Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, and for many many years, I led a different life. There is a hobby called Model Horse Showing, and I customized plastic model horses for myself and other competitors. The most popular plastic horse figurines used were made by the Breyer Molding Company, which was, at the time, located in Chicago, Illinois.

With hot water, soldering irons, Bondo, varieties of epoxy putties, sand-paper, grinding tools, primers, paints, and patience, we could create, or attempt to create, the equines of our dreams. Yes, our horses often sported real hair manes and tails - from a wide variety of fibers.

Below are only three of hundreds(?) of models I made. (I am still a poor keeper of records...) Most were produced and sold to pay rent, buy groceries and gas, or pay for trips to and from model horse shows - both in the U.S. and Canada. Some day I might type of years spent judging at these shows - but not today.

Arabian stallion - So Bask Fireworks (from Proud Arabian Mare)

Spotted Mule - Sunshine's Oh-Oh Be-Bop (from Classic-scale Duchess)

Appaloosas colt - Sunshine's Cocoa Dial (from Running Foal)

The baby above is one of the few customized models I still own, but that's O.K. The life-long friendships formed with folks around the world is ever so much more important. Most of the ribbons and trophies are gone. Many of the friends are now mad typists on Facebook.

This post is simply to illustrate that one person, if time and interests allot, can live a bunch of different lives. Some people only knew me in the model horse world, some only in flea market/antique shop world, some in the relatively new life as full-time artist. All of these worlds offer fascination for a life-time, but, darn, one has to choose whether to spend a whole life-time completely in one world (a fine choice for some) or decide to romp in a few other widely-different realms.

Readers who know me from art fairs - well, now we have something "new" to discuss. Readers who are in "The Hobby" will smile at these vintage goodies, and see (and rejoice?) how far the artistry in the industry has come from the good old days of the 1970's and '80's. All these different times have been important to the whole weird life I've lived so far. I hope you enjoy being part of the Adventure!

Now it's time for a late-night (for me) last cup of tea.
Enjoy your world or worlds, and if you choose - strike out to discover a new one in a minute or tomorrow. There's still time...


Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello Universe

Playing with paint again. 9 1/4" x 8 1/4". Colors here are not correctly to "true." Oddly, the bear is almost the same color, but background in actual piece is much more green, pale yellow, and metallic gold. Hmm.

"Hello Universe"

This piece is part of our  2014 "30 Bear Challenge" on our Sue Rowe Studios Facebook Page - as soon as it gets posted there. But have first budgeted one whole hour to working on a large pastel on Rives BFK printing paper. Yay for that small notebook of lists-that-must-not-ever-be-misplaced.

Todd and I got in a "warm" three-mile hike in 40 degree sunlit morning. Outdoors in no way says "Spring is only a tiny bit from now" but parts of roof are bare and we have seen DIRT. And MUD. And grass that wants to be green.

Have to start work on some pieces for April's Earth Day Exhibition at the Art Dock Gallery in Duluth, MN. Will see what shows up on three small wrap-around square canvases I bought especially for this event. did I NEED to buy art supplies? No. But monetary outlay was minimal and spiritual gain might be plenty. Plus, I needed a tube of Teal acrylic paint. Yup. Really really needed that paint. Or was it mostly the Thought of Teal? Too late to care.

On to making kale chips, getting the hands dusty with pastels - yes, best to do those in that order...., and spend some time on the business part of art.

This piece, is not won by a Sharer/Liker from Facebook Challenge, will be for sale. And we will be part of an early May Wisconsin Art Crawl. But back to the commission work. Ever onward!

Remember - "Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over." - Guy Finley

Chickadee-watching time!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Breaking in New Sketchbook At Tin Bins

New sketchbook. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Prismacolor colored pencils. Started with the paper cup. Worked counter-clockwise around subjects till top portion of page was filled. Sipped more tea. Sticking with ink, started on lower portion - surprised to find that the space allowed/forced the drawing of the sketchbook drawing! Sipped more tea. Added some color. Carrying an Altoid mints box filled with tiny almost used-up colored pencils is a good thing.

Tara's friend had the black tote pictured. I asked her what the quote on bag read. They were words from Neil Gaiman's book, "Coraline." Words? "Be careful what you wish for."

I wish for more sketchbooks, a fresh cup of tea, and more time to draw.


P.S. - If you need one of our bears, and are visiting the Duluth, Minnesota area, please check out their new digs at Art Dock Gallery. Yup, after Blue Lake Gallery closed we were lucky enough to have the bruins invited just across the street in Canal Park. YAY!!!!