Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quick Post

Greetings -
For fun, and through a friend's joining, I, too, have become a member of Facebook's Art Abandonment group. Sharing a surprise gift is usually a wonderful thing, and it's amazing to see folks from all over the world doing this sort of thing.

So far, and with the help of cousin Ginny, last Friday, I abandoned a lovely floral greeting card AND a great book on many things botanical, somewhere in Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

This was the day of the Annual Venison Feed - so Todd and I joined the lines of folks waiting for their venison burgers. The morning was gorgeous - and colorful. Lots of camo, blaze orange, and Packer Green and Gold. Two thousand burgers got grilled pretty darned quickly. It was fun chowing down our burgers and chips at an event we'd never hear about - though this was it's 47th year. Hunt safely, mighty hunters!

Am working on a series of quickly-drawn bears, done mostly in the morning, but sometimes while waiting for the chiropractor. (Yes, a whole year of "interesting" health stuff.) But, if you have a small plastic bag with paper, pens, pencils, and the like, it quite amazing what can be scribbled in the "I'll be back in three minutes" time - which may or may not be three minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I am thankful that a sister-in-law is hosting the day, and I bought the ingredients for our bit of food to be shared. The squirrels and birds appear to be thankful for the sunflower seeds that they seem to be sharing.

On to our Grand Adventures, and where in the heck did November go?
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