Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer's Almost Over

Wow. 2011's Summer is almost at an end.
Did you do all that you had planned?
Not us.
But we did do lots, and other stuff than first was "planned."

Some folks like to live all figured out. Some folks enjoy the take-what-the-day-brings approach.

We are in the midst of both.
So some days are too interesting.
Most are at least not boring.

Now that we are superbly busy our garden has decided to explode with produce. I have learned to make pesto. We are still waiting for the huge globs of tomatoes to ripen. Our first try at cauliflowers is looking good. The sunflowers will inspire the planting of many more next Spring.

The new acrylic bear paintings are sold. Red Charlie and Nine Blue Thomas went to new homes from last week's Artstreet show in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We learned that it's possible to drive a manual transmissioned truck home across Wisconsin without a clutch. It's possible - but not recommended.

So one to September's adventures. May yours be good ones.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just for Fun

Early this morning I chalked It's all downhill from Here. on our sidewalk, because from there, in that direction, it simply is.

May your day go in the direction that you choose!


* Dare to do something today Just for Fun.*