Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Travel Companions

Though I know that they are not "real" and have no connections to us as living beings do...., well. I do like the company of an odd assortment of, shall we call them -  "mascots"? 

These bits of plastic, or rubber, or fluff, or resin have a way of feelering their way into our wacky little hearts - and so we add them to our families - as company near our computers or as travel companions in our vehicles.

I am now of a mature age - whatever that means, and yet, and yet, I do love to have a tiny travel buddy riding along on a dashboard. Of course, our long-time companions are Yoda and Bear. Their recent non-adventures are the possibility for another post (all I will type of them for now is Whew). However, the two here have become a treasured twosome.

Catching the rays - maybe two summers ago? - are Zen Frog and Bun. I am guessing that ZF is a hubby find at some garage sale along the way. it doesn't really matter. He found his way onto our now-sold old Buick - and there he sat - sending beams of peace and calm in to the universe as best he could. I know I got the articulated little stuffie/plushie/whatever you wish to call these Bunny  at a yard sale for probably a quarter or for free. Bun needed rescuing and ZF needed a friend. And travel companions they have become - through many states and adventures. They face darkness and light with equal gaze and spirit of "Forward!" I wish I would follow their example more often.

Well, there it is. If you have your own personal pals, you know the odd joys of their manners of companionship. If you do not understand people who do understand there is probably no explaining that will make you understand. That is O.K. But if  a small rubber duck or similar creature someday signals to you that it wants to help you with your journey, it may be best to heed its quack.

- Fare-thee-well,

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Friday, September 27, 2019

Been Away


I have "been away."
Not good reasons.

But - "dumb" me....

I am back.
And, finding out that I never really left.

So - forward to Autumn Adventures.

No, you do not want to hear internal dialogue right now.

Silent lol/sigh/silent lol.

We will be taking up residence in Booth 5 again at Spirit of the St. Croix Art Festival (Hudson, WI) this weekend. Saturday looks good, weather-wise. Sunday.... well, the universe doesn't seem set on allowing us outdoor booth types to have TWO WHOLE DAYS of Nice Weather.  Zen practice is handy on that other day.

Carry on - 
- Sue