Friday, June 24, 2016

100 days - 100 Dreams: 12

I can hardly Believe how Quickly
has gone by since the last post.

I have, sort of, been working
on some DREAMS.

Garden is partly a bland nightmare.

Blotchy empty areas
where chard, spinach, and lettuces
were planted.

But one new Dream is becoming a reality. I am not a Shrine sort of person. But now in the veggie garden is an area designed around an onion that has kept coming up for about five years now. In an odd time of trying to plant lots of little coleus I planted two rings of the seedlings around the onion. Immediately this became a focal point for "something." 
Recently an uncle died. A Serious Gardener Uncle. Sunflowers and marigolds were at his funeral - in speech and in actuality. So... I had four marigolds to plant somewhere. Where? Around the circle.
And zinnia? Yup. In a line between the circle and the basil.

I set blossoms now "gone" around the onion as well. Life and death together in the garden. A chair is nearby. Handy for contemplation or watching bees and ants being busy. One can be still OR busy in a garden. Or both, by turns.

Time to quite typing now, and continue packing the van for the trip to Duluth, MN's Park Point Art Fair. We'll be in Booth 18. Weather looks to be "iffy" for Saturday. Rain. Not too much. Good for the gardens. Perspective, you know?

Now our newest bruin, "Afton," wants to say Hello. The bears do what they want to do.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 11

People looked at yesterday's post.

That number is 
the population of the town
in which I grew up!

My beloved upstairs bedroom was painted ORANGE, and I DREAMED of raising HORSES.

And of raising Strawberries - for fun and profit.

These dreams are long gone. I did raise some horses and strawberries. Mostly for fun. No profit. 

Now I dream of "time off" and of being Svelte and Poised. And of knowing more than I know and doing more than I do.

This gives one a wicked whiplash - haha.

Back to dreaming of Dancing Bears.
It's a weird way to spend one's day.

And on to Excelsior, MN's Art on the Lake this weekend. I dream of an easier set-up there. But steep hills happen. In metaphor and for real.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 10

 I ordered 
10,000 of a thing.

      To make some of our art products.

The most I've ever had ordered

I guess I'm starting to Dream Bigger.

Too old to do Baby Steps?
Time to make some Serious Strides?

These are decisions we all have to make.

Wishing you well in the deciding!
Ten thousand and

                                                       three times!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 9

Just for Fun.
WE CAN DREAM of CHANGING, but unless we actually CHANGE we are still only Dreaming.

I have a hard time taking what I KNOW in to what I WANT to BE.
I have to be willing to Change what I am to what I Dream of being.

I am starting to have Dreams again. Plans. Hopes.

It's been a while.
Yes, even "creative" sorts can run dry with that ever-flow of ideas and doings. It's scary when this happens, but some of us are old enough to know that New Stuff might be just around the corner.

Or in that next Sharpie marker.

If you have stopped Dreaming,  here is an understanding pat on back, and wishing you the freshflow of daring doings.

Onward to the hours left in our this day.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 8


                          I DREAM OF JUNE(Y) ~~~~~~~~~

Yesterday, Memorial Day, I thought about the non-direction my life seems to be taking.

I am best when heading toward a Something.
Almost Anything.

I decided that 
JUNE, 2016
will be again be one of those
Life-Changing Months.

On Purpose.

The plan is:
about Something
for at least One Hour a Day.

I almost don't care about what I will Care about.
Only that I get the Feeling CARING back.

To do a good job.
To learn new stuff.
To Focus Intently.

Putting these words out into public to be             more responsible toward this           Personal Challenge.

Now to Dream of Possibilities.
And then DO a bunch of The Dreamings.

On to prepping for Rivertown Art Festival (Stillwater, MN) on first weekend in June; Excelsior Art Festival (Excelsior, MN) on second weekend in June; and Park Point Art Fair (Duluth, MN) on last weekend in June. Hoping friends at Park Point will notice a different-for-better me - LOL! Now, THAT'S A CHALLENGE!

Fare-thee-well, and Best of Wishes heading into YOUR Dreams!

- Sue
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