Friday, June 12, 2015

More Thirty Thankfuls

Today I am thankful (this is all very free-form)

1) for SUNSHINE.
2) that the garden is greening up.
3) for the teakettle that soon should be whistling on the stove.
4) for the music of Vivaldi.
5) that I got a re-order from a gallery out East.
6) because we have a new art fair to try this Sunday. (Oshkosh, WI - June 14).
7) for business that I need to use being only minutes away.
8) for a bowl of home-made soup waiting in the frig.
9) that we don't have to work at the antique shop today.
10) for the decent sales we've been having at the antique shop.

11) for the energy and will to keep exercising every day.
12) that I decided not to fight the folks at Wet Paint's art supply sale this morning, and spend the time weeding in the garden instead.
13) that the Bleeding Heart is STILL in blossom. It's been beautiful for WEEKS!
14) that Todd's (potentially) Giant Pumpkins are growing.
16) that American Pharaoh won The Triple Crown.
17) for Coconut Rough tea that friend living in New Zealand sent .
18) for friend who lives in New Zealand.
19) that I am not dealing with ambulance situation being heard in the background. (Thoughts and prayers going out to those who are.)

20) because I DO have more than enough art supplies!
21) for people wanting to buy the things that I create. THANK YOU!!!
22) for the NBA Play-off Series.  Sigh.
23) that we have more than enough food in our home.
24) that, as far as I know, both grown "kids" are doing O.K.
25) that Sir Todd gave me a good back rub before heading out for his day.
26) knowing I have more than 30 things to be thankful for.
27)  for Mozart and Bob Marley.
28) that I am in control of the big TV for a few hours. No, I probably won't watch - but I could!
29) because I can HEAR the kettle whistling through the tinnitus whistle. Nice Harmony this morning.
30) that this moment of blogging went quickly and easily.

Back to Reality!

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Dancing In Edges

Listening to National League Hockey play-offs and matting and framing pastels. Have I ever mentions how much I do not enjoy framing? Not that it matters. An artist's gotta do what an artist's gotta do.

Anyway, the latest piece to be captured behind glass is a work I titled "Dancing In Edges." Here it is is progress:

I was playing with color and trying to use up little chunks of pastel (an on-going process). After lightly drawing a basic bear I mostly just grabbed colors I felt worked well together and made shapes. Large, small, irregular. It didn't really matter. I did want an un-balanced balance, but didn't think HARD about where the colors and shapes ended up. Whole bunches of sort of "happy accidents."

The darkest areas at bottom probably started off black, but later I covered these spots with very dark blue. I use black when I fell like using it, but this time.... I changed my mind. It's O.K. to change your mind. It CAN be for the better. I did try to not layer colors - hoping their gem-like glows would shimmer against each-other. 

 I really liked the color of the dark-grey paper showing through areas not covered by pastel. This became the most serious issue when trying to finish the painting. I asked friends. i asked family members. I even took this piece to a meeting of the lake Country pastel Society. Opinions were mixed: Keep the grey areas. Work in more colors. 

Going with the "add a bit more color" folks, I had to decide which colors and where to put them. I did enjoy blending some edges while keeping some edges clean. I didn't worry too much about color theory - only whether the result of color against color was pleasing to my eye.

After a few more sessions of pressing bits of pastels into the paper I decided to quit and feel the painting was finished. There are still a few areas free of pastel - yay! And the colors glow - yay! And the piece is matted and framed - so I guess it IS finished - YAY!!

No, you cannot tell that any pastels are missing from the supplies. But I think the paper was well-used, and I hope that this colorful painting catches the eye of a potential customer at an art fair this coming Sunday!

Now it's time to feel sad for the serious Chicago Blackhawks hockey fans. Yup, their team led for a few seconds, but lost in the end.

Between basketball, hockey, tennis, and horse-racing this weekend I am almost sports out. Almost....
Bears, and hockey, and blogging, oh my!

Time for a tea break. It's been a long afternoon and evening of matting and framing art-work. 
But a good spending of time. Two new pieces ready for this Sunday's Art Fair in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It will be our first time exhibiting at this show, so am happy to increase the bruins' range.

Time to quit dancing. Time for a nap!

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