Thursday, November 17, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 22

I wish I would Remember to Commit to:

painting more
 exercising more
reading more

eating less
bitching less
"wasting" less time

hugging more
listening more
hoping more

talking less ( but only a little less)
making less messes
quitting less

writing more letters
reaching out to more people
hosting more togetherness

Enough "pressure" for now - but a start to the list.

Time to choose another "30 Day Personal Challenge." And commit to following through. Oh, that Following Through....

May your day hold Joy and Good Amazements -


Friday, November 4, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 21

I complain because I have "no time" to draw.
Today I am finding time.
Because my heart needs to Draw.

Subject: Small cast resin polar bear

Art Supplies:
Prismacolor colored pencils
Strathmore Toned Gray sketchbook (5.5" x 8.5")
Black pen

The eye and arm are tentative. Yet one must begin.

The more you look the more you see. And,  yes, I decided from the start to make notes on the drawing. This way I don't feel pressed to create something that might be matted and framed. This practice is for PRACTICE. Learning. Relearning. Sort of like a musician practicing scales and fingering.

I was listening to an interview with Pema Chodron. Her "smile at fear" was worth the time. I am not good at smiling at fear.

This is as far as the drawing is getting tonight. It is not finished. I will keep at this bear until it has no more to teach me. Then I will draw another bear. Or a red leaf. Or a fork.

The subject is not as important as the drawing.
(To be continued.)

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 20

Today I am dreaming of More TIME.

That is all. Time for work. Time for fun. Time for nothing.

i am well.

Just BUSY at doing what I love doing - to the point where I might confess to not love doing it right now.

Hoping you are busy doing stuff you love to do. Just not TOO busy.

And - How about them Cubs?!?


Saturday, October 22, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 19


We are traveling.

Yesterday I got to visit a place I've had on "list"
since I was seventeen years old.

It was a better experience than I had hoped possible.
On to a day in Dallas.

With no particular plans.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 18 - Stuff

I have been drawing. And reading about drawing.
And looking at other's drawings.
And observing.

Every red maple leaf cries out:

I am Different!
I am the ONLY ONE just like ME!

The going-brown GREEN Garden 
whispers to be remembered.

Each meal one eats is an opportunity to draw a something for the very first and last time.

To note.
To recall.
To inspire.
To learn.

I am a Drawer.
Yet, I do not draw as often as I "should."
There is really not excuse.
There are only obstacles.
And obstacles most often can be over-come.

Draw fences.
Draw rivers.
Draw bridges and roads.

Or don't.

This bit of typing is mostly for me.
Constant Reminding is a must.
For me.
Habit rules.
Until it doesn't.
Some of you understand.
If you don't - that's O.K., too.

Paper, pens, and painting supplies are packed.

And I've planned for "Time."

There is no excuse.
Yet, wish me Luck, and Happy Scribbling!

I wish the same for you!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 17 - NUTS!

Time Flies? 
No, I don't know where the past two months have gone. 

And I had the early 2016 Goal of writing 200 Posts. This will be... 37. Sigh. Well, here's goes!

Summer zipped by in a haze of art fairs, gardening, walking, talking, and eating, and ignoring the "BLOG!" item on almost every To Do list. Comes a reckoning...

Thanks to figuring another 30 Day Personal Challenge AND clock-timer set to twenty minutes, baby step progress is being made.

So - next Challenge to Myself (and you are free to play along!) is to draw thirty particular things that I have never drawn before - at least not in my leaky brain's memory.

Thus far sketched are a salt shaker at an Episcopal Church, a large Troll Doll at the antique store, and today's topic - walnuts.

Yes, I have drawn nuts before, many times, but not THESE particular nuts. (You are free to make up your own rules.)

Here are a small handful from the cupboard. I have no plans planned except Draw Walnuts for Twenty Minutes. Timer set - and GO!

There is also a side "quest" to write at least ten paragraphs, but that's a topic for another post.

