Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Attempting the Pinnacle for Fun

Attempting. Yup. Sometimes we know what we're doing well enough that it's time to go out on a limb or scale a different peak or dance a new dance. Even if we really don't want to do the deed. Why? Because, maybe, eventually, what we don't know how to do NOW will someday be what we are expert in, or at least we will be able to appreciate those who ARE the experts.

And, woo hoo, just trying might be Fun. What a concept. Goofing Off Theme again.

We have treated some smaller, various-sized pieces of Masonsite board and every now & then I say goodbye to the pastel pieces and hello to the various tubes of acrylic paints we tend to pick up here & there. Ya can't leave a reasonably-priced art supply item at the yard or estate sale. No, it must be rescued & introduced to like creatures stored for future use. Then, if it is a tube of something, it will dry out & get tossed (sad) or be used (happy). We like happy art supplies better. (I'm listening to Mozart right now & kinda wish I was slapping paint on something instead of typing about slapping paint on something).

Anyway, so the piece pictured is a start of something. I have no idea what. I have fear of both dancing and pinnacles so it's fitting that I should attempt a bear dancing confidently on a pinnacle - right? Problem now is - what to do next? Fear is creeping back into the decision-making. Argh. I like the form and attitude, but now what? Be brave, little bear-painter. It's acrylic paint - you can have do-overs. Do not stop with this attempt as you are suggesting to others to goof off. GOOF OFF! The beast can not fall off the mountain - it's a flat surface. The bear is in no danger. But there must be Change involved. Yup, our old friend, Change. And Chance. Oh oh. Change and Chance. And old tubes of color to play with a relatively new bear. And this is for Fun. Fear versus Fun. The bear doesn't care. The peak doesn't care. So back to that pile of paints and on to the mountain.

On to the daring. Dare to play a bit today?
"A healthy manner of play is necessary to a healthy manner of work." - Ruskin

On to the goofing off on the pinnacle of your choice!

- Sue

Friday, February 24, 2012

Door County Bear

Now and then we come upon somebody or something that makes that first impression hard and fast - and then continues to stay in the brain.

This is the head of a large wooden bear outside a shop in one of the wonderful towns in Door County Wisconsin. Might be Egg Harbor, might be Sister Bay, or another of the nifty places to visit on the west side of the peninsula. We were doing a short weekend in Door County and Green Bay, Wisconsin, in mid-October. (When the Packers were still reigning Super Bowl Champions, and orchards everywhere where advertising Honeycrisp Apples)

I just love this guy. He towers over all onlookers. He's carved with finesse, has more character than most wooden bears, and is on major alert. Finding him holding his ground made my day. Kudos to the carver, and the owner of him now. I still yearn to own a Black Forest bruin or two, but this dude would sure be fun to have in the backyard. I may never meet up with him again, but I'm glad he exists. Hunt him up if you get the chance to tourist your way through Door County.

Lenten Challenge:
4 books gone - 2 sent to a friend - whether she wants them or not.
Give Up Worry: I tried - but ended up early this morning with a good-sized, unplanned panic attack. Spent a lovely time from 3:30 - 4 A.M. reading up on panic attacks online while trying to talk my head and heart back to sanity. Sigh. Give up Worry. Give up Worry. Let the bear stand guard for you tonight. On to tonight, tomorrow, and future days.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Deal With Miranda: 1/7/03

This drawing has been pinned/not pinned on my bulletin board since January 7th, 2003......

At the top it reads: The Deal With Miranda

Under the drawing it reads:
"Here's the deal," said old Miranda.
"You need pushin' & I need a job.
"I will make a list each day and
you will follow through. If your
brain puts up resistance remember
I'm a bear. A bored old bear
ready to make trouble. So if you
don't want trouble just start
workin' down my lists."

I keep forgetting the deal these days. I'll do it later today, tomorrow, next week, next year, maybe I won't do it. Whatever it is.....

This is not good for life or business. And I don't want trouble. I would like to feel well. I would like to have twice as much energy. I would like to feel up to The Task. Whine. Bitch. Moan. Yes, I realize that Miranda is not real, but I also know that she is watching and listening. And lately I have not been living up to my end of the deal.

So, on to pulling up our bootstraps, buckling on our spurs, and getting back on our perky ponies. Or maybe not. Maybe tomorrow. These slippers feel darned good right now.

No. No. Have a little lunch and get on to the finishing of the other pastel. Listen..... Miranda's growling low.....

Use what you need to get on with your day. I have a bear we can share!

P.S.: Lenten sacrifice/challenge: a book a day shall go away. And I have to Give Up Worrying (again).