Monday, January 11, 2010

Books While "Biking"

It's the time of year that I am "spinning" for an hour or two a day down in the family room on the old SchwinnAirdyne. Todd found the beast on the side of the road this past summer, fixed 'er up a tad, and found a spot for it at a good angle in front of the TV.

It may save our sanity this cold and icy winter, and keep us in some sort of better shape than we usually are this time of year.

A pleasant surprise is that I can peddle and read at the same time! Current little book I am re-reading is titled "Try giving Yourself Away." It was written by David Dunn and published in 1947. His advice is to try the hobby of doing a good deed, offering a kind word, suggesting an idea to a business - all without care of getting anything back. I have been trying to follow his lead this past week. It's fun to put a smile on a young girl's face when complimenting her on her nifty argyle socks. It's time to write a real letter to someone instead of typing out a few quick sentences online. I'm going to do that right after finishing this post......

While peddling today I read a short article on the life of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Maybe it was the blood pumping into the brain at a faster rate than usual but I found it easier than usual to retain the facts learned about the man. I sorta kinda wish more of his feisty kind were to found nearby these days. He was not universally appreciated in his day - he spoke his truths and went on his way whatever the consequences.

So on to the evening's tasks and good deeds. Tomorrow holds breakfast in the big city of Minneapolis.

Happy New Year!