Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Fuzzy Stick" Fun

So.... I'm old...... but have finally come around to know the joy of "Fuzzy Sticks."

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Springing into Winter

Saturday, Dec. 4, Tara and I trekked back to St. Paul, MN for the final day of the Landmark Center Holiday Bazaar.
We needed a bagel fix so braved the sidewalks and roadways leading to the local Bruegger's Bagels shop. The paths were semi-well shoveled, so in some places the snow was piled high.
Unlike outside, the bagel shop was warm and cozy, the coffee was good and hot, as were the bagels. Eventually we knew we'd have to return to Landmark - so we did.

Here is Tara heading to Bruegger's. I couldn't juggle coffee, bagel bag, purse, and camera well enough to photograph return trip. Her 12-foot-long Dr. Who-inspired scarf was doings its best at keeping her warm.

Here is a little guy who was commissioned as a God-father gift to a recently-born lad. Customer G. picked him up at Landmark - Thanks! I hope cub and lad make everybody happy almost all the time! (A seasoned mom can at least cross her paws.) He wasn't around the studio very long and I miss him already. Maybe I'll make him a brother some day.
Working on this colorful cubby helped keep me from looking out onto all the new white stuff. I'm from Big Snow Country in NORTHERN Wisconsin - think Lake Superior - but have lived here in "southern" Minnesota long enough to be spoiled by snowfalls of "only" 4 - 8 inches.

Did plant the daffodils and iris before this storm hit so can finally look forward to Spring - whew. Planted in the dark and pouring rain but did the deed. Even put chicken-wire barriers over the fresh mud spots. Take that! - you smarty-pants squirrels. I'm not really counting on having out-smarted them - but am slightly proud of actually making the attempt.

Art events are mostly over for 2010 - maybe one last thing at a co-op in Rochester, MN - and now it's time to spruce up the studio & catch up on life. (Stuff is always at American Gothic in Stillwater & other shops around the land.) Gotta crank up the carols, try to ignore the cookies, and get crackin' on those cards to customers, family and friends.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Landmark Center Holiday Bazaar - Dec. 2- 4

Greetings on this Brisk and Nippy Morning -

We will be off shortly to St. Paul, MN for the second day of the Landmark Center Holiday Bazaar. The grand old building is festooned in finest holiday cheer, and customers & craftsfolk alike get carolled to enough to make most of us fairly jolly and of good cheer. The free food samples sure help, too!

The building is also home to a beautiful woodworking museum - the gift shop has exquisite work from baubles made of exotic woods to funky awesome purses.

Yesterday's crowd was a mix of super busy to nobody in the booths - we took it upon ourselves to entertain by way of making stuff from pipe-cleaners - or Fuzzy Sticks - as the bag was titled. Tara, I, and the lovely Loren created things not seen before in the universe - my creature began as a bear, of course, but quickly - well, not really quickly...., through the afternoon - morphed into the beginnings of a fine giraffe, then a genetic mutate giraffe- chicken thing, and is beginning to become a serious giraffe again. Tara made anime creatures, and a fine flamingo - quickly adopted by Loren to perch on her shoulder. Loren made and shared some gorgeous fuzzy bracelets. Fun was had by all. some simple pleasures are the best. If you are bored go buy a bag of Fuzzy Sticks. Life will be oddly but pleasantly different.

So it's back on the road and on to the day. If you're in the area come join in the festivities!

Stay warm - don't fall,