Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Playing With Color

Sometimes, lots of times, it's time to start over.

There are lots of bears in the house - finished, almost finished, never to be finished. It's a mission this year to move a number of these bruins in different directions - including the fire pit in the corner of the garden - if that be the fate of some bruins.

I've not been one that's comfortable painting on stretched canvas. (And you call yourself an Artist?) A year or two ago, on a plain 18 " x 24" canvas, I had a go at a Mom and Cub. Regular bears. Normal sky. That sort of thing. They got this far and there they stayed:

Not awful. Not great. A tiny bit of potential, but boring and O.K. with using up space in the studio.

Til this week. Time for a change. Out came the acrylic paints and a little bit of bravery (or foolishness). Nothing to lose. I budgeted about an hour of goofing off. This is the result so far:

Yet, a definite work in progress - but at least they are becoming a tad more interesting. I'd hoped to have the pair finished for the July 13 -14 Art Festival in Grand Marais, MN, but now am aiming for The Blueberry Festival in Ely, MN, at the end of the month.

Progress has at least gotten me to want to play with them more. That's progress. And perhaps in a month or two they will be taking up space in another family's home.

Color me Hopeful.

If you're visiting Minnesota's Northland check out our furry ones at:

Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery -  outside of Lutsen, MN
The Pie Place - Grand Marais, MN
Blue Lake Gallery - Duluth, MN

Summer is zipping by. Try to play outside a little bit each day!