Monday, November 27, 2017

A Quote

Quotes from wise or funny or for-what-ever-reason people have been important to me for  - since I learned  what a quote is?

Here is one lifted from "Steal Like An Artist," by Austin Kleon - 

"It isn't necessary that you leave home.
Sit at your desk and listen.
Don't even listen. Just wait.
Don't wait. Be still and alone.
The whole world will offer itself to you."
-Franz Kafka


Prepping for the art sale this coming Saturday (first one in December) - at Color Crossings in Roberts, Wisconsin. Starts at 9 A.M. Goes till I don't know. Lovely fine art and craft. And yummy goodies, too.
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

To Read, or Not to Read

Darned Books...

Just four of the books sitting mostly unread - just to my left - on endtable here in the living room:

1) "Inner Simplicity -  100 Ways to Regain Peace and Nourish Your Soul" - Elaine St. James

2) "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" - C. G. Jung

3) "How Can I Help? Stories and Reflections on Service" - Ram Dass and Paul Gorman

4) "Dime Store Alchemy - The Art of Joseph Cornell" - Charles Simic

Three of these were free for the taking, from a fellow artist. A group I am part of was visiting her studio two months ago. She had placed a goodly number of books culled from her library onto a side table. I tried not to be greedy. I did take more than three.

There were more than enough for all of us who "needed" new old books. By and by, I WILL pay attention to the ones I chose. And with so many Little Free Libraries here in Stillwater, Minnesota - many within walking distance, I will most likely cull some of own collection to make room for the newcomers.



Saturday, November 25, 2017


Eating not much sugar.
But have to get back to eating MUCH less.

I have done this before.
And can do it again.

Sometimes Life Choices suck.
But the trade-offs are worth it.

It's the remembering the above
that is sometimes/often hard.

On to the doing less harm.
To brain.
And body.

The tastebuds will have to
fend for themselves.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Art Supplies

This is one reason I try to carry art supplies in purse or computer bag at all times:

Antsy lad became concentrating artist. 
He created a focused-lad drawing, featuring a lovely blue sun.

Now I have to go home and work at creating art.  Focusing on a pastel cat. It will be fun and a challenge.

But right now I'd much rather continue sitting at cozy busy coffee shop, sipping a Thistle Milk tea and stitching stuff on to paper. And helping spread the love of art as far as it can go.

On to the day. May it be of your choosing. 

I heart the power of art.


Thursday, November 23, 2017


The Brussels sprouts with wild and brown rice and mushrooms dishes are done. I've tossed out a burnt batch of "toasted" pecans - because of multi-tasking while trying NOT to multi-task.

There are three cups of various herbal teas spread around the kitchen, one cold now, one with hint of former warmness, and one almost hot. 

I've been gnawing on a stalk of celery. Plain.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Past memories of feasts at Potato River Farm in tiny very northern, Gurney, Wisconsin, cold, snowy hunters coming in for mid-day feast - their huge boots filling a whole section of the kitchen floor, mitten and gloves thawing on the Jungers oil heater in Grandma and Grandpa Rowe's living room. The small house FILLED with family. I mean FILLED. All ages. All doing something. Lots of talking. Topic? Pick one!

Another bite of celery. It is really kind of tasty.

Off today to make more memories - not in northern Wisconsin, but in metro Minnesota. Then - off to Wisconsin for Todd and my first ever doubling down on Thanksgiving Day.

Time to gussy up as best I gussy.

May your day be as close to your choosing as possible. 
Thankfulness is a powerful being.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thirty Plus Thankfuls

It is a not-good head day, an unfinished pastel cat is staring at me, and many things are yet undone.
However, it is a well and good time to give thanks again. Being thankful for many things helps focus brain on the many reasons one has to be grateful for things and experiences, and thankful for the things one has to be thankful for. Yes, even for learning enough Grammar to know that that last sentence could have better written. But, onward.

