Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tiny Sketchbook - 3

Sadly, I do not have The Gift of Crust. Grandma Rowe did. My sister, Lynn, does. So many have it. So many others do not. Some say that one can learn from You Tube. I prefer to simply buy the crusts made by my good friend, Betty Crocker.

May this day be one of joy, doing, and stopping. Of watching birds, insects, people, and furry friends. (Yes, some of our furry friends ARE people.)
Of perhaps eating Pie, or thinking of Pi, or doing both.
Of pondering art and science and science and art. Of knowing that if it is becoming Spring in one part of the Earth it is becoming Autumn in another.

Of appreciating almost every moment - and to try remembering to experience, in real time (whatever that is) the two times today of 3.141592653. Some will be eating pie at these times. Others will ignore the moment.s Dare to do as you please.

And, Happy Birthday, Mom, Jason, and Albert Einstein!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Tiny Sketchbook - 2

The fun and challenge of the Tiny Sketchbook goes on.
Because it is so small one need not be concerned too much about how to fill the page. Almost any mark will appear as important.
Today I got "brave" and used ink-cartridge pen and colored pencil on opposing pages. If blue smears it will smear onto blue. Blue Happens.
I drew the moving NOW bear first. Then the image of the Then bear came into head. Knew it had to be facing to the left. No, I don't know WHY.  I usually leave the Why to the universe.
Then the brain said: Put the blue pencil THROUGH the Then but UNDER the NOW. Again, a mystery that some way made sense.

Seeing the pages here put up almost instantly  also makes me wonder why sometimes drawing, writing, blogging can be done so quickly and smoothly and why other times it is simply impossible (or feels so). Perhaps it is the NIKE "Just Do It" slogan in play. I didn't plan to draw or write or blog this morning. Just did it. Must re-learn the triggering of the Simply Doing.

Back in thirty-mile-day bicycling days there was no debate. Life just held time and energy for six miles in the morning and twenty-four miles at night. The rare times when I'd argue with myself the biking brain said "Just pedal to the top of Gurney Hill and decide from there." After that minute or two of hard pedaling the mind went away and the legs took over.

Being in The Moment and There is Only Now are points I often forget to remember.  Picking up a pen or putting fingers to keyboard and just drawing or typing, well, yes, it can be done. Daring to live with the outcome. Doing it again. And again. Until there is no choice Until it's part of life.

Dancing? Um, no, not that brave yet!

What do YOU want to do? Yup. Do it.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!
Good memories of Blackie the Purringest Cat.

(Opening reception of group art exhibition at River Falls Wis. Public Library Gallery - Sunday, March 15. 2-4 PM. Show is up from March 15 through April 19.)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Tiny Sketchbook

Nope, I don't NEED any more sketchbooks. But these little Strathmore Visual Journal cuties were only a dollar each, with 24 sheets of bristol paper, and, well, I only bought ten... Gave one to my sister, so only have nine. And might have to call daughter to maybe get me a few more. No, I don't have a problem - ha!

The sheets measure 5" by 3" and are held together by some serious wire spirals. Back and front covers are both hard stock. No bending flopping hard to hold book here. And they can fit into so many pockets and purses. Ye haw! (Paper IS white - not the appearing "grey" below.)

As a sketcher I "never" draw on both sides of a sheet of sketchbook paper. It's just a thing with me.... But because of the paper thickness and because I use pens most often....  I've changed my ways for a tiny while! So strange to thumb through this first little book and see images on both sides of the page! Whole different "feel" - more "book" than sketchbook. Something to consider when working in other tomes.

Using ball point pens and Sharpies and Pilot Ultra Fine Point. I get stuck in my Sharpie rut, but daughter and others have inspired use of a wider variety of things that leave a mark. And, because I recently bought some RED fountain pen ink expect to see some more colorful doings soon. Why Red? Because the giant art supply store was OUT of black cartridges for my pen.

Did break out the Prismacolor colored pencils for latest drawing. I'd been walking last night and repeating "I'm relaxed and confident" to pretend that I am just that. Knew the words would be peachy on a bear's shirt. Drew confident bear, LOOKED up correct spelling of "confident", and STILL mis-spelled word on shirt. (No, you DON'T want to spend any time in my brain.) Yes, it's ink. No, I can't erase that "N". I don't even know why the brain thought it should have been in that line of letters!!! I was PLEASED that the long line of letters fit on the shirt!

What to do? What to do??? Heck, just cross out letter and get on with the day...
(Thanks to you Facebook folks who think the flaw makes the drawing "more charming." I still think it's a Major Flaw, but am trying to appreciate the charmingness of flaws.)

This drawing, thus far, has no other drawing on the verso (back) side of proceeding page. We'll see what happens if it happens. So many decisions in such a tiny book.

Six drawings in and I must say I'm bonding with this first little book. Would buying thirty be a bad thing? You know that I would share....

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