Monday, August 16, 2010

Home for a Day

Home after a lovely weekend at the Glensheen Art Festival in Duluth. Minnesota. Major road construction through that part of Duluth, but the shuttle system brought costumers in fine and dandy.
Because it was the first time the show was both Saturday and Sunday it was wonderful to not tear down at the end of one day. Plus, the artists were treated to a wine/beer/pizza evening (for nominal fee) on the banks of Lake and Superior and up at the mansion. We were also invited to tour the interior of Glensheen at our leisure. Built in the early-1900's, fittings and interior design were state-of-the art, and as antique dealers we only drooled occasionally. Note to self - order gold-leaf ceiling for studio.... Last year we'd taken one of the guided tours - if only I remembered all the facts..... Todd, Tyler, and I made some new friends and had several of those intense/funny/no topic barred chats that go so well with pizza and beer. Plus our table crew sang "Happy Birthday" to Todd - whether he liked it or not!

The grounds are delightly to walk through - some hollyhocks appeared to be ten feet tall. The swiss chard, cabbages, and other vegetables are thriving (is Glensheen a deer and rabbit free zone???), and the various shaded pathways lead to pockets of perennials throughout the compound.
The business end of the show went well for us - and the folks we chatted with on Sunday appreciated the second day being added to the event. Some artists were not as pleased.

All in all it's good to be home. Tara and I sat outside The Bikery this morning and basked in the sun with our coffee and cranberry scones. Then we scooted into the shop when a table became available. Sketched a little - relaxed a lot. Right now I want to lie down in a hammock in a library or bookstore and read with my eyes closed. The humidity is down, the temperature is perfect, and the day is yelling "keep goofing off!" So that's the plan for the day. On to it -