Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tinnitus Tirade

Yes, I know that others have far heavier life burdens - but this is mine, and the past week it's almost taken me to the ground.

In late 2011 the head began experienced tinnitis (ringing in the ears) all day every day. Pulsatile (every heart beat) and the regular kinds - "sounds" that can vary from dentist's drills to "whoom whoom" to constant loud "thunder." Many "big" tests - not even tiny answers. Scientists think they know why this happens, and it happens to MANY MANY people in various degrees of "loudness," but for now there are no answers or real cures. We just go dinging through our days.

I try to keep mine to a standable (Yes, I know this isn't a real word) level most of the time by attention to diet, exercize, and TRYING to keep stress level down. Air pressure can also be a factor. And I take one small prescribed pill each morning - and on rare days I take two. I do not like taking two a day - but sanity has it's cost. And radio headphones are boon companions... As are a variety of sound distractions from the You Tube. Waves to Tibetan ringing bowls.

Anyway...., life usually manages to go along at a level that I don't constantly go around bitching. And I haven't cried about this is well over two years. (Used to allow one serious cry a month.) But the past four days. - well... for some reason the "sound" is most often at "8 of 10." "Hearing" this non-existant "ever sound" is wearing brain and spirit out. But there is much to be done! And I would like to do it in Sue Style  - upbeat, enthusiastically, sense of humor, yadda yadda yadda. Sigh. Get up. Get moving. Get along, little doggie.

Took a pill about half an hour a go so am expecting level of "sound" to be down a few pegs for maybe an hour or two. One appreciates any lowering of the level.

Yes, brain is thinking of you everyday heroes who go on through your days bearing your bundles of crappy life stuff and yet live your kind smiling helpful lives. I use you as meditation motivation. I think of Helen Keller. I think of FDR. Certain sports people. The No excuses people who surround us every day. A goal is to be one of those for others. I do not know how our heroes handle their bad days. You know how you handle yours.

Enough pissy moany. We are lucky enough to be breathing in another day. We've almost made it through October. On to November and it's Challenges. Parts of our family know it's always The Best Year Ever! Time for tea, toast,  and the "sounds" and sights of the day. One Christmas cactus is starting to bud! The bluebirds versus the grey squirrels has been very entertaining so far this fall feeding season.

Thanks for putting up with the bitching. I will try keeping it to a minimum. I envy you your ability to consume the season's candy intake. LOL. At least a little! Ever onward. Back to dealing with  bears.


Sunday, October 29, 2017


We so often take things for granted.
String, for example.
This ball of cotton string has been in our home so long that I have NO idea how long it's been here.

On that shelf in that hallway closet.
I never think about it until it is needed. 
It is sometimes "in the way" - in front of something else more needed. But it stays in front because I would forget that it exists - and it IS needed from time to time.

I don't know if we bought it new. I used to crochet lots. In the 1960's and '70's. Long before crocheting and knitting became what they are today. Yarns and crochet cotton were not at all as exciting as what is available now. Baby Yarn was exotic. The internets did not exist. Aunts had to teach you.

 Back then I went through many balls of crochet cotton - creating snowflake Christmas tree ornaments (each ornament took me exactly one "Phil Donahue Show" to make. Do the math - hourly "wage" times one hour - for every one). One year I used a number of balls to make a blue ribbon winning cotton smock. And almost as soon as I made it I spilled a something on the front that I could never fully remove. So I probably wore this piece maybe once or twice. All those hours. One little spill. I try not to think about it - until the State Fair comes around.

Now I mostly use this string to tie up coffee filters cut in half to make tea bags. It works. I am glad there are still quite a few bags worth of tying ability left on this squat cardboard tube. And that it sits patiently - ready to be put to whatever use we choose.

Time for one last cup at tea tonight.
Time to tie up this post.

Tomorrow holds the first day of setting up Peggy's Holiday Boutique in Roseville Minnesota. I always wish we had a time-lapse camera noting the transformation of the large empty hall at the John Rose Oval Center into a holiday wonderland FULL of wonderful things to see, taste, and buy. It takes five full days to do this. Every year many things the same. Every year changes and having to be flexible in the outcome. Every year still amazed that it all comes together!