So - on Thanksgiving Eve - with classical music on the radio and good jazz on the laptop - yes, at the same time - sanity comes at an odd cost -  here goes -

Today I am Thankful:

1) for waking up after unexpected four-hour late afternoon nap.
2) that the main food prep here has already been done. Wild and brown rice with Brussels sprouts and other goodies. One big batch - divided for two festivities.
3) for a working laptop computer that keeps modern miracles happening.
4) that an order (yes, only one, but one) got mailed.
5) for the very warm green University of Minnesota - Duluth sweatshirt I am wearing.
6) many friends and much family have plans to share feasts with fellow friends and family.
7) for John Prine. (Thanks, Annalisa!)
8) for soft jazz.
9) for seeing all the quarters left for others in the Aldi's shopping carts today.
10) for cardboard.

11) for Netflix. I was watching a "Winnie the Pooh" movie just a bit ago.
12) that we have more oil paint than I will probably use up in my life time. GET PAINTING!!
13) that the gladiola bulbs are out of the ground and drying in prep for next Spring's re-planting.
14) LAUGHTER happens.
15) Todd pointed out the plumpest grey squirrel's new way of eating sunflower seeds - SCOOPING a bunch up in its paws all at one time. We watched. We laughed. If we ate squirrel, this one might be great eating. Now to see that Not Our Cat is not lucky enough a hunter to find out!
16) that the dishes are clean, and the kitchen counters are as clean as they are getting tonight. Clear working surfaces can be magical places.
17) I have pre-thunk possible eating and drinking strategies for the two Thanksgiving feasts. Head is forcing this "sad" doing. So, very little or no alcohol, keep to mostly veggie dishes, a little turkey, little gravy (gravy.... sigh), and a wee bit of pie? No real coffee. I feel depressed just typing this. Really. But the head has not been happy this week, and I want to be able to join in conversation and laughter. There was a time when I could not. The thought of relapse puts me into minor panic from time to time. But also creates empathy for the many others who have food issues much harder to deal with than mine.
18) for Vince Guaraldi and all his fine jazz. Think "Charlie Brown" soundtracks and expand the playlist from there. He wrote so much more than "Linus and Lucy."
19) for "Linus and Lucy."
20) that I don't have to watch the Green Bay Packers play football on Thursday, and can cheer for the Detroit Lions against the Minnesota Vikings. Go, Lions! Yes, I live in Minnesota and am married to a Vikings fan.
21) for other peoples' art fair dogs -


22) for blooming geraniums in the almost-Winter kitchen.
23) for the people who created Honeycrisp apples.
24) for Honeycrisp apples.
25) for bees.
26) for other pollenators.
27) that there is sunshine in tomorrow's forecast.
28) for crisp friendships and gooey friendships.
29) that there are far more than thirty things for which I am thankful for EVERY DAY.
30) for hot herbal tea on a semi-nippy night.
31) that Kurt Vonnegut existed, and that his words live on. (I do not know who to credit for image.)

As he said, "So it goes." 
And, yes, so it goes.

Sometines Thankfuls come easy. Sometimes Thankfuls come hard. Sometimes it helps to make a list.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sliding By

Doing the bear  (mispelled pun intended) 
Mininum to get by.
Sweeping the kitchen floor.
Making the bed. 
Feeding squirrels and birds.

Missing Energy.
Missing Perk.
Vim. Vigor.
The will to strive and thrive.

Cannot blame lack of Sunlight today.
There is Sunshine on hands and arms.
I am seriously Thankful for this.

Cannot blame others.
Cannot blame.

But cannot find an answer
To the not-doing
The slow doing
The un-doing

What's smothering the Inner Perk?
What's braking  Inner Drive?
Life's gears are disengaged
And slacking fills the day

Is this reheasal
For forever
If so -
bring on anxiety as well

Sloth and panic
Make such
Lovely pals

Breathe in
Breathe out


Monday, November 20, 2017

The Dogging Days

No ambition.
But a post must be posted.
Or else the number of posts
will not increase.

