Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October's Personal Challenge -

Yes, October is nearly half over. The early evenings are Dark and the early mornings are DARKER.
We had a wonderful and warm last outside art festival. Downtown Red Wing, Minnesota is a lovely location for this annual event (this year's Fall Festival was the 49th), and the weather co-operated beyond our dreams. On Sunday the local bank's Time and Temperature sign read 84, then 85, then 87! (We might discuss Earth's temperature changes another time - not today.) This much made up for the same show several years back - when setting up on Saturday the SNOW from a neighbor's booth top blew into the bins of tee shirts we'd just put on. And same sign read 27. (We all CHEERED when temp hit 33 degrees THAT morning!)

On to The Personal Challenge: To Make 30 Things from stuff lying around in the house. You know - that stuff you accumulate from past doings or planned doings, or perhaps bits of pieces of OTHER peoples' plans and projects. That stuff.

For me, for now,  it is back to making Junk Drawer Journals. Paper is IS at our house. But sometimes the individual pieces are more productive if bound together - if even loosely. Human Metaphor here? So on to the making of a bunch more little task organizers, holders of memories, and the like.

Equipment is minimal: papers, ruler, stabby thing, foam core as stabby back piece, waxed linen thread, needle, thimble, scissors, and perhaps some beads or other decorative trinkets. (Remember, we are trying to use up Stuff.)

I use a simple stab-book binding method. Poke holes. Stitch. There are a wide variety of stitching styles. I want fast and easy.

So - on to the morning, and some time goofing off with a little purpose.

Look! It's a slightly less dark early morning. Time to feed the Squirrels. And scribble in the Real Journal. And live the day. And remember to pick up that UV Chocolate Cake Vodka from the local liquor store! (I've forgotten that my specially-ordered goodies are waiting two days now. Nope - alcohol consumption is not high on my daily priorities -  Ha!)

And I must get back to adding more items to our newly-designed web-site, and deal with the kale, and bring in the Mr. Jades, and prep for a few winter art doings, and....

But first a little time for some stabbing... and stitching up those holes.

On to YOUR Personal Challenges. 

And a pat on the back to you all ----- pat pat.

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