Monday, March 29, 2010


This acrylic bruin was part of a threesome based on the same head template design. Amazingly, and from no particular plan, the bears are such individuals that they appear completely unrelated. One is small of eye and personality, one I consider a "business" bear, and this one has always been called The Philosopher. Sold some years ago he is one of the ones I sort of miss from time to time.

I don't think bears can read, but if they could they might enjoy pawing through a copy of HOW PHILOSOPHY CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE, by Marietta McCarty. Published in 2009, this lovely little paperback holds many tons of solid ideas and has kept me from putting in the solid hours with pastels in trade for lounging too long in the recliner while sipping tea and packing the brain with words. I'm sure new bears will come from Marietta's chapters. I don't know if they will be dealing with all her "big ideas" but they will be sure to reflect those of Simplicity, Possibility, and Joy. Flexibility, too, is a given!

Time to get away from the alphabet for a while and head off to the world of colors and shapes.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Talent 1

This guy is an "older" guy - a large piece of paper covered with thousands and thousands of colored pencil scribbles.

I am jealous of his skills!

At an art fair one summer a young lad pointed to him, looked up at his mom, and stated "That's impossible."

On to attempting the impossible -


Monday, March 22, 2010

Studio Time

Greetings -

New pastels from good old Dick Blick. Simple pleasures are the best? Six new Terry Ludwig soft pastels as a lovely Spring treat. And guess what? A touch or six from some of these new sticks are just the thing for saving some winter bears from a possible Spring bonfire. Whew!

One survivor is a large face that was "finished" since last Fall. He sat in his pale green-ness in front of a pale greenish background, and although the dude was pleasant enough he just never came out of his boring greenish shell. He has had a make-over.......both in color and scale. Now his little writing in the corner states: I'm no longer boring." True and kinda scary? True. His new title might be "Hudson's Cousin." Wouldn't want to meet them together in a dark forest. What a difference a few layers of powdered color can make.

The newest experiment is a large sheet of Rives BFK covered with the dust of drawings past. A wonderful warm grey. Am working on a batch of sitting bears a tone or two lighter than the original layer. Foggy misty fun. On to it.

A bunch of the bears are on display for the month of March at Manna Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin. Bears and food just go together so well! Here's hoping that the furry crew will be missed when they're gone, and that a few Madison folks will have been introduced to their quirky kind of fun.