Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Still Don't Know About Eyes

Realization and/or Resignation? Plan or gamble? Put a piece of pastel in my hand and I still don't know what will come of the adventure. Here are two close-ups of particular bears made with no thumb-nail sketches or certainty in outcome. The top guy became "Mystery 3" and the bottom dude is "Martin." Both are looking at the world from long experience, but each would give a different story on how he thinks life might end up.

For the time being they both keep most of their thoughts to themselves. Maybe some day I'll have the guts to put one or both up on the wall and have a long chat. If you have any idea of what they might be thinking feel free to let me know. We can ask them if we're Hot or Cold... and see if they will open up a tad. Maybe tell a few bad bear jokes or sing some bawdy bear songs. Recall a mom's favorite recipe for venison? Hear a different version of "Goldilocks"....

Beware the quiet thinking bear.

Another day closer to Real Spring -

Look for our bears at the following Spring Boutiques:

* Chickadee Boutique - Shoreview, MN - most Thursdays through Sundays - Mar. 31 - May 15
* Northwoods Boutique - Braemar Golf Course Club House, Edina, MN - April 5 - 17
* Candleberry on the Lakes - Centennial Lakes Park Centrum, Edina, MN - April 6 - 17

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fern Frenzy

This little adventure is part of the Collaborations action combining poets and artists for an exhibition at The Crossing in Zumbrota, MN.

A line in the poem chosen spoke of the tightly wound ways of fern fronds. I so love ferns of many kinds - young and old alike, and had photographed a number of the varieties in our back garden though-out 2010. The photos are kinda "artsy" because I used black or blue photo box covers as backgrounds to the plants. This resulted in some fern images becoming oddly jewel-like.

We prepped a Masonite surface and let the madness begin!! Acrylic washes, acrylic mediums of different kinds, ball-point pen.... Whatever might work.
I must say - this experiment has actually been lots of fun. Flow has been happening. Hours pass. I see more and more. Often rules are dismissed. I am almost hopeful.

The project is due quite shortly. There is a way to go before I'll feel it's finished. And even if the final piece isn't wonderful the time spent creating it has been. Wow. Who knew?


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Larry in the Rough

Once upon a time I was a Sculpture Major in college. However, the wax dude here was not roughed out by me, but by my trusty husband, Todd. The Larry is inspired by the drawing of "Why Larry Talked to the Lake," still, the finished bruin has an aura of his own. He's been about two years in the making, and looks not much at all like the part pictured. As a good wife/drawer of the original it was hard for me to critique along the way, and just as hard for hubby to hear it.

I was a wee bit testy at times because Larry the drawing is "mine" and I wanted the sculpture to be THAT Larry. Todd the Patient did go along with many (some) of my suggestions, but was just as stubborn as I am, or more so, when he wanted the wax to go his way.... I did sneak downstairs once or twice to tweak a detail or two.

Now that the guy is finished we are pouring some waxes and deciding what path of casting to take. On to the Grand Adventure!

A bunch of bears are heading for the Majestic Oaks Boutique, at the Majestic Oaks Golf Course, near Ham Lake, Minnesota. Dates are March 16 - 27. It will be our first time exhibiting here, and we hope that the bruins will cause many chuckles and guffaws.

Lots of snow still on the ground here. Sigh and sigh. No flooding yet, but plans for much sand-bagging downtown Stillwater near St. Croix River. Thoughts are with those dealing with the earthquake in Japan, too.
Ever-onward and