Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art Fair Time - Stockholm, WI

So....., Saturday, July 16, 2011, didn't really dawn. It boomed and crackled and blew and poured, and I thought Todd and my last words would be "Wow!!" Mr. T was simply driving out of Stillwater - heading for the Stockholm Art Festival. Weather forecasts promised a fine, if humid, day - if we didn't run into power lines or have a tree drop on our precious old red Ford truck. Thunder-lightning-way-too-close was our companion for most of the drive, but skies lifted and rain stopped as we slopped our way past River Falls,Ellsworth, Bay City and the like. Whew and whew.

The park grounds at Stockholm were darned damp but O.K. to drive in. Booths raised the night before appeared fine and dandy. Life was potentially good. We got our goodies out of the truck and up under the trees. Time for coffee and scones - Thanks to the festival folks. Thanks, festival folks!

As the photo above shows - I believe in the power of plastic..... The day was hot and muggy, and downpours often felt just-around-the-next-dark-cloud, but we survived the moisture early and settled in for a day Stockholm Festival shoppers. The small town fills up fast, and I have no idea where people end up parking. But they come early and stay late - a point we always appreciate. When one can make sales before the official opening of a show - ye ha!

We met people from all over the U. S., solved the UWRF Beck/Beckham confusion, and discussed possibilities for chat/art/eating event that's always in the back of my mind. People laughed and chatted and bought and laughed.

After a lovely evening plate of tasty goodies provided by the staff we parted ways with good buddies, gambled a bit at the casino, and napped - thunder and lightning free. A rare "free" summer Sunday was next. I spent it on the couch........ but that's another story.

Thanks, Stockholm - now, on to Ely!


Monday, July 4, 2011

A Summer Morning - July 4th, 2011

The garden looks like we know what we're doing.

Peppers and brussel sprouts and basils that we grew from seed look like they'll make the transition from babe to adult. That's exciting in almost any species!

I still don't know the varieties of perrenials that are growing from seed. Help, serious gardeners????

Art fair adventures are rolling in think and fast. I WILL post pictures. I WILL type details.

Lake Superior has been "friendly" toward our little white tents so far this year. It's got a few more chances this summer to do differently.

Appreciate each summer day, and fall, and winter, and spring? Some mornings it's a challenge - to relax into the possibilities instead of trying to steer most minutes into one's plans.

It's OK to relax. It'sOK to relax.




Have a safe and wonderfully sparkly 4th of July.
Thanks, Founding Moms and Dads and Aunts & Uncles!!!!!