Monday, May 18, 2020


Greetings -

It has been "forever" since I've typed here.
Fears, sloths (watch out for those sneaky sloths), lazinesses, re-lack of confidence (it happens), and not keeping up the habits. Blogging is only one of them.

"BLOG" gets printed in the weekly planning journal often. It just doesn't get done. I draw, paint, read - not enough, even do laundry and/or dust!, but do not type. I do make. daily mandala. Every day - since late last December. Here is one- pre- novel coronavirus days. A bit hard to remember those carefree and merry days.

This is a bit odd, because I actually like the clickity clickity of the laptop keyboard sound. Then there is the "What if nobody reads this?" That should not matter. What should matter is the challenge of the doing. Or - The Challenge of the Doing!

Sis and I have been doing some challenges new to us - for fun. For fun? For fun!

One.... is taking Seriously Cold Showers at least three or four times a week. We are under the influence of Wim Hoff. The Iceman. Google him, if you want to. No pressure. Sis uses her particular words to ward off the cold. I crank up the soundtrack from "Chicago." Seriously.

OK. I have blogged. One down. On to creating a string of something.

And creating a new website. But that's another challenge.

May you keep sane and breathing.

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