But first, that tea - Yes, I'm re-using a certain string-tied bag.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Challenge - Six

Yes, this is a last hour - almost - post.
Because in Bullet Journal I'd written in Goals for This Week: blog six times. And had drawn six little boxes. Five of which are now blocked in.

The posts are not great posts.
But they count. Because they got typed and posted.

As will this one.

Sometimes it is not Quality that counts.
Sometimes is IS Quantity.

The kitchen table is covered with bears being made into greeting cards. But I choose to attempt finishing watching the previous season of Netflix' "Orange is the New Black." Husband has been done with this season since several days after it come out. I had to be reminded of plot line. And, is my style, fell asleep with laptop headphones on, and prison life going on without me. So woke up in early current season.

Time to "rewind" and get back on track.
And back on track with table top stuff, too.



a short little thing
because a challenge  was made
this week to myself

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Quick 30 Thankfuls

This dark October morning I am Thankful for

1)other peoples' cats
6)hot ginger tea
7)this MacBook Air computer
8)ESPN Radio
10) Grandma Rowe's original purple African Violet

11)being able to walk
12)being able to talk
13)being able to see
14)being able to hear
15)being able to read
16)being able to write
17)being able to chew
18) being able to think
19)being able to garden
20)being able to wonder

I am Thankful

21)that it didn't snow here last night
22)that certain plants are covered and wrapped
23)that I have work to do that I enjoy - usually
24)that Stillwater, MN has a good selection og coffee shops
25)that I visited the Hudson, WI chapter of Toastmasters dark and         early Thursday morning
26)that some parts of the house are cleaner than they were a week         ago - Keep going!
27)that the Green Bay Packers have a bye week this Sunday
28)that there are more rabbits in the world than I can possibly draw
29)that Spring is less than six months away!
30)that there are hundreds (thousands?) of reasons to be Thankful


On to the day - whatever it brings.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Another Bunday

Starting is better than not starting.
So - having a go at a lop-earred lovely found at the Minnesota State Fair.
I forget between paintings how much fun workng in pastels is. Odd. True.

This is as far as this bunny will get today - but it's starting hopping to somewhere.

Initial blocking in forms. I took an odd container of pastels to thecoffee shop. Often one has to work withwhat one has.

Bunny steps. Bunny steps. Don't be afraid of scary old iPhone shadow, Little Rabbit.

Now on to a few last sips of cold de-caf coffee. And reading a few paragraphs in "Tricycle" magazine, and crossing off two things from The List. Then on to the reality of self-employment up in the house on top of the hill.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Seth Godin says that it is good practice to post every day.
I have no actual thoughts tonight.

A few things accomplished today:

1) One hour cleaning bedroom closet. Sorted the Pendleton shirts, Hawaiian shirts, Green Bay Packers stuff. Made pile for Goodwill. No, not of any of the above! But a goodly pile, nonetheless. Four books were removed. One is in a Little Free Library already. 

A number of my journals are in this closet. I found one from the early 1980's. Some of the paragraphs will be used in a future blog. Words I totally forgotten I had scribbled, but words I'm glad I found.

2) More work in garden. Removing tomato and buttercup squash vines. Putting out more sunflower seeds on an overturned bucket. And getting within two feet of a chickadee coming to feed. A Personal Goal might be to get one of these perky birds to eat out of my hand before Spring. 

3) Baking squash in order to freeze it. Frozen squash is a nice treasure to have close at hand for winter meals. If Todd wants spaghetti pasta, mostly-gluten-free-me simply thaws and heats squash to use with my share of the marinara sauce!

Back to watching "Viet Nam" on public television. It is a hard watch, but far less difficult than to have lived the actual doing. Life lessons are everywhere, though many are learned too late.

Sigh - 

Monday, October 23, 2017


I have just spent
the past hour

shelling about 
two dollars worth
of dried beans

But they are from 
seeds I planted
and watered
and weeded
and watched
dry on the vine

So they are 
those kinds
of beans
are worth

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Too much art.

Yesterday my art brain cup was filled to overflowing.
The Milwaukee Art Museum has plenty of amazing stuff.
I apologized to sculptor, David Smith, as I zipped by.
I apologized to Andy Warhol.

 Georgia O'Keefe paintings slowed and stopped me.
As did the Marino Marini painting and sculpture.
I am a sucker for Marino Marini.

The Mark Rothko painting was garish this go-round. Funny how that can be. On another day it might have ben sublime.