That's all for today.
We'll see about tomorrow.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Adventure Time

new art adventure
hoping I can find
my way

UP AND AT 'EM!!!!!!

Those bears

Friday, November 17, 2017

Serious yawn.

But when the pineapple 
is cut into chunks
to share with others
it can be time, oops,
No - remember to take the laundry
out of the dryer

And put the backpack 
into the van
and THEN the recliner
can be enjoyed


These days that fold into weeks
into more days that are forgotten
as soon as they
are lived
is not how I would
choose to live

And I am not a sort who 
becomes ALIVE with the 


Light sparks
whatever spark
might sparkle
in me

But dark will greet the
morning's van drive
to a destination
where friends
WILL provide

some Sparkle
and other edibles
for artists
and art show viewers

Well worth yawning
while working with
sharp knife
in bright-for-now 

on to the cutting
and yawning
and life


This is an actual possibility.

I hope to not type too boringly.
I hope to give Hope.
I hope to offer company, compassion, and empathy.

And, to Be Kind.

Now - down to a brightly lighted Stillwater, Minnesota coffee shop - to be with some folks who DO offer hope, compassion, empathy, kindness, and good coffee!

A hot cup of kindness is not to be dismissed as a simple minor thing.


On With the Day

Of late, I will admit to have little or no ambition.
This isn't my usual me. But since early Spring it seems to be part of make-up. It is a mystery - the Why.

As a self-employed person, having little drive for striving is a very not-good thing. Yes, there are times when the gears are meshing and the wheels are rolling. But there's been way too much time spent off the main track, or any track at all.

I am "busy" - but not in the way the brain wants to be Busy.
The body is bitching because exercise is being ignored.
Self-sabotage can be a real thing.
And I have to figure out Why.

As it goes - the day is greyly dawning, and I am up, dressed, and semi-willing to meet the coming hours. But only semi-willing. I am not a Stay In Bed Person. I could easily become one right now. (Insert silent "primal scream.")

New Dreams are needed. New Get-Excited Challenges are needed. I am fine at surviving. But I really enjoy the feeling of Thriving. Right now I am the chunky geranium brought in from the patio. Still alive, a few red blooms still adding color to the kitchen, but a few leaves curling, and parts wanting to give up, while others want to stay green and growing. Hoping to make it to Year 2018.

This will get figured out. It has to be figured out. A new year is hiding beyond December. Last December I felt REVVED! This year was going to be Special! But the actual actions this year do not reflect this. Foot on clutch, with engine running. Disengaged. A few quick starts. A bunch of stalls.
Vvoom, vvoom!! Cough, cough. Roll to stop.

Another day. Another change at moving something forward.

May YOU be going forward in the direction of your choice! Maybe our paths will meet. If you see me stalled, please pull over and offer a push or pull - LOL. If I see you in similar situation, I promise to do the same.

Here's an Atlas Moth to remember some true joys of Summer.


This Saturday - Art Show at the A-Frame in Excelsior, MN. 10 AM -6 PM. Come visit!

Thursday, November 16, 2017


in the past week
I have gone to sleep with
my glasses on

I wake up in bed
Take off my glasses
and go back to sleep

In the dark morning
Glasses - gone!
I AM my glasses
My glasses are ME

The first time
finding them was easy

Although they were on the carpet
Way too in the open
for safety

This dark early morning
They were simply


One lamp on - 
searching searching
why do I keep so many things
near my bed?

How will I drive to work
without my glasses?

Where the hell can they BE?

Move a this.
Check under a that.
Nope. Nope. Nope.

Well, at least some spots in this room are cleaner now.

Check that purse.
And that one.
And to my right - 
on top of things already moved

There sits the beauty of sight
Safe. Unbroken. Found.

Life is less mysterious 
Back to the used-to
real/not real perspective.
On to an again-normal day.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

A New Cat

A Cat is Starting to Happen:

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Re-use Recycle

I love cardboard - yes, I do.

