Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gettin' Back At It

Yes, it's been a while....  As to chiming head - more tests, no answers. So, always mixed worn-out emotions.

However, seedlings have grown enough to be transplanted, Todd has mowed the lawn and removed a stump, and is talking about making the garden bigger. The garden will be larger because he wants to use the sod to cover the spot where the stump had been.

This is O.K. with me. More basil, more tomatoes. And more room for squash.

This morning the daffodils are waving in brisk sunny breeze. There are tasks to attend to doing. And I want to learn how to have Fun again. The constant chiming has seemed to suck 95% of Simple Enjoyment out of life. I really like Joy and Fun. And hope that you do, too. I like to laugh. Lots. But lately it's been mostly ironic cackles. I watched a bunch of funny stuff on You Tube yesterday - improv, etc. When others are hysterical it helps to join the crowd.

Today's plans are to slap some paint on some bears, do some business stuff, and try to break the cycle of anxiety creating worry creating mini panic creating anxiety. Will start by having a lovely cup of tea, some breakfast, and then drawing a flower - just for fun.

It's good to be slightly back.

May your day be fruitful and/or vegetable-y -