We strode past Old Masters.
We stopped at modern glass.

We will have to return.

On to today's doings. They might involve art. They might involve animals. They will involve pals. And Racine and Kringle.

But first  - off to Milwaukee's Rummage-O-Rama. 'Cause that's also how we roll.

Maybe we will discover a million-dollar art work there. For five bucks? On to the possibility!


Friday, October 20, 2017


We are working/playing our way through a particular part of Wisconsin. Tree color ranges from a very few beautiful vistas to a bunch of leaf-less miles to mostly dull and merely O.K. It is not a usual Fall Color year. And that's O.K. Nature happens. And this kind of Autumn helps us appreciate the Spectacular ones.

A treat yesterday, thanks to Facebook again, was visiting the home and woods of a friend from college days. The dogs tolerated us. Tom made (for us) a Hobbit style "second breakfast." We got to see some more-than-vintage woodworking tools he still puts to use sculpting downed logs. And we got to walk the perimeter of some of his family's property. Pines, spruce, the dead elm that survived until recently... A field on one side held  another neighbor's potato field. I had many thoughts and emotions as we watched the large tractors, two harvesting machines, and the big trucks working together seamlessly. 
It was a perfect day for potato picking... If any of my family members are reading this - they understand. Warm, a light breeze, sandy loam, the vines dried, and the spuds.... Well, not picked up one by one by one (multiply by thousands, millions?). Scooped up now, rocks and vines removed, and after a few minutes - well, just a whole large truck bed FILLED to heaping with potatoes. I didn't walk out in to the field to see if they were harvesting Whites or Russets. It didn't really matter. Spuds were being harvested. The day was sunny and mild. And something felt oddly perfect.

After saying goodbye to Tom and the doggies it was time to head south. We are hitting as many thrift and antique shops as we can. What treasures have we purchased? NONE. One copy of "Yesterday" newspaper. I snap a few photos of things that catch my eye. Like this - 

Photographed as much for the truth in advertising as the oddly-shaped equine - possibly based on a press design? Rosemaling was peachy. And the price was right. Now, NOW, I almost regret not buying this. But our home has no horizontal space on which it could rest.

But the label! So TRUE. "Painted wooden horse on piece of wood." And now that I really look - the seller didn't even waste any white space on the label! As they say - It is what it is. Spare. Plain. Oddly elegant.

I would strive to be oddly spare and plainly elegant. If I strove to strive.

On to a second tiny cup of motel-eating-area de-caf coffee. Reminder to self: You did NOT eat the lovely old-fashioned chocolate doughnut. YAY! (sigh) You did not make a motel eatery waffle. YAY! (sigh) You ate a banana and a tiny bowl of raisin bran. (I haven't eaten cold cereal in over five years. Reasons.)

Now it is time to make some greeting cards, concentrate on the good jazz streaming from the headphones, and make some greeting cards.

Milwaukee adventures await!


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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Challenges -

That October Personal Challenge to obcess over playing banjo - well, it ain't happening.

The PLAYING, anyway.
I THINK about playing/not playing that banjo every day.
Because it's on The Lists.

Other Doings out played the Banjo thismonth.

Brain has come to terms with this.
I still am planning on visiting a cousin in September of this year.
However, my version of the TARDIS is still in the shop.

And we are on the road.
Without the actual banjo.

But with the mind banjo right here.

Sometimes Practices take other forms.

"So it goes."
And today that's O.K.

On to that Adventure we call Thursday.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Reminder to Self

amazing possibilities.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Some Stuff I Like

Some Stuff I Like (at least most of the time)

Full Moons
Thriving Gardens
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
More Sketchbooks Than A Person Needs
Chatting With Multi-faceted People 
Chatting With People Who have One Major Focus
A Really Good Independent Coffee Shop
Excellent Bourbon
Family and Friends, of course
Being Self-employeed (I like it most of the time. Not all of the time.)
Time to Waste
Old Country-Western Music
Raggae Music
A Little Bit of Rap
Dark Chocolate
A Clean House (sigh)
Old Ford Mustangs
Ball Bearings
Serious Teas
Grandma Rowe's African Violets
Art in General


Some day if you are bored, or even if you are not, make a list of things you like. There are probably more than you will give yourself time to note.

Save the others for another time.