I love cardboard - how 'bout you?

Many others in the world use this humble stuff to create wonderful things such as intricate sculptures or even cosplay costumes. 
I am content to chop up boxes to use for shipping bears and other art to customers, shops, and galleries.
It is hard for me to toss a good box. It has been ever thus. Boxes...

And cardboard has within itself to be humble or great.
Perhaps we are the same.

Fibers. Being. 


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Time in Coffee Shop

If you have art supplies, and a little little of time, and good soft jazz in the headphones, one never knows who will appear on a sketch book page. Thank you for the good vibes and de-caf, The Daily Grind!

I don't know who she is, but I do know she's lived some Life. And maybe some other stuff, too.

That's all I've got today.

It's time to get back to filling way-late orders.

- Sue
Facebook Page: Sue-Rowe-Studios

Yes, we have upcoming/ongoing art events.
Yes, you may order goodies from our web site.

No, I don't know where the bears come from.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Quick Little Poem



Sunday, November 5, 2017


Right now I'm sitting at a table in our local art center. Six or seven of us are participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I've written for three hours - not counting a lovely yoga break at 7 P.M.

Novel bears have done some things. Not exciting things. Mostly eating at the bakery in their town. But somehow three bear state troopers also appeared at the bakery. This was as surprising to me as it was to the bears walking into the bakery. So - maybe something "exciting" has already happened or is about to happen or just might happen some time in the future. My brain has no idea.

Here is a print I made two years ago. Prints can also hold mysteries.

This was a plain print. Black ink on paper. So I decided to dress it up a bit with metallic colored pencil. 

In writing, I find it harder to dress up a scene or dialogue or plot. So my typing my novel novel is much more a practice than a thought that some day an actual real story will evolve. It might. There are numerous threads that have the possibility of being woven together. I ain't holding my little author's breath. And that's O.K.

This blog post is titled "Cheating" because I'm using "novel time" as blogging time. It's good to be oneself enough to be comfortable with this choice. Or maybe not.

And I am choosing to leave the art center before nine P.M. Our scheduled writing time tonight is from 5 P.M. till 9.

Other things - like reclining - are saying "My turn for your time." Tea is whispering to my from a mile and a half away.

So I am cheating the novel but attending to more, to me, important things.

A single day is made up of so many small decisions.
And tonight I've decided to be a cheating writer.


Stuff - Nov. 5th

The November Ridding Self of Stuff number stands at 35.

No, you cannot tell anything is gone. But I can. Because now I know how dusty parts of the CD collection are. And some music I can part with. And some music I cannot. Yet. 

Simply the considering of Stay Or Go exercises the brain in the out-of-rut way we need from time to time. The "oh, I  didn't know we owned this." The "well, I liked this at the time, but but enough  to keep it now." The "I remember not owning any CDs because I just liked records (I still have to sort through records....)."

We shall not speak of letting go of books yet this go round. Though we have removed boxes of books in the past. Music can be had in many forms. Radio, on-line, humming. But books.... Books are my semi-cigarettes. I should be reading instead of typing. If read, at least a book can be considered for a Little Free Library. But the potential learning still on the shelf... (my stuff is almost all non-fiction), well, there's "Endurance," and "Rodin on Art" ( yes. I know there are you Rodin dislikers out there, but I still want to see what he says), and "The Findhorn Garden." And many others. The library here is only of medium size, but I do not bring home books lightly. Still, we always know there are "too many."

Now it's time to set back the clocks, listen to "On Being" on a public station, and see what adventures the day brings. Oh, that it would bring Sunshine, but that is a thing removed from our world here in this part of Minnesota.

It was 6 A.M. (to me) an hour ago - and now it is "really" 6 A.M.
Too much stuff? Not enough? Just enough? Perception is a tricky thing. We have to consider even our thoughts and judge them after thinking. Good Luck!