Needing practice in focusing and drawing realistic images I simply looked at nearest walnut fragment and did my best to render its variety of surfaces. I doubt that many of us LOOK at the foods we consume. We appreciate that they are here for us - for baking, eating, or feeding squirrels (don't judge!). But when observing a subject's surfaces one becomes aware of nubs, smooth and jagged areas, and a variety of subtle color changes.
I began the drawing using a brown ink Calligraphic Pen (oh, time to feed a squirrel!) in a small, 6" x 6," ivory colored paper sketch book.  Just to see what happened.

After drawing first walnut I used a few different colored pencils to fill in shape and add detail. Pencils included student-grade Crayolas, as well as higher-quality Prismacolor (my brand of of choice) and Coloray by FaberCastell. There are so many lovely drawing pencils on the market that it's fun to buy a few from a bunch of different companies and see what works best for YOU.
Because this is an exercise I am not concerned about quality as much as color.

Check the timer - yes, Time passing quickly - but in a good way! Focusing on drawing or writing can produce a meditative state, and any time we can spend "away" from our every-day thoughts can be prized and welcomed time.

Adding text to drawings is a habit - and I do so here. However, the words are an aside, and not the day's main focus.

After completing the second walnut bit I note that  there is still a tad of time left of the twenty minutes. Yes, one CAN spend that much time observing, pondering, and rendering a small subject! O.K., decision time.

I concentrate on the outline of a third nut. Now minutes are really zooming by, but I draw slowly and carefully - completing the form. Then a bit of color to fill in shape, and done! Twenty minutes produces three sketch book walnuts, plus a few thoughts.

Yes, one notes the flaws in drawing NOW. But those are lessons to be used on another page.

Even if this drawing is never consulted again its images and text are evidence of twenty minutes spent focusing, deciding, executing. And, after this exercise - well, a well-earned snack of, what else? - our documented and thought-inspiring crunchy munchy walnuts.

Chomp. Chomp.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 16


"Seth and The Girls" has been accepted in to the 
Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition.

If I had gotten to go to the Grand Marais Art Fair I would not have made the time to create this 24" x 30" pastel painting.

If cousin Monica had not invited us to stay at their farm during Duluth's Park Point Art Fair the photograph would not have been taken.

Had Monnie not become interested in raising sheep there would have been no sheep grazing on that "perfect" early Sunday morning.


Had the small herd not composed themselves to well I would have played around with moving sheep (often not an easy task!).

Had the idea of doing this piece mainly in crosshatching not come to brain the painting would have looked very differently. I love crosshatching...

Had dear "flow" not happened I would have given up.

"Flow" happened. Time flew. Sheep and pasture and backyard evolved. Scritch by scritch by scritch.

Sheep happen.

And sometimes odd quick dreams come true!

This weekend, Aug. 5 - 6, we will be at Minneapolis' Powderhorn Park Art Festival - Booth 89. Cards and reproductions of "Seth and The Girls" will be available. Yes, Monica, magnets are coming soon - ha!

Now, even though there is much to be done here - I am off to the Washington County Fair, just outside Lake Elmo,MN. I am trying to find more Joy in life. Sometimes that means taking time off from work one enjoys to go watch pigs, sheep, and chicken, and people do what they do at a fair.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 15

I have no time to dream.
This is only my fault.

But a large pastel created recently, "Seth and The Girls," made the first cut on possible way to being exhibited at Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Show.

And we have been busy doing art fairs. The most recent was this past Saturday at Stockholm, WI. "Got Mayflies?" Oh, yes. This means that the river is healthy. Guessing it is very, very heathy... Though now the hatch has died.... They did make themselves none to all of us attending the festival, and a few were eaten, though not by choice.

This coming weekend holds a long-time-in-returning visit to BreyerFest in Lexington, Kentucky. Before my life was consumed by "bears," it was ruled by tiny "toy" horses and the tack that they wear. We would travel the States and even to Canada, buying, selling, judging models,  offering tack for sale, and enjoying the company of fellow - well, more than enthusiasts.

I have been gone from this world for many years - but the opportunity came to visit the biggest event of its kind again - and so the bears, most of them, have been replaced by plastic horses, and tubs of photo albums from the good ol' days.