It's time to go and get that serious hair cut. I do the Reverse-Sampson. The shorter the hair the more energy I have. Weird? Oh, well. It's just the way things are.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Do New to Re-New?

Brain and body are still chilled and foggy from the past weekend's Red Wing Art Festival. In the end we didn't do too badly.

But I am tired. Or weary?

This morning Todd went to the funeral of a former co-worker. younger than us by a number of years. Cancer. Quickly.

So that puts a certain perspective on the day.

We are breathing. I am not bitching.

Just wanting for a Good Different. And Time to do whatever one wishes. Even if it is regular work.

Tonight holds a Visual Journal meeting in Minneapolis. Very near U.S. Bank Stadium, where so many football players were injured playing yesterday. Both Packers and Vikings. Particularly, for Packer fans, Aaron Rodgers. I am a shallow serious fan. Life goes on - but it won't be as much fun for quite a while.

And I have to put me back on way less sugar, gluten, etc, etc eating restrictions. 'Cause this is being typed to a "chiming roar" tinnitus that I made "louder" by my weekend eating and drinking. We humans are a confusing bunch. We KNOW what NOT to do. We DO that. Millions of us. Billions of us?

On that note - 

On to making tomorrow better than today - 
More healed. Less bitch-worthy. More fun.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Art Festival

Yesterday's Red Wing Art Festival held a couple more morning hours of not raining than were forecast.

Then the rain and wind came. 
The busy morning went away.
We talk with our fellow artist pals.
We take turns going to the building were there are treats, hot beverages, a real restroom, and warmth for freezing hundry artists.

Then we return to the booth.

Some do not.

I made eight dollars in the last hour. Huzzah!
After a warm  and delicious turkey dinner sponsored by the Red Wing Art Association, and much good talk with pals, Todd drove to the locall casino. I packed the Kleenix into ears, sat at a nickel poker machine and slowly said goodbye to those dollars. I pretend this money is being spent at a Zen retreat. Really. I meditate and gamble slowly. Even a Zen retreat can be a gamble, right? Todd came away about seventy five dollars to the good last night. And the night was still early when we got home. Another Huzzah!

Today's forecast is for cold, but NO RAIN.

We will put more layers on, hope our booth is still standing, take lots of things out of the van and put them back up. Get hot tea and treats from the artists' center.And then hope that the noon start of the Packers vs Vikings NFL game won't muck up the size crowds too much, though, judging from the Packer jackets worn yesterday, um, this could be an issue.

I will bring two radios and my journal. 'Cause the writing of the game must go on. Or at least attempting to do so. (Drives Todd nuts.) This, too, is a discipline and a practice. It is about cheering on a team (GO PACK!!!!), but even more so a practice in Focus and Following Through. Time goes by in an odd fast flow. Stuff happens. Thoughts happen. I write as much as I can. And then seldom re-read what is written. The deed and lessons learned are most important. Yes, you can learn life things from sports - particating and witnessing. You do not need to be a fan.

So - on to waking up and going forward into the eventual lighting of the morning.

We will take whatever the day chooses to bring.
Right now I wish it was bringing hot tea and good toast.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dark and Rain Will happen

I am not am insomniac. Last night/this morning I was.
So  on to early morning set up at Red Wing (MN) Art Festival.
We are still at home.
I am watching Prince doing the Super Bowl halftime Show.
He was and is a treasure.

We each need our treasures - thoughts, things, people.

Back to the show.

And on with the show.

The show must go on!

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Tune

Right now one of my Pandora Radio stations is playing "Linus and Lucy." 

Simple complex pleasure. 

Makes me very happy.

And also sad - knowing that Mr. Schultz' home burned to ground in one of the many California fires just yesterday.


Carry on.

The Challenge of a Challenge

Yes, I enjoy giving myself 30 Day personal Challenges. But just now I had to go back into the posts to check on what exactly this month's challenge WAS/is! That's not a good sign.

It WAS/is to Play the Banjo Badly. I am failing - not only in the picking, but in the forgetting to remember to lift up the machine!
There are reasons - and other daily things somehow wedged their way past the banjo in its case.

Drawing rabbits and bunnies  - mainly.
This was not on purpose.
But it happened.
And it is O.K.
And it's an Unstated 30 Day Personal Challenge.
These things happen.

