Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Personal Challenge - Done - ish!

Yes. Thirty-one attempts at drawing or painting other' beloved furred or feathers friends.

Some more successfully than others.
On last day of month I quickly traced three - as I raced to deadline while prepping for a party being held on same day. (One of these three HAS been completed.)

Here are just three of the month's results:


Sharpie Marker with colored-pencil highlights


Sharpie Marker



Thank You, to all who submitted images, and typed kind and encouraging words!!
I truly Appreciate them all! 

The project would not have been the same with animals simply chosen from other sources.

On to February's Personal Challenge: Write and send 31 Personal Letters or Postcards to people. Some folks are relatives I've known all my life. Some are friends I only know through Facebook posts. Time to put those pens and papers to use! And also to keep working on the "left-over" January animals. Not all will get their day on paper, but a goodly amount will. Nothing like heaping Challenges upon Challenges!

At least here the Challenge isn't shoveling one's way out of house and /or driveway! For now anyway.

The morning has brought Cold but also Sunshine. On to seeing what the day holds.

Fare-thee-well, and Best of Luck with your own personal Challenges!

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