Now it's time to do the final packing.
And also bring along stuff to work on for the Ely Blueberry Festival. This three-day doings up in Ely, Minnesota has become what we usually do instead of BreyerFest. Due to calendars and dates NOT aligning we are lucky to do both this year. I may not be sane by the end of F=July, but I hope to have lots more great memories!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 14

I So Often Forget to Dream

Maybe because I like my life - mostly?
Maybe because I've done many of the things I dreamed of doing?
Maybe because I'm afraid to head down new scary paths?

Does it matter?

To me the world remains a confusing bunch of doings. Just when I think I know the direction something will take it ZIGS, ZAGS, or disappears. Leaves one almost content to simply survive.

But because we are fortunate enough to live in a land where simply surviving should be almost taken for granted I think we should strive a wee tad more. I am a bad person as far as taking my own advice. "So it goes."

New adventure, bear-wise!!! 

I might get gutty enough to dream of doing 100 of these little 2" x 2" canvases. Or maybe some done on 2" x 2" papers or other supports. Five have been offered for sale. These five have been purchased! Thank you, Customers! 

The ones shown here are all done in acrylics. There is a small crew started in oils. I have many art supplies. Enough for thousands of "bearlets" - as one fan calls them. And as each is an individual this allows me to play with color and form in as many ways as there are people... I mean bears. 

Here my husband and I had been talking about working BIGGER, and then these happened! I am happy with these happening. I can pretend that I'm a jeweler again. I think of these small paintings as jewels. Small bits of color that might make one feel a feeling. Pieces big enough to display separately. Pieces small enough to make up a variety of groups. Bigger - you are going to have to wait.

Maybe I CAN dream again. About at least one hundred individuals. That's a bunch of bears with a whole bunch of dreams. These seven are a start.

But now... I have to go think about Sheep. No, not about dreaming, though... I sort of dream that these sheep will get accepted into the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Show. This is a big fuzzy DREAM, I guess.

I blither, therefore I am.

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Shows coming up: 
On Wait List for Grand Marais - check FB Page for current status.
July 15: Stockholm, WI
Late July: Ely Blueberry Fest

Saturday, July 2, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 13


This seems not to be the case.

Each morning I plan to blog.
And then I don't.


Over and over.

There is always a reason to not write. But they are not GOOD Reasons.

no time
water the garden
nothing to say
don't feel like it now
don't feel like it now (again)

Then Personal Guilt sets in.
Love that Personal Guilt.

Don't do the relatively easy, and often pleasurable task, you've set for yourself and then stew in Guilt Juices that no one else even knows you have cooked up.

Yes. So it is.
I have to quit Dreaming of Blogging and simply sit down with friendly lap-top and non-hostile readers. You are non-hostile, aren't you? And type.

Just type. Just type. Type some more.
And then the deed will be done.

It is time to head out for Shell Lake, Wisconsin, and its lovely small, but high-quality art festival. We are the people on the other side of the weekend events. Some people go to the event. Some people make up the event that people go to attend.

We will be LOOKING at the folks playing on the beach. But we will be looking from inside our little 10' x 10' white-topped tents. It is the life we've chose. It is the nomad life we lead.

"Afton" the Bear has been re-tweaked again. And varnished. So he is "done." Finished. Time to take the bruins on another road trip.

May your weekend hold the Adventures of your choosing! May YOU act upon your Dreams.

And Happy 4th!

Friday, June 24, 2016

100 days - 100 Dreams: 12

I can hardly Believe how Quickly
has gone by since the last post.

I have, sort of, been working
on some DREAMS.

Garden is partly a bland nightmare.

Blotchy empty areas
where chard, spinach, and lettuces
were planted.

But one new Dream is becoming a reality. I am not a Shrine sort of person. But now in the veggie garden is an area designed around an onion that has kept coming up for about five years now. In an odd time of trying to plant lots of little coleus I planted two rings of the seedlings around the onion. Immediately this became a focal point for "something." 
Recently an uncle died. A Serious Gardener Uncle. Sunflowers and marigolds were at his funeral - in speech and in actuality. So... I had four marigolds to plant somewhere. Where? Around the circle.
And zinnia? Yup. In a line between the circle and the basil.

