Saturday, October 22, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 19


We are traveling.

Yesterday I got to visit a place I've had on "list"
since I was seventeen years old.

It was a better experience than I had hoped possible.
On to a day in Dallas.

With no particular plans.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 18 - Stuff

I have been drawing. And reading about drawing.
And looking at other's drawings.
And observing.

Every red maple leaf cries out:

I am Different!
I am the ONLY ONE just like ME!

The going-brown GREEN Garden 
whispers to be remembered.

Each meal one eats is an opportunity to draw a something for the very first and last time.

To note.
To recall.
To inspire.
To learn.

I am a Drawer.
Yet, I do not draw as often as I "should."
There is really not excuse.
There are only obstacles.
And obstacles most often can be over-come.

Draw fences.
Draw rivers.
Draw bridges and roads.

Or don't.

This bit of typing is mostly for me.
Constant Reminding is a must.
For me.
Habit rules.
Until it doesn't.
Some of you understand.
If you don't - that's O.K., too.

Paper, pens, and painting supplies are packed.

And I've planned for "Time."

There is no excuse.
Yet, wish me Luck, and Happy Scribbling!

I wish the same for you!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 17 - NUTS!

Time Flies? 
No, I don't know where the past two months have gone. 

And I had the early 2016 Goal of writing 200 Posts. This will be... 37. Sigh. Well, here's goes!

Summer zipped by in a haze of art fairs, gardening, walking, talking, and eating, and ignoring the "BLOG!" item on almost every To Do list. Comes a reckoning...

Thanks to figuring another 30 Day Personal Challenge AND clock-timer set to twenty minutes, baby step progress is being made.

So - next Challenge to Myself (and you are free to play along!) is to draw thirty particular things that I have never drawn before - at least not in my leaky brain's memory.

Thus far sketched are a salt shaker at an Episcopal Church, a large Troll Doll at the antique store, and today's topic - walnuts.

Yes, I have drawn nuts before, many times, but not THESE particular nuts. (You are free to make up your own rules.)

Here are a small handful from the cupboard. I have no plans planned except Draw Walnuts for Twenty Minutes. Timer set - and GO!

There is also a side "quest" to write at least ten paragraphs, but that's a topic for another post.

Needing practice in focusing and drawing realistic images I simply looked at nearest walnut fragment and did my best to render its variety of surfaces. I doubt that many of us LOOK at the foods we consume. We appreciate that they are here for us - for baking, eating, or feeding squirrels (don't judge!). But when observing a subject's surfaces one becomes aware of nubs, smooth and jagged areas, and a variety of subtle color changes.
I began the drawing using a brown ink Calligraphic Pen (oh, time to feed a squirrel!) in a small, 6" x 6," ivory colored paper sketch book.  Just to see what happened.

After drawing first walnut I used a few different colored pencils to fill in shape and add detail. Pencils included student-grade Crayolas, as well as higher-quality Prismacolor (my brand of of choice) and Coloray by FaberCastell. There are so many lovely drawing pencils on the market that it's fun to buy a few from a bunch of different companies and see what works best for YOU.
Because this is an exercise I am not concerned about quality as much as color.

Check the timer - yes, Time passing quickly - but in a good way! Focusing on drawing or writing can produce a meditative state, and any time we can spend "away" from our every-day thoughts can be prized and welcomed time.

Adding text to drawings is a habit - and I do so here. However, the words are an aside, and not the day's main focus.

After completing the second walnut bit I note that  there is still a tad of time left of the twenty minutes. Yes, one CAN spend that much time observing, pondering, and rendering a small subject! O.K., decision time.

I concentrate on the outline of a third nut. Now minutes are really zooming by, but I draw slowly and carefully - completing the form. Then a bit of color to fill in shape, and done! Twenty minutes produces three sketch book walnuts, plus a few thoughts.

Yes, one notes the flaws in drawing NOW. But those are lessons to be used on another page.

Even if this drawing is never consulted again its images and text are evidence of twenty minutes spent focusing, deciding, executing. And, after this exercise - well, a well-earned snack of, what else? - our documented and thought-inspiring crunchy munchy walnuts.

Chomp. Chomp.

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