Friday, November 3, 2017

Time to type a quote

When in need of something to type, one can often find  lovely words written or said by another.

Here is a little something picked at almost random from an old paperback version of "The International Thesaurus of Quotations":

"Great and good are seldom the same man." - Thomas Fuller, M.D.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Baby Steps Again

Thank you to all who typed kind and gentle and kindred words about previous post.  Those "lost" hours in Magic Uncaring Recliner seem to have helped a bit. 

Here's a Morning State Fair Bunny for us - (Currently working on a mixed media portrait of this lovely creature.)

This dark cold morning I've discovered that ridding house of Quaker Instand Oatmeal Packet by eating contents might have simply been best if tossed in trash, or maybe out to birdies. Birdies,you didn't miss much. I've gnawed on cardboard that had less of an odd taste. But cinnamon, frozen raspberries/blueberries, and half a banana saved bowl into being breakfast.

Also, this morning I have learned about Random Number Generators.
And Day of the Dead symbolism.
I do not know the correct salutations to you who celebrate this day - know that I am appreciating that you are Celebrating.

The house has been rid of over ten things already this morning - mostly paper - some Christmas cards still taped to kitchen wall - yes, they stay there from season to season (a few choice few have been there for years), an unused calendar from 2014..., stuff like that. And the oatmeal. And a paperback copy of "True Grit." This will find it's way to one of Stillwater's many Little Free Libararies. I am thankful for Little Free Libraries!

(Soft guitar jazz is good for this soul. Bareny Kessel is playing on Pandora now.) (And now - Mr. Miles Davis.)

And it is a season for giving Thanks.
What is the smallest bit of something for which you might be Thankful? 

On to whatever Adventures lie ahead today - 
Going to try and tough it out for The Whole of the Day.

(Jazz now - Vince Guaraldi and Band playing "Linus and Lucy." A great way to be up and doing. Come on now, back and legs and head and torso and arms - let's do this day!)

And Best of Luck with yours! Use whatever it takes.
AND - congratulations to the Houston Astros and their fans for winning their first World Series. It was quite the bunch of games.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Total Lack of Ambition

Having NO will to do or care is a bit disconcerting.

It's not "Me."

Possibly Whys?

Many grey darkish days in a row.
Bleeping tinnitus.
Darkish house if there is no sunshine.
Lots to accomplish - but not excited.

There are about four or five "good" hours to the working day, and of late - well, it's downhill from there. And not a good "downhill" as in football jargon.

Perky music keeps brain sane, but not doing.
I make me do faux Big Smile. Just for practice.

Yes, I DO exercise.
Not enough?
Not the right kind?

I do not know.

It's been about four days of not good going, and battling the Not-doings.

It's not about Happiness.
It's not about Joy.

There is no Perk in the Perk Package.

(Sorry/Not Sorry about the rambling. I somewhat fear going back to the still un-diagnosed "thing" - many BIG tests and doctor vists - but no answers of six years ago. Of only having the ambition to go from bed to couch to bed to couch. I DON'T think this is the same, but the thought is lurking. I do not want to be that way ever, ever again. And I do not know how the brain and body worked it's way out of the "thing" - though it took around six months to become somewhat "normal" again.

I want to be interested in stuff, and ideas, and doing the stuff that I do.

(It's all about me. It's all about me....)

Perhaps this is being typed so that if you get feeling this way, or even a bit down this path, that please know there are others here, too.

And if you have wise words - feel free to type.

I will do my best to cheer for a baseball team/game tonight. Something is not nothing! Go, TEAMS!

Well, BIG LETTERS make me almost smile - LOL.

Carry on in your carrying ons, O.K? Somebody's got to keep the going going.

Sue the Grey Complainer

Oh, goodie! The radio guy just mentioned "A Chance of Drizzle" for tomorrow. Time to find the dryest part of less wet rock...
Hugs to all who need/want them!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still enjoy a good "!"!