Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Darn and onward.

Several days ago I shot a close-up view of a pastel that's in the works. It's another Sunlight/Moonlight bear - centered moon, centered bear  - with it's head quite upright. For fun I'd tilted the camera to create a different angle..... And now I LIKE that angle better than original. Sooo....

Of course, the sitting bear will be finished in the position it's in.

And a tilted-head bear is in the near future.

The mysteries of angles and gestures......

Also, I like the cropped image almost as is. Time to create parts of bears with parts of skies? Decisions decisions. 

And the oil paints are still whispering, "Come play with us..... Come play with us...." They are within sight in the studio. That's an important thing. If you want to try something new - keep the materials close at hand. This could be buying some new vegetables and putting them in the front of your refrigerator, putting that new book on the top of the stack, putting those new running shoes right by the door.

Now it's back to preparing for this weekend's Rivertown Art Fair in Stillwater, MN (May 30 - June 1). We'll be in Booth 39. This year's event will be held toward the north end of Lowell Park. After visiting Cedarburg, Wisconsin this past weekend I am appreciating our "quaint" "tourist" towns a tad more. We know that there are parts that are definitely NOT quaint nor touristy, and that disagreements about the city take place LOUDLY at times, but I do feel lucky to live where we do.

On to day. Yes, the head is still dinging. No, the garden is not planted. Yes, I've ridded the kitchen of more than 30 things yesterday. No, you can not see the difference.

The pink and  white varieties of Lily of the Valley are finally opening up.  Time to "waste" a little more time and go choose a few for a tiny vase.

Please do something that brings you pleasure today. Even if it's simply tilting your head to get a new perspective on a little bit of life.


PS: Next art fair is The Grand Forks Art Festival - June14 - 15. We will be on the North Dakota side of the action. Lots of art on the Minnesota side of town, too!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cleaning Time Again

After a busy weekend at a large flea-market in Cedarburg, WI and a pleasant and Remembering Memorial Day with family, it is time to look around our home and sigh, "We have too much stuff again."

So - back to the 30 things in 30 Days "cleanse." Ten things gone early this morning - now to think about needs and wants and cluttered and clean.

Our first real art fair of the year is coming up May 30- June. We will be in the park in Stillwater,MN for The Rivertown Art Fair. Nice to be able to set up in one's own town.!

Time to get this guy matted and framed:

Then there is The Garden to finally dig in. These HOT HUMID days are such a shock to human and plant alike. But the tomatoes and basils are begging for bigger dirt. I forget to seed marigolds and a few other things. Oh dear... might have to visit a few garden centers. In that non-existant "spare time."

On to surviving  and thriving through the days' adventures - have as lovely a day as you can create!


Saturday, May 10, 2014


I don't scream at other drivers.
I don't complain very often when someone cuts in front of me while standing in line.
I do send food back when eating out if it needs to be sent back.

Inwardly, I occasionally rant with a Lewis Black rantiness. And sometimes even verbally. 
Oh well.

I also don't seek vengeance.
I would LIKE to seek vengeance.
Some days early and often.

Luckily, the bears can at least plan, if not carry out, appropriate actions.

This is a good thing.

Here is the latest bear who's path you'd might not wish to cross.

I like him lots.

I hope he thinks O.K. of me...


Friday, May 2, 2014

Don't Be Afraid to Begin

All around the world people are starting things. Cars, houses, college.

Here we are starting a new painting. It will be simple, and, cross fingers, fun. But starting can be scary, especially to those of us who don't do thumb nail drawings often, or graph things out, or work often with "Hmm, which art supplies are closest to our arms today."

Recently, Todd the Good cut two wooden boards, per my request. They measure 11 " x 18". After gessoing them, I used up some black craft paint and them more black in covering most of each board. I know that these pieces will be "bear in moon" paintings, so did leave a center area in white.

But I want each to have it's own personality, so there ends the tale of the prep.

Here is start of the first:

Acrylic paints, freely applied. Of course, the playfulness is gone now, because I spread the stuff together... But this image will remind me that a brightly dotty moon is oddly magical in it's own way. This is one reason for photographing your work along its journey to completion. One flick of the brush and THIS image is much changed.

I look over at the progress on the work and the moon above is gone.... A perfectly good moon is up in the sky, but now I miss THIS one. This is a good thing...... And will give me the wanting to Start a new work. but, first the FINISH the two in progress. The on-going mind war in an artist's brain.

Start something today, continue something, finish something? a little forward, or even backward, motion is a marvelous thing to achieve!

Happy May 2nd, whether to cold, too hot, or just right!

The garage sales are calling. We must heed their call....