The banjo has been waiting patiently (?) for years. It's on the radar. Perhaps November will be it's month. We will be home more often. Paper and other art supplies are easier to haul around than a weighty banjo. (I am still practicing that basic fingering method in a first lesson from the YouTube.)

Sometimes we have to be flexible enough to be brave enough to be more flexible. My mind is on people dealing with hurricanes and fires. Their Challenges are greater than anything I can imagine, and NOT of their choosing. They have to bend in ways they'd never thought of bending. Some will break. I might have been a break-y sort. We never know until we know.

I know that every time I check the weather forecast for this weekend's Red Wing Art Festival the weather for Saturday gets worse. Not hurricane or fire worse. But rain-all-during-art-fair-hours worse. We will bring plastic. And weights. And warm clothes and beverages. We probably won't display the more pricey pieces. We will be flexible. And the customers will be, too. Hot chocolate instead of iced coffees. Goose down vests instead of sleeveless tee shirts. Red Wind boots instead of sandals.

A friend challenged me to the Seven black and white photos - no people - no explanation Challenge. It's been fun. I decided not to challenge others. the Ponzi Scheme pattern sort of happens as more and more people become involved. But it has been fun to see others' images, and it's been fun to get into an Instagram semi-habit. I tend to "live" on Facebook, have not become a Twitterer, nor am a Linked one. Should I tweet? Should I link? Even less time to not practice banjo! Even less time to draw and paint. And the "hearts personal challenge" has been ignored, as well. Though starting a "bullet journal" has been sort of helpful in herding the life's cats. WHEN I REMEMBER TO DESIGN THE WEEK AND FOLLOW THROUGH. 

Really, Everything is a sort of Challenge. From minute of waking to moment of nodding off. Not for everybody, but for someone. One challenge is simply to wash out every crumb in a particular plastic bag. Another is, for particular friends, to make sure mom is fed and warm and safe.

One new aquaintance's Challenge is to get her family farm's Costa Rican coffee into more farmers markets. She can vend at some, but not at others. Reasons and rules. Several chats with her have been interesting and eye-opening. It is often a good Challenge to oneself to talk to a person one does not know. After a few visits one can start in on conversation where it stopped the time before. I now know a tiny bit about being a coffee grower in Costa Rica. And now our daughter in California is sipping through a pound of their really good coffee.

Uh..., and though I should not be sipping it - that free sample of cold pressed coffee is seriously delicious!

Enough about coffee - sigh. Another blog has been typed - thanks for reading!, and now it's time to do the List-y things. 

Hmm. Perhaps not yet. It's almost time for ten o'clock break. And as I am already at a local coffee shop, it might be time for a second cup. De-caf, sadly, but in my favorite Daily Grind cup: the one with the elephant (trunk turned upward) and the quote from Buddha: Live in the present moment, wisely and earnestly." 
No Challenge to that!!


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Thursday, October 12, 2017


Of late the brain is in it's now and then Meantal Frenzy mode.

I am not helping by procrastinating about certain things while over-doing other stuff.

This is from an earlier journal entry this year. No - no real coffee has been consumed today - yet. Yes, banking was done yesterday.

To trying crossing off two things with one block of Time earlier this morning I did manage to scribble in journal for twenty minutes while striding laps around house. No, some words will not be legible. But the brain feels a wee tad better for the scribbling and walking. Cheap therapy. 

The Lists are waiting. As is The Day.

Do what you can with yours, and I will attempt the same with mine.

Thoughts are with those forever dealing with natural disasters. I cannot imagine. Hopes that all will remain safe I know will not be realized. I do a tiny bit to help. I know I can do more. Will add that to The Lists.

Most of us can always do more. Or, if needing aid - be brave enough to ask. People are mostly good. Some take action immediately. Or early and often. Some of us do something later, or on a long-term basis for a particular cause. All these actions are worthwhile? Most of the time.

The simple act of typing can calm a bit of nerves. Or walking. Or scribbling. If you ever need a sketchbook or journal, just let me know. I am sort of a Magic Sketchbook Fairy! Large, but effective - LOL!

On to not being as prepared as I'd want for the Red Wing (MN) Art Festival, Oct. 14 - 15. Time to be with outdoor artists and customers one last time this season. We WILL weather the iffy weather. It's part of the tradition. Come join the umbrellad and bundled up! It'll be FUN!


