need Stubborn. Grit. Do The Deedness. 

And because 2016 is going to be another The Best Year Ever I want/need to chronicle the doings.



This might not be pretty...

But it will get Done!
(No, don't type a wussy Question mark there.)

On to The Doing/Not Doing.

Remember, Stubbornly Not Doing can be a doing in itself.

On to The Grand Adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sue the Stubborn
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Monday, December 7, 2015


It's early Monday morning. Dark outside. Sitting under faux Ott Light.
Listening to sports-talk radio guys discussing Minnesota Vikings' ugly defeat to Seattle Seahawks yesterday. They are noting how the team appeared not up to the day's task - especially quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. "Didn't take chances." "Yesterday he gave you no chance to win." About recent games:"Even though they were winning, Teddy wasn't progressing."

Then about  Carolina Panthers' Cam Newtown and team doing all they did to win THEIR game and remain the only undefeated NFL game - "Because they had to."

A wee tad about Focus and Caring?

I watch football for many reasons. One is to be inspired by great talent and effort.

So what do I do with this? I walk laps in house and clean out a box filled with greeting card this and thats. I need to be focused on organizing and getting stuff in order. And becoming fitter. Never football fit, but get-into-the-jeans-you-like-best fit.

So the task was to focus for one hour. Done and done.


                          If not a Win, at least a SCORE!!

And since then another box emptied. This means a few peace-of-mind breaths. And knowing that much is still to do.

For many of us an hour of focus is easy.
For many it is HARD.

The iPhone and oven timers are my friends. If that One Hour or even Twenty Minutes chunk of time is clinked  I am free to do that decided task and nothing else.

If I don't put boundaries on a plan I flitter and dilly dally and do Other Things  and and and.

And that's even if I WANT to Focus and Care. 

Because without the Timer everything is equally important and in need of doing.
This does not lead to Great Success.

If you can just decide on a task and do that task - well, consider yourself patted on the back.

I'm on Team UnDiagnosed ADD. 

But also on Team Timer.

I'm amazed that I sat here and typed this short blog. And thought only about doing the deed. And did the deed.

On to the rest of morning and day.
A group of us get to visit the National Park Service Headquarters in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin,  and learn more about our wonderful St. Croix River and surrounding area. I will be forced to Focus. Without a timer - ha! 

Then on to more empty boxes. 
And back to football on Thursday.
The Vikings play again.
Against the 10 - 2 Arizona Cardinals.
May each team care and focus.

As for me - GO, Team Timer!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Personal Challenge: Care and Focus

"What's the outcome you're looking for?," was just asked of one sports-talk radio show host to another.

The for-ever question for me.

I want to lose weight.
I want to be stronger.
I want everybody to be happy and well.

But what do I do about the outcome that I want?

A bunch of action.
For a while.

Then I forget.

And go back to default mode.



Today is the first day of December.
Yes, most of the year's Personal Challenges have been seen through.

And yet.... And yet.....

I feel I feel about the same as when January 1st was a new day and the adventure commenced . Though on considering this can't be true. I drew, I wrote and sent letters, I journaled, I blogged. Heck, I even relaxed. And even affected some folks with the days' doings.

Why the Always Questing? And yet seldom feeling satisfied about doings along the journey? 

Oh well. Ever onward. So it goes. (I'm quoting other authors - but can't recall who said what.)

I think December's Personal Challenge will combine A Few Doings and aim for a target at which I am always aiming - though often without real focus or care. Must CARE. Must FOCUS.

O.K., Daring to Care and Focus is The Personal Goal for December. This probably sounds way too fuzzy for you, but right now it feels like two large and very sharp daggers to my little brain.

Well, Hi there, Hound of Accountability. So glad to see you...

For this month I challenge myself to Care and Focus.

On to the only December 1, 2015 we will ever have.

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