Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Time in a Garden

Just in from forty-five treasured minutes in the veggie garden. Yes, I used a Timer. So, a small plot of basil is planted and the packet of kale seeds has gone to ground. Curly Blue Dwarf Kale. The variety I so enjoy - because when using there is no battle of the center rib. Simply cut, wash, and prepare for eating.

Here is the start -

No, not much to look at now. But I have to recall the adventures of past years and know that here lies MUCH potential.

Yes, the laptop came out to keep me company. The French Open tennis matches are streamed live from Roland Garros. I don't know if R2-D2 cares, but I do like to listen. (Doesn't everyone have an almost life-sized robot in the backyard? Well, we do.

Now it's back to prepping for the Rivertown Art Festival here in Stillwater, MN. It's this coming May 30 -31, so of course today's 80 degrees will fall back into the 60s. Our location will be on the grass this year,  in Booth 62.  We plan to have a few new pastel originals as well as new greeting card designs. It's hard to cull the designs each year as we have to bring the "classics'"but certain of the others - well, they can be  "perfect" for particular situations. And then an artist is expected to create NEW work as well. Plus do the laundry, dishes, and perhaps make the bed, too!

We've been happy to be juried into a couple new shows (for us). June 14th, yes, a Sunday, will find us in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and on June 20th we will be joining folks in Baraboo, Wisconsin for a new show - ArtJune. Then we head north to the lovely Park Point Art Fair in Duluth, MN - June 27 28. The previous two years we were showing at Spring Green, Wisconsin, so it will be fun to catch up with the doings of friends exhibiting at Park Point. We will also hope that this year's show doesn't include another "exciting" hail storm. We got to watch the action on YouTube while down at Spring Green. Not as much fun when one is trying to protect one's art and booth from the messing arounds of Mother Nature!

Our adventures in oil painting continue - A new dancing bear is making it's way on to a 24' x 12" canvas:

No, I have NO idea where this piece is heading. It's the result (so far) of trying to use up some drying oil paint. Better drying on the canvas than on the palette!

Now, time to quit typing and back to the reality of too many tasks for too short a time. Yes, I know - Live In The Moment. Breathe in breathe out. Breathe in again.

On to a spot of tea and a considering of the duties of the next two hours.
"My experience is what I agree to attend to." - William James

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This and That

The days are again hinting at Spring. Compared to the past two years our April and May have been almost balmy and snow-free, but lately lots of windy grey damp and dreary days are laying the spirit low.

Baby basils and tomatoes are doing their best to raise up my low soul. Weeding and raking in the vegetable garden help, too. And today I type while looking out at BLUE skies. blue skies are not to be taken for granted, nor are the mild, wild-weather-free weeks our part of the Upper Midwest is experiencing. Thoughts and prayers go out world-wide to the folks dealing with weather conditions way beyond their control. Mother Nature is often cruel and humbling. "No wire hangers!" "No thinking you're free from earthquakes (blizzards, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc, etc.)!"

Maybe this why the latest "goofing off" pastel is called "Dancing in Edges." Our days can seem to be as smooth as glass, when, CRACK, all underfoot is splinters and shards.

Decision time. I, of course, step baby step by baby steps through the sharp edges, wishing I had steel-toed boots on. Others say ,"Woo hoo! Time to dare cavorting in the beauty of the cracks, refelctions, and refractions!"

  "Dancing in Edges" (work in progress - but almost finished)

I often ask my bears to do what I dare not. Dancing bits of chalk across some Canson paper is so much easier than trusting that my own arms and legs might  find some sense in musical space.

It IS odd that a person can be BRAVE in many instances,  yet totally insecure in others. I chalk it up (haha) to Human Nature, and though I have tried for years to understand the Brave versus Fear I have yet to crack this code. If any body has a clue, feel free to type!

I will go bravely and wimpily on - and, No, not doing the Best that I can do. A major flaw in personality. But fumbling forward and groping and stumbling. Not giving up, but not feeling much forward progress. Dreaming Tiny Dreams, or no dreams at all.

Weird. Yup. But aware of the weirdness.

Thanks for letting me ramble. It's time to get back to filling greeting card orders,  and, perhaps, dotting a few more spots on the above piece.

If I knew who I was perhaps I'd know what to do. Lalalalalalala.

On to the second half of May, 2015.

Good Luck with yours! If you see somebody muddling through the month, that muddler might be me!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Re-starting Over Again Again

Six long short week since posting? Time Happens/

Here is a started pastel for to add color to page:

"Dancing In Edges"  (work in progress)

I'd been painting with oil paints and had been BUST with business doings. But that early morning the scrap box of pastel pieces was nearby, and we all know that in this house PAPER is never far alway.

This is an image from the second go-round with this work. We'll see how it goes. I'm trying to go quickly and slowly at the same time. Wish me luck! Failure is always so close at hand.

Today finds the bears and me out in Wisconsin farm country. We are part of the "Our Creative Routes" Art Tour. We will be at Rhodes Farm and Pottery, outside Woodville, Wisconsin. Plowed Spring fields, chickens doing what chickens do. Street address: 1080 245th Street, Woodville. Weather is forecast to be in LOW 80s!!!!! There is almost no excuse for not taking that lovely "drive in the country."

So, ever onward, AGAIN.

Happy May 2nd, too!

- Fare-thee-well,
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