Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Practice of 30 Thank Yous (Thankfuls) Continies

Yes, a number of these are "shallow," but they are sincere:
(Apologies for typos - I am speed-typing this morning)

Today I an thankful for:

1)learning how to cancel a tech home call appointment online
2)see "Zootopia" last night
3)staying AWAKE during movie
5)Todd getting to see a scary movie he wanted to see - at same time as mine.
8)people who do know how to fix things
9)de-caf real teas
10)kitchen table full of tasks
11)maybe just enough time to get ready to go to work
12) warm house
13)YouTube music
14)FB friends
15)being halfway through the 30
16)having gas in both vehicles
17)"The rapes of Wrath"
18)others' thoughts on TGOW
19)having to drive into Minneapolis this morning
20) vegetable seeds
21)good soils
22)growing green
23)too many art supplies
24) wonderful family and friends
25)not having urge to vacuum carpet every day - hahahahaha
26)having works in progress
28)emptier kitchen cupboards
30)Not having cable TV
31)having more than 30 things to be thankful for


Friday, March 11, 2016


Having day-long tech problems, with no end in sight.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Been Away Too Long

Since last post I have been ill, and then getting back to semi-healthy. Everybody else has been sick, too, it seems. Or is getting sick now.

The sun is shining weakly. It looks like many of us feel.

But we are breathing - so there is Possibility.

Onward. Baby steps. Breathe. Make something or do something that will add an our of Joy to your life, and I will try to do the same.