Thursday, February 19, 2009


A last minute phone call and we are off this weekend to Klondike Days in Eagle River, Wi.
Two weeks ago the bears did fine in Green Bay, so it will be "interesting" to see how they fare this go-round in the land of Green-and-Gold.

Because I now live in Minnesota most folks think that I am a local...... But that can never really be.
Born and raised in Northern Cheddarland, and even with ol' Brett now gone, I still get oddly giddy seeing anything with a Packers logo on it. Even Todd, the Vikings-fan husband that he is, sometimes slips on something with the symbol of the evil enemy on it. But being practical even I plopped on a Vikings cap and wore it to the post-office a few weeks ago. This confused another customer because I also was wearing a lovely vintage Packers sweatshirt. I explained our mixed marriage, we laughed, and went on our way.

So, we will check the weather, cross the border, and hope for the best.

Go Pack! Go Vikes! Go Bears!