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And I am starting to post more on Instagram. Starting...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Again -

Again this place has been ignored.
Not really.
If there is a photo or five taken
I think - 
These will be great for the blog.

Yesterday I wrote down three quotes.
These will be great for the blog.

Just now I came in from putting out
sunflower seeds and cracked corn
for the traveling circus that keeps 
showing up in our patio.

The blog!
The squirrels and chickadees and nuthatch
and crows and bluejays
would be GREAT for the blog.

The fresh cold green crunchy kale
that I just picked from the upper
would be great for the blog.

Ginger tea
drying basil
more kale
munch munch munch munch
would be great for the blog.

Sunshine on pine bark.
Hostas in shadow.
SQUIRREL!! at the back door.
Great for the blog.

No lack of subjects.
Lack of "time."
Lack of ambition.
Lack of habit.

Great for the blog.


We'll be in Red Wing, Minnesota this weekend, October 14 -15. for the lovely art festival there. This, hard to believe, will be our last outdoor art fair for 2017.
Already thinking of the application process to all the events we'd like to do in 2018. It will be the 20th anniversary year of our doing those first two art fairs in 1998. The few sales made, and the encouraging words and laughter heard, eventually changed the course of my life.

Hmm.... Perhaps this could be a blog post?



Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Rainy Day

Art fair today
In town

in lots

The River

Over it's

is for 

Off we go
into the dark
and cool
and wet

The art fair's
has been moved

We'll be
of grass
(and high water)

The weekends

And the
has to be 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Not Much - But Something

This weekend holds an art festival
here in town

The St. Croix River is flooding now
forecast to be much higher
on Saturday

Maybe five feet higher
they say

Our booth is as far away 
from the river
as it can get

Rain is still coming down
and will probably be coming
down even in the morning

So the weekend
will be even more
then most

Motivation - hahaha

I do not feel like doing anything. Much less the work this self-employed person has on the Damn it Do it list. Idon't really have a  list called this, but I should have one.

But the Daily Bun is freshly done.

Here's Step One:

Another widdle wabbit on a 7" x 5" piece of used Strathmore watercolor paper. I used a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to semi-boldly sketch the outline of this petite beastie. With ink - well, (oops - haha) one must simply go and do the deed. One line I hope to somewhat hide with dark layer of gouache, and a longer-than-I-liked part of lip is already partially "erased" with a single-edged razor blade. Odd to think that through both twenty years making model horse tack and twenty years (over-lapped) making art the one constant has been boxes of single-edged razor blades. So it goes.

After using the above image as today's #InkTober  entry, I got out the tiny (SQUIRREL!! [Excuse me, it's breakfast time for the fuzzy tailed crew, and blue jays, chickadees, and crows]) metal box of gouache and watercolor paints and a water brush (brush with water in its barrel). A few broad swipes of a few colors - bun and background, and then settling to apply many strokes of "dirty white" mix  - mostly on the nose and rest of head. A few other muted colors were added as well. I guess a lot.

Another fine tool - literally - is the Signo Uni-ball ink pen in White. This was used to add more whiskers and also highlight a few areas. I tend to go back and forth with the various pens and brushes till an image yells, ""Yes! I'm finished! Please STOP!!!" (There have been times when I have not stopped...

Here is the final image. (SQUIRREL!) I remain thankful to the person who painted the original areas of color in this paper, and to my hubby who decided not to toss the watercolor block away. Minor miracles are better than none.

Oct. 7 and 8 are Stillwater (MN) Art Festival dates. Our Booth number is 113. Due to flooding this year's fair is in a different part of downtown. No booths in actual park. But we will make this rainy start of weekend work. 'Cause that's what art fair artists do. I am thankful that we are not the artists awaiting yet another hurricane. A number of artists are doing that...

Now, on to trying to make brain and hands and rest of body do the Real Work. Good luck with YOUR doings of the day!


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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Thankfuls from The Daily Grind

Today a little unofficial personal challenge - 30 Thanksfuls about the place from which I am typing.

