Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Lessons from Relaxing

These past ten days have provided some serious relaxing time:

On planes
At poolside
In beautiful country

I might have even already reached the Goal of Averaging the Deed for Thirty Minutes a Day. Smooth plane ride hours can add up quickly.

Now it's time for work again.


Challenge yourself today?
Not that every day isn't its own Challenge.


Monday, August 10, 2015


Another Art Fair is over. Today I will not be zipping around filling holes in inventory.

Today is dedicated to doing "easy" "slow" stuff - that just might be fun.

A day for unplanning. 

A day of doing whatever s-l-o-w-l-y comes to mind.

The  ungoal is to sketch without goal.
Journal without pressure.

~~~~~~~~~~have fun?~~~~~~~~~~~~

                      On to the Very Hard Thing for me to do.

                                          Ha, but True.


(On the whole this 30 Day Challenge has been being well met - let the Relaxing Lessons being learned continue.)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Things That I've Learned Can Be Done Slowly

The Personal Relaxing Challenge Goes On...


Things That I've Learned Can Be Done Slowly






Not Thinking

Sipping Tea




Bringing in the Sunday Paper


Playing Slot Machines

Breathing Again




Stopping Again








Friday, August 7, 2015


Yes, I SHOULD be prepping for this weekend's Powerhorn Art Festival (Minneapolis, MN). We will be setting up later today. Booth #89.

But first a few words about Relax ing and Trade-Offs.

This morning I relaxed for a solid two hours. Yes. You read that correctly. Between a bit of semi-serious meditation and listening to "On Being" - regular AND part of unedited episodes, well, yup, time zipped quietly by. It WAS Time well spent.  And I enjoyed the ease of morning.

But... then it was time to make breakfast, check the Facebook, figure out the day's duties, not Freak Out.


Trade-offs. Two hours less time to get stuff done. Yes, I've had The Big Chat with myself about this. But still the mixed emotions.

Luckily the garden is just up the backyard hill. A chunk of time in early-morning GREEN can't be traded for anything!

Here be TOMATOES!!!!! Green now. Some starting to ripen. And friends suggesting recipes for fried green tomatoes. Guessing that's a trade-off, too. Green fried vs red ripe. Good thing there are tomatoes enough for both.

Wishing there was time enough for Time - ha!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Relaxing - Aug. 5

The "Problem" with arriving at Relaxed is that once one is there it's hard to leave...

Thus, 30 minutes of Relaxing Garden Doings led to 20 minutes of Hammock Relaxing.

These extra minutes will go into my mental Relaxation Time account. Hooray!

And here is a bit of our lovely evening sky as seen by Hammock Cam:

Yes, this upward view was free for the appreciating. And now this is gone, replaced by another sky just as beautiful. I'd have missed it if garden time hadn't become hammock time.

Now it's time to chop the harvested rhubarb and cook up some sauce. Vince Guaraldi on Pandora Internet Radio is music by which to make sauce, yes it is! I will try to chop and peel with as much smoothness as is coming from the computer....

Tomorrow? More prepping for this weekend's Powderhorn Art Festival. Tonight? Who knows?

I could used to this Relaxing Stuff...

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Monday, August 3, 2015

August is Happening

It's August 3rd already. I have not decided on this month's personal Challenge.

But just allowed myself 40 wonderful mid-day minutes in the hammock. Read a book. Listened to music. Was not "busy."

Perhaps - oh, this is hard to type - the Challenge will be to Rest/Relax for 30 Minutes 30 Times this month. Hmm....

Some people might have a hard time understanding why the simple thought of "Relaxing" makes others of us tense up. "Relax? I can't relax? The oceans of the Earth might fall off into space if I relax!" No, they won't. Life will go merrily on.

We don't actually believe this.

So..... maybe this WILL be The Challenge..... "Hard" is all in the perspective.

And here's one of our backyard crows in Winter.

I've drawn him, but perhaps it's time to do his crow-y portrait in paint.

After I get done Relaxing...

Minneapolis, MN is hosting THREE lovely art fairs this weekend. 
Uptown, Loring Park, and Powderhorn. I will be in Booth # 89 in Powderhorn Park. 
And the three fairs have a shuttle bus service. Park at one fair - pace yourself and do all three!

Then YOU can Relax!

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