Tuesday, February 16, 2010

30 Thanks

Today I'm thankful for:
1- getting some orders packed
2- jazz musician Terance Blanchard
3- multi-grain bread (toast) from Fresh Fields Bakery
4- Facebook family and friends
5- Todd doing in some ants
7- O.K. decaf coffee
8- Tara doing the dishes
9- George Washington and Abe Lincoln
10- bubble baths
11-not needing to buy more pastels or paper
12- the newest issue of "Midwest Art Fairs"
13- jade plants and African violets thriving
14- friends to sip coffee with three times a week
15- remembering not to forget brother Rick's birthday!
16- the Winter Olympics
17- memories of Vancouver in 1984 and 1986
18- blue shadows on white snow, green pines, blue lawn-chairs
19- $1.49 Day at Goodwill (yellow tags)
20- having more than enough to do
21- finally getting the gumption to write down 30 things
22- the New York Times online
23- the Green Bay Packers
24- windows (the glass kind)
25- for Tara bringing home a gallon of orange juice
26- books.........................
27- the getting rid of a few books - Goodbye 1970's paperback copy of "Lust for Life"!
28- yellow legal pads and spiral-bound notebooks
29- coffee-breaks
30- South Park

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of Those Days

So far.....
The house is filled with many piles and pieces for an upcoming art show.
We have too many decisions to make in not enough time.
We see how low some "best seller" pices are, and wonder if there is time to re-fill stock.
The dish-washer flooded the kitchen floor.
The on-line tax adventure continues.
We still have to frame 2 - 3 pastels.

On the other hand.....
Todd brought in a package of great caramels from Mom.
Pat Methany is playing great calming guitar from the iPod.

Life is OK.

Monday, February 1, 2010


The three jade plants are standing guard at the patio door, Grandma Rowe's African violets that I inherited after she died in 1976 are still living, and I'm crossing my fingers that the grey squirrels and hungry moles will have left us a few of the hundred tulip and daffodil bulbs we planted last Fall.

I admire gardeners and gardens but I live a plant and pray life. I apologize each Spring to the peonies for not transplanting them - again. It's been sixteen years now. They still tough it out in the shade of the lilacs and bloom as best they can. The lilacs tough it out in the shade of the giant pine trees and the pines just tough it out.

Saturday I re-finished, as in finished again, a bear head thought to be finished in 2007. He is a mid-sized pastel, begun in Hudson, Wisconsin, at a Thursday painting session at The Phipps Center for the Arts. We named him "Franz," he was matted and brought up to Pottery at Best Gallery in Hayward, Wisconsin, and we hoped he'd find someone to live with. Nope. Not to be. So after a while he came back to Stillwater to lean up against the wall and take up space.

This past week old Franz got a pastel make-over. Hip hooray! About the only evidence left of his original self are his basic facial features. But he is a much-improved
bear, with markings both more subtle and pronounced than originally drawn. Sometimes it pays to admit a piece is dull and boring but is yet worth the effort to rip put of the mat and attempt a re-do.

We are happy with the "new" Franz, and he appears pleased to be set in his new red frame.

On to the next grand adventure - low to the ground as it is!