I set blossoms now "gone" around the onion as well. Life and death together in the garden. A chair is nearby. Handy for contemplation or watching bees and ants being busy. One can be still OR busy in a garden. Or both, by turns.

Time to quite typing now, and continue packing the van for the trip to Duluth, MN's Park Point Art Fair. We'll be in Booth 18. Weather looks to be "iffy" for Saturday. Rain. Not too much. Good for the gardens. Perspective, you know?

Now our newest bruin, "Afton," wants to say Hello. The bears do what they want to do.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 11

People looked at yesterday's post.

That number is 
the population of the town
in which I grew up!

My beloved upstairs bedroom was painted ORANGE, and I DREAMED of raising HORSES.

And of raising Strawberries - for fun and profit.

These dreams are long gone. I did raise some horses and strawberries. Mostly for fun. No profit. 

Now I dream of "time off" and of being Svelte and Poised. And of knowing more than I know and doing more than I do.

This gives one a wicked whiplash - haha.

Back to dreaming of Dancing Bears.
It's a weird way to spend one's day.

And on to Excelsior, MN's Art on the Lake this weekend. I dream of an easier set-up there. But steep hills happen. In metaphor and for real.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 10

 I ordered 
10,000 of a thing.

      To make some of our art products.

The most I've ever had ordered

I guess I'm starting to Dream Bigger.

Too old to do Baby Steps?
Time to make some Serious Strides?

These are decisions we all have to make.

Wishing you well in the deciding!
Ten thousand and

                                                       three times!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 9

Just for Fun.
WE CAN DREAM of CHANGING, but unless we actually CHANGE we are still only Dreaming.

I have a hard time taking what I KNOW in to what I WANT to BE.
I have to be willing to Change what I am to what I Dream of being.

I am starting to have Dreams again. Plans. Hopes.

It's been a while.
Yes, even "creative" sorts can run dry with that ever-flow of ideas and doings. It's scary when this happens, but some of us are old enough to know that New Stuff might be just around the corner.

Or in that next Sharpie marker.

If you have stopped Dreaming,  here is an understanding pat on back, and wishing you the freshflow of daring doings.

Onward to the hours left in our this day.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 8


                          I DREAM OF JUNE(Y) ~~~~~~~~~

Yesterday, Memorial Day, I thought about the non-direction my life seems to be taking.

I am best when heading toward a Something.
Almost Anything.

I decided that 
JUNE, 2016
will be again be one of those
Life-Changing Months.

On Purpose.

The plan is:
about Something
for at least One Hour a Day.

I almost don't care about what I will Care about.
Only that I get the Feeling CARING back.

To do a good job.
To learn new stuff.
To Focus Intently.

Putting these words out into public to be             more responsible toward this           Personal Challenge.

Now to Dream of Possibilities.
And then DO a bunch of The Dreamings.

On to prepping for Rivertown Art Festival (Stillwater, MN) on first weekend in June; Excelsior Art Festival (Excelsior, MN) on second weekend in June; and Park Point Art Fair (Duluth, MN) on last weekend in June. Hoping friends at Park Point will notice a different-for-better me - LOL! Now, THAT'S A CHALLENGE!

Fare-thee-well, and Best of Wishes heading into YOUR Dreams!

- Sue
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Friday, May 27, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 7

Greetings - 

The morning is that damp warm grey-green that sits early on some Summer days. The days one can sense that stuff is growing all around you. Especially invasive species of weeds... boo. And peeking out of the dark brown soil are the tiny baby beets - at last - yay! If one has something to look forward to - well, today might be THAT day! Or it just might be another day... It's hard to know in early mornings.

Because of a recent high-tech doings my word I want to be is EAGER.

Eager to start the day. Eager to try new things. Eager to have some Adventures and even adventures. (You know - there is rock climbing and then there is trying a new variety of tea.) Eager to feel Eager.


