Thursday, June 28, 2012

Progress? Stacks and Piles Baby Steps

Baby steps. Baby steps. But they count muchly. Why? Because the top had been filled to top of under table with the miscellaneous stuff that will be filled, or is needed "soon," or simply needs that temporary home. Temporary - hahaha.

I worked on this area for one hour - even dusting to the back of the wall under the studio able. Woo hoo! And removed some files to other filing areas, TOSSED papers un-needed for years. Discovered a few things, and re-arranged parts of the filing system - such as it is....

Of course, now the empty top of file was available for new tasks. So the light box fit on it (no more hunting for the light box - hooray! And a plastic business file that kept hiding from sight WAY under the studio table is now sharing space with light box. Two large items vs 100 tiny pieces of paper.

Some days baby steps count for Big.
Take either kind but take some today - O.K?

On to art -

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stacks and Piles - Day 2

Greetings -
Yesterday's 30 -minutes of sorting resulted in toss two inches worth of old paper filings, putting other papers in proper places, and finding a a framed piece of art from 2011 that was hiding under the pile!

Now there is Empty Space (at least a little) on top of one filing case. Air instead of stuff. Yes, a tiny baby step, but one in the right direction. Some empty space is good. It rests the eye, it increases the view, it offers an option in case space is needed. From our earlier Challenge of ridding house of 30 things every day for 30 days we have empty spaces in some of our bookcases. This is amazing as often books were double stacked and hard to find. I want more ease in finding!!!

29 1/2 hours to go - on to the next hour. Yes, it does bite into the time to work on art and other obligations, but I think that this project will SAVE time in the future.

Lesson: a seemingly "small" stack can suck up time amazingly quickly. Start Small and appreciate any progress.

Back to the stacks! On to empty spaces!
Best of Luck to you with any Challenge.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Another 30 Day Challenge - Stacks & Piles

Yup. June 18, 2012 -
 With the head still chiming and Summer quickly sliding gliding by, it is time to focus on Something Else.
Art fair season is upon us, and a bit of creativity is creeping back, but almost 20 years of racks and stacks and files and piles are crying for a bit of attention, too.
So - the next 30 Day Challenge will consist of 30 Hours in the month of sorting, deciding, and re-organizing. Matting art good work found in stacks will count, as will time walking things from one level of the house to another.

There's no time to waste - on to it!


Sunday, June 17, 2012


Greetings - on a most sunny blue calm Farther's Day. Today's topic: Options. We prepared ten Masonite panels - all around 9" x 8". Having a number of pieces to play with all at the same time takes the pressure off of making one "perfect' picture. And I am still trying to use up acrylic paint, so almost any color is legal to use. Six pieces are in progress - four faces and two bodies. It's hard to fight being "serious." Play! Play! Play!, I SAY. (Though it's often hard to take one's own good advise....)

1) Stick with one image till completed or spread the paint around a variety of panels.
2) Experiment with new ways of applying  paint - knives, stencil brushes, pinkies.
3) Use a bottle or two of those texturing helps to add more dimension to the surface.
4) Play with expressions - these are not real bears!!!
5) When in doubt refer to reference materials - or not.
6) Ask folks for aesthetic opinions ( a college-days ritual) - take their advise - or not.
7) Work wetter or dryer.
8) Consider "finished" pieces as studies or Finished Pieces.
9) If you usually work quickly - go more slowly.
10) Stop often or rush through. (Remember how well "Nine Blue Thomas" turned out)

Make a list of your own options - and then try them. There CAN be two, or more, good sides to every decision.

I don't know how these two will turn out - there are still more options concerning their fates. On to the deciding!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blue Bruce

Greetings - 
Sometimes a bear comes out of all those tubes of paint and 
just appears as a completely realized personality - 
independent of the artist who made him.

This blue bear happened over about three sessions of
playing with paint.

He's not finished - but he's as finished as he'll ever be.
He is done being finished.
He is who he is.

We took him north to Duluth's Blue Lake Gallery.
"What's his name?, " the gallery crew asked.
"I don't know," I said.
We knew he was blue.
And Bruce from the gallery agreed to go along
with naming this guy "Blue Bruce."

Titles can come easy and titles can come hard.

Now this "Bruce" has been befriended by some other new bears -
visit Blue Lake & see the likes of "Laura" & "Penny" & "Todd" & "GreenTyler."

And say "Hi" to some of the great human sorts working there who make visiting 
a gallery fun & educational & a time filled with joy. 

And then go stick a toe, or ten, in Lake Superior.

Fare-thee-well, Sue