Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Hug for the Bears

It's that time of year when some of us artists can use a hug. We have survived the winter and are now looking to the Spring and Summer with wonder, hope, and a nagging fear of impending doom. Will our new stuff meet with approval and sales? Does it really matter if we exist in the universe? You know - the usual stuff.

So it was a tiny miracle that, when simply bringing some new greeting cards into Duluth, Minnesota's Blue Lake Gallery I was granted a joyful hug by gallery clerk, Susan C. THANKS, I NEEDED THAT! We'd never met, but through the bears she now knows a bit of my warped personality - and she can relate! So Sir Todd, my long-suffering husband, looked on once again as two chatterers take off at warp-speed. We soon went our separate ways - but my out-look for the upcoming season has been lifted. Whew.

Now, back at work, I have to keep remembering that we all never know when a gesture, word, note, or call will do wonders to make another folk's life even a wee tad better. It's time to do some small thing to pass on those unexpected hugs and pats.

On to the day!