I forget to do the above.

I have to make more dancing bears. The sitting bears are fine and dandy, but it's time to do some movin' and shakin.'

Time to get wild in use of color again. Time to "Not Care." Which actually means a different kind of Caring.


Yes, I AM giving myself a Pep Talk.
It's O.K. for you to do the same for yourself.
We need more Pep Talks.


On to our three-day weekend, and the start of Summer. I am not ready for the traffic that is already building in dear "quaint" Stillwater, MN.

But we are downtown business people and I LOVE when folks are on the sidewalks and in the stores and down by the St. Croix River. 

        Dealing with traffic is a way to get in some Zen practice.                                             "Patience, Grasshopper."


             So, on to the day for all of us. I am glad we have one.                                                                           Whatever it's color.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 6


     Where did the days and nights of the last week go?

I dream of being "Caught Up." Of having tasks finished, for the moment, and having a lovely stretch of TIME straight ahead, to be used in a joyful and relaxed manner.

Scurry. Scurry. All the doings, walkings, writings, plantings, paintings, and yet there are still art festivals to pay fees for, pastels and oil paintings to finish and frame. Deadlines are looming!!!

But.... there are also that pile of books to read, that Bill Bryson audio book to sneak in a listen, maybe do a little book-keeping? (hahahahaha)

Not Bitching. We are blessed with being to do what we love doing - as a living.

But the layers of Living can be a bit overwhelming, even when one loves all the layers.


This Spring it appears that the Lupine will be lovely. 
The ferns and Bleeding Heart and sedum are flourishing.
The iris... look iffy for the first time ever. 


Most of the vegetable garden is planted. Playing with climbing beans and squash for the first time. And have been transplanting the sunflower seeds that the squirrels planted for us. Always find a row's worth in the lawn and flower beds. Thanks, squirrels, for giving these seeds a few weeks head-start on the other sunflowers!


Pals have been giving me suggestions for seed and plant catalogs for next year's growings. Time to find the garden journal and write down the various sources. I very rarely buy seeds or plants other than from local spots - but there is "always" next year. One hopes that there is always a net year. It is one thing that keeps a gardener going!


Now it is back to work at filling wholesale orders, and finding inspiration in playing with gouache and crumpled and torn pieces of watercolor paper. Work and Play. Play and Work. The teeter totter of life. 


Next Time: HOPSCOTCH - or Wow, I Didn't Know Kids Could Dream So Big!

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P.S.: Our first outdoor art fair of the season will be the first weekend in June. In Stillwater, Minnesota. Of course I'm not ready!

May all have a Safe, Solemn, and Joyful Memorial Day weekend.

Keep Working Toward Your Dreams!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 5

I sort of dream of Dancing Bears

Not while I'm sleeping
But when I lie in bed
Or in the hammock

I am NOT a dancer
But often the folks who buy the dancing bears 

They know how to Waltz
And Tango
And Quickstep

And so the bears
Must learn THEIR steps

And I must learn them
Damn and Yay

One Two Three
One Two Three

Under the Moon

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 4

There are our dreams.
There are George Lukas dreams.
There are Yoda dreams.
There are Yoda at Grand Marais, Minnesota dreams.
Dreams of Lake Superior. 
Dreams of finding big agates.
Or heart-shaped stones.
Or fresh-water "sea glass."

Dreams of Lake Trout and Salmon.
Sea Gull Dreams.

"Use the Fish, Luke."

On to using the Energy of the Day!

Sit for ten minutes and play with your words?
Sit for ten minutes and play with YOUR words.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 3


A few years ago I needed a new way to think about drawing and writing. Sketchbooks aren't "precious" to me, but they mean "work." If you looked through my sketchbooks you might not think this, but this is so.

Tin Bins is an all-purpose eatery in downtown Stillwater, Minnesota. It's built within an old grain elevator. It serves lovely pastries. And good hot beverages. My daughter and I started spending many early mornings there. I began to amass a stash of tall while paper "to go" cups. I would use these to water plants, as paint brush holders, that sort of thing.

