Saturday, August 15, 2020

Rerererestart -

 Greetings - 

It has been such a long while. And Blogger is a bit different. But the same. I keep forgetting that I liked to blither here. Not with posts that educate and inform. Blither. On to it.

Last night a quick major storm front went there a big chunk of the midwest. Power was out here for some hours. Not too many Just enough.... I appreciate all people and things that go into making our electronic grid system work. I appreciate all people and things that go in to making our Postal System work. I appreciate people wearing masks at Trader Joe's.

Often when I am stressed or otherwise needing for brain to take a little break from the current stuff I go into Thirty Thankfuls Mode. This is just what it sounds like. I start - and cannot quit till mentally noting AT LEAST thirty things for which I am thankful. 

To illustrate:

Right now I am thankful - 

1) that there is classical music in the headphones because Todd just started vacuuming the living room. 

2) that Todd is vacuuming the living room. 

3) that Todd has stopped vacuuming because an old cowboy show is on.

4) for "Have Gun - Will Travel." Not paying attention to it now, but I loved it as when I was a kid.

5) that the garden has survived the storm better than it might have. Cornstalks and sunflowers and pole beans will be propped back up today as best one can prop a little crop.

6) for friends' creative suggested prompting new images.

7) for art supplies in general, and many lovely art supplies right here, specifically.

8) when electricity can sort of be taken for granted.

9) for "too many" excellent books - right here, right now.

10) for broadband internet and friends and family around the world who are a mere click away. I am old enough to remember long distance collect phone calls that cost lots.

11) for iPhones.

12) for You Tube videos that make me laugh, learn, think. Though I really heartily dislike "Live, Laugh, Love," "Love, Fart, Live" - whatever those three words are.

13)when people buy the stuff I make. Really. Thanks.

14) that summer is not quite over. Even with the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes, I LOVE summer. Because of Light. And Green.

15) that there are garden beets simmering in a pot, and that they will be frozen for use in winter - no light/no green.

16) that there are fun options for us to do today - instead of moping about the things we'd usually be doing on this weekend.

17) for the Stillwater Farmers Market. In most years I can only visit about three times. Art fairs rule the weekends. Not this year.

18) for a new to me bottle of unopened bourbon.

19) that goldfinches are part of garden these days.

20) for antique alphabet print sets. I like letters and words and Pointing Finger.

21) for stuff that makes a person laugh hysterically. Ze Frank did that this morning.

22) for Trader Joe's.

23) the Post Office.

24) for good soil. I grew up with sandy loam. I miss sandy loam.

25) for friends with amazing creative skills. Keeps one on one's toes.

26) for keeping the making of Personal Challenges - 30 days, longer.

27) that this list is coming to an end for now.

28) for learning that I can stand in a Cold Shower (the coldest our water can go) for up to seven minutes because of Wim Hof. 

29) for rediscovering some stubbornness (for good) in self. We shall not speak of stubbornness for bad - I am NOT thankful that that stuff I still have.

30) that some days I have to do three or four clumps of Thirty Thankfuls and somehow manage to do them.

OK, enough of this. The rest of day still has to happen. Thank you for reading. Carry on carrying on.