Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Heading up tomorrow for the Bayfield Apple Festival in Northern Wisconsin. Having been raised about 45 miles from this large fall festival, and never going as a kid, it's fun to now be a part of the whole deal.

Weather will be iffy again this year, so I hope to be able to tie the booth down to the old park bench embedded in concrete. A little security is a wonderful thing, and Lake Superior often keeps one looking for just one more way to keep a canopy from going airborne. It's fun, too, to wear Green Bay Packer stuff amidst fellow fans. Being married to a Minnesota Vikings fan is "interesting" this season. I do say "Go Brett!" AND "GO PACK!!," and will tune into the The Monday Night Game with mixed emotions.

Business has taken over Art these past months; few original pastels get finished. I ain't complaining. Being busy doing something one loves to do is frosting on the economy cake. But creativity gives way to production.

We are hanging in with tennis. Monday's adventure in the seriously high winds was hilarious. then we'd have to interrupt play to watch sea gulls fight to advance position in sky only to give up, circle, and try again, fail, circle, try again. Life lesson? Wind wins.

It's sunny today and almost pleasant.
On to the grand adventure -

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This morning I swept the kitchen floor - a rare occurrence, but sometimes necessary - and enjoyed attacking the corners with their little bits of dust and other questionable stuff. As kids we paid attention as Mom told us to sweep into the corners, early and often, and so we did.

In 1971, at the Windfield Manor School of Horsemanship in Fargo, ND, Gail Dark, our dressage instructor, kept reminding us to "ride into the corners," and so we did.

Sometimes I forget about the importance of corners. The pastel of"Hudson"the bear has no finished corners, and sometimes I feel guilty about this. Focus is on his intense gaze - the edges of his head simply don't exist. And yet that was how he felt right in being - I would not want to give him any edges. Perhaps art is in each viewer's filling in the details, or deciding that what is done is quite enough. Ovals and circles don't have corners and they get along just fine.

It's time to leave this coffee-shop's corner. Lots to do today - work at American Gothic Antiques, fill some orders, and appreciate this gorgeous day. But I am glad to know the corners in the kitchen have been attended to - and that we artists are free to do with shapes as we choose.