One day - no, I have no memory of "why," I decided that the PAPER these cups were made of was too good to waste. Taking a scissors and trimming top and bottom I then pressed the Once-cups under a Plexiglass sheet on my work desk. Ta da! Strange partial disks ready for whatever might happen.

What happened is an on-going accidental project. Because the paper is not a rectangle, and is just a junky old cup, my brain feels more able to play with whatever I'm using to cover the surface.

Here are just a very few:

See? It's O.K. to admit to mistakes! It's O.K. to draw lines just to see what happens! Maybe to Dream a little landscape.


And another:

Yes, many hold words of personal motivation. That's peachy. I need a mild command more often than I'd like to admit. And if it comes from a flattened cup so much the better. But some are more artsy. You never know until one is finished!

There is a small box filled with these objects now. I've shown them to a few people. Some are impressed. Others - not so much. LOL.
It doesn't matter. The cups, well, not Not-cups now, have their own power and reason for existing. They have truly been re-purposed.

A small dream is to present them in an informal exhibition. I have not thought this though at all, but I know that putting the cups on view might suggest people look at common objects in an uncommon way. Or to show how one thing can turn into another thing, simply by looking at it from a different perspective.

Tea or coffee, anyone? One sketch, or two?

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 2

I am not a great gardener, but I AM a gardener.

I am not adventurous. I like to plant and grow "normal" stuff - Romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, sunflowers, even green beans ( I used to HATE green beans).

I LOVE certain plants more than others - the Blue Dwarf Kale, the sweet basil, tomatoes. No, I don't know why. These three are are simply my favorites. Yes, dear sunflowers, you, too.

After years of filling the plot with almost every apple from our apple tree and almost every leaf from our lawn we have needed no commercial fertilizers the past two years. We have a compost pile, but generally Todd just digs a "grave" and buries apples or leaves. Laziness works - so far.

As to Dreams... Each winter I get through the dark white time by occasionally thinking just a little about the coming Spring. I will hope that rodents leave us a few daffodils and tulips to bloom in the flower beds, and I make a list of things to plant in the "real" garden.
I ask friends and family for suggestions for new or different green things. This year we will try growing a few things upward. More "space" and a tad of experimentation. I am not a daring gardener. I want plants to produce. I try not to tempt fate.

Right now the garden looks like this:

With luck and care and another good Summer I dream it will once again look something like this:

I dream of more and taller sunflowers this year.
And of more hours to spend out simply watching the insects, birds, and other creatures making their visits to this little patch of hope.
And of time to study the gardens of others - each with its own personality.

Tomorrow brings some days of warmer weather. Tomorrow will hold planting. The Dream of Green continues.

And then, of course, there's Art...

and plant something.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 1

                 Another go at more frequent Blogging - 

Once upon a time I was an unpaid cartoonist for an "alternative" magazine. I or several years I sent piles of four-inch square bear cartoons up to Duluth, Minnesota. The folks at "The Reader" would print them, and many people laughed. Not all. But many.

      One pictured a bear with it's head down at a table. Caption: 

          Motivation can be a bitch when one is 

I am still self-employed. Motivation can still be a bitch. Lately, I have had weird dreams while sleeping. But no real DREAMS while awake. This can be a problem when there is no "boss" to give a person a goal, mission, or purpose. We free-lance types have to decide these for ourselves. Or just watch bad TV, surf the interwebs, or live our lives on Facebook.

                                (I'm kidding - a little.)

So, this little Personal Challenge is to change my outlook, re-find a purpose, refine a purpose?

I need to become re-EAGER, excited, and Aware. 

      This little person is still in this big person.

               Afraid AND Excited - LOL.

So, the day is sunny, the grass is green, the sky is blue, and I have got to be on my way - it's time to start gathering up Dreams again. The Waking kinds. The doing/being sorts.

I'm dreaming now of completing this Challenge.

On to the DOING ~~~~~~~ Orange. (private meaning to me.) 

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