The Daily Grind - in Stillwater, Minnesota -

Here goes:

Today I am thankful

1) that co-owner tim asked if I needed shade to be able to better see laptop screen
2) he made shade happen!
3) this place often rings with laughter
4) one of the ladies who works crossword puzzles almost every day said "Good Morning" when I sat down
5) that I decided to use a in-house cup this morning. One less thing to be tossed.
6) that I accidentally spilled a bit of coffee
7) that a napkin and some markers  could be used as a vehicle for "art" - guessing this will get used in a future mixed-media book.

8) that this doesn't have to be THIRTY thankfuls - but thanksfuls till it is time to go work at American Gothic Antiques at ten A.M.
9) that there is about 15 minutes before I have to leave.
10) that I am using good headphones so people who might not enjoy jazz don't have to listen to what is getting me through some particular hours.
11) for the theme from "the Pink Panther" - written by Henry Mancini, and is being in my head courtesy of Pandora "radio."
12) that they offer wi-fi, and many electrical outlets, and don't chase one out after a time - even if they are BUSY. (I try to be thoughtful in time spent - most of the time.)
13) for the wide variety of humans that take refuge here.
14) for the times I treat myself to a home-made biscotti.
15) knowing that this team has made a move from one end of town to the other (reasons), and perhaps are even more success now.
16) this place is using the back space of The Valley Booksellers - a lovely small independent book store that (knock wood) keeps selling BOOKS!
17) bikers and hikers having a staging area from which to hit the near-by excellent hiking/biking trail.
18) that the St. Croix River is just a few (metaphorically speaking) steps away.
19) this is my view of my "office" this morning:

20) one can learn many things - if one takes off the headphones and listens.
21) that I now a semi-regular
22) their de-caf is highly drinkable
23) the vibe of the shop is most often Positive. (more laughter just now!)
24) that there are MORE things to write about this place, but I have to scoot!


Rivertown Art Festival is this weekend. In Lowell Park in Stillwater. I don't know booth space as recent wether has had show staff re-mapping booth areas. We will go with the flow.

Be kind -

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sigh #2 -

So now Tom Petty has died, after "dying," then "not dead yet," and now, yes, dead.
Fare-well, Mr. Petty. You are leaving holes in many of our hearts. But joy in the music you and your Heartbreakers made all these many years.
I somewhat regret not buying a pair of your raggy jeans at a long-ago antique show in Atlantic City. They had provenance. They looked like you wore them. But they are not you, and would have "just" another odd piece of stuff in our home of odd things.

It's been a while, but the brain feels it's time to list another go-round of "Thirty Thankfuls." Yes, there will always be duplicates. There are few rules to my thirty Thankfuls. It's best that way.

When Tom Petty was a little boy he got to met Elvis. "I came home a changed man." He LOVED to listen to Elvis records. His partents began to worry. (This was just playing on a sports talks radio station, onwhich one host felt the same way about Tom Petty.)

On to Today's List:

I am thankful -

1) for Tom Petty
2) Mozart
3) the soundtrack from "Treme"
4) jazz in general
5) finding the finger picks in the bango case
6) friends knowing stuff about better banjos
7) zinnias

8) the tomatoes that didn't develope blight
9) friends who told be how to deal with tomatoes that developed blight
10) books on making books
11) books on altering books
12) books on art journals
13) my many many many journals - filled and waiting to be filled
14) letters and numbers
15) Our Community Kitchen breakfasts
16) friends and family - duh
17) writing instruments
19) "YES" adhesive
20) herbal teas with solid flavor
21) deciding to draw rabbits

22) gluten free bread that doesn't have to be kept in the the freezer
23) book and libraries
24) access to fresh vegetables from the garden
25) drawings from old sketchbooks

26) this laptop
27) coffee - though the bag I bought from this vendor got sent to daughter in California

28) farmers markets
29) stuff to do today
30)  another cup of herbal tea
31) more than thirty things for which to be thankfu


Attempting to get back on a short track today.
Do what you need to do to get through this day and on to the next.
When in doubt, write or draw! Really.
If you need a journal or sketchbook, let me know! Really.



Facebook Page: Sue-Rowe-Studios

Prepping for Stillwater, Minnesota's Rivertown Art Festival this first full weekend in October.
Life does go oddly on.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Nothing one can type will bring back the lives lost in Las Vegas last night.
Everything is shallow in comparison to the pain felt by families and friends of the dead and suffering.

Here is a drawing of a bunny - for no good reason.

May we carry on as best we can - in honor of those who cannot.