Friday, February 4, 2011

Hudson Hot Air Affair

We are excited to be part of Hudson, Wisconsin's Hudson Hot Air Affair!! This large hot air balloon festival is said to be the largest of it's kind in the Midwest, and weather looks to be cooperating this year.

Our bears will be available all day at the Marketplace in the gymnasium of the E.P. Rock Elementary School, 340 13th St. S., Hudson.

This is a close-up of one of our newest pieces. His name is "Pudge." I don't know why.

Come join the frosty fun in Hudson this weekend!

Then on to the Super bowl insanity....

- Sue

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Life will return to "normal" some time next week. This week the Green Bay Packers are in The Super Bowl. THE PACKERS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am shallow. I am a fan. I am an observer of human nature - of talented human sports types (players/coaches/etc/etc), of those who get paid to talk about them, and of those of us who follow the annual professional football adventure.

For several years now I often spend the game sort of watching TV, definitely listening to radio coverage (Walkman headphones clamped over at least one ear & additional free-standing radio tuned to the wisdom of Wayne and Larry), and journaling almost every play on almost every down. Noting thoughts, emotions high and low, in tiny printing, occasional obscenities (not nice - but true), and giant scribbles. It's now an automatic doing. A writing discipline in observation, quickness of noting, using abbreviations, clock times and heart beats to add to the scene.

These high days come infrequently for many fans. Enjoying the whole deal because it goes by so quickly is part of the fun. Enjoying the thrill. Enjoying the panic. Enjoying knowing one has cheered for that other team when one's own team ain't in The Big Game. Enjoying the bonding with folks one doesn't know because of a Green and Gold sweatshirt or jacket or cap.

Soon life will go on. Bart Era. Brett Era. And now on to Aaron. And smiling with Coach Mike, Donald, Clay, A. J., B. J., and the rest of the NFC Best. Focus, follow through, hang onto that ball. Make the tackles and the field-goals. Inches and seconds count. Extra effort in every action.
I watch the games to get inspired. I watch the games and worry about pain. I watch the games and ponder metaphor verses reality. I am a fan of the universe........

Lombardi and Lambeau - "Go Pack Go!!!!"

- Fare-thee-well,