Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Storm Coming

Greetings -
No photos for now. Just the reporting of grey and windy and some folks Up North dealing with Grapefruit-sized Hail. I do not want to know that there can be grapefruit-sized hail..... The tomato plants have their metal frames around them. The delphinium and foxgloves will have to fend for themselves. Good Luck Flowers!!!

We had a delightful time in Grand Forks, ND at that city's lovely art festival. I got to be one of the Artists in Action so was located in a row of permanent little structures on one side of the park. Near the music and close to the food, and with "civilized" restroom facilities nearby. We artists did two-hour stints of demonstrating. I worked on three bear pastels, and one celebrating guinea pigs!
I didn't bring along my favorite pastels so will finish the pieces at home.

This weekend (June 19 - 20) holds The Stone Arch Art Festival in Minneapolis, MN. I do not want to deal a weekend weather adventure. Stone Arch has had it's share of whole displays going bye-bye... But it is a beautiful show, with wonderful work. We will be in Father Hennipin Park again. The main street area might get more folks but I enjoy meeting the strollers along the paths. We will bring along our first wax of the Larry Bear sculpture. He's wildly golden-furred, thanks to Rub-N-Buff, but his funky personality shines through even that. We plan to do him in ceramic and see what happens. Two-dimensional bears are yearning to be three!

The longer I type the closer the storm, and as I'm the nervous storm type, just ask my sister...., it's time to unplug this and go watch the interesting skies!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Amazed By Average Iris

Greetings -
Our iris are done for the season. Just your normal every-day some-bulbs-I-bought-at-Walmart iris. But what glorious creatures they were this Spring. Getting larger and more plentiful every year, and each year filling me with more amazement.

Now with the aid of close-up photography and a cover from a photo box we can appreciate the blossoms of 2010 while looking forward to the same-but-different buds of 2011.

These designs, as well as some floral shadow photos, will grace some of our new greeting cards. It's fun to head in a different direction, and down the garden path ( or up the path in our backyard) is where I'm often headed these days.

On to the Summer art fairs - stop by our booth and say "Hi!"

- Sue