Saturday, December 29, 2012

One More Saturday

Greetings -
Today is the last Saturday of 2012 - a year that went dinging ringing chinging far too slowly and quickly.

Medical bleahs aside - the year held new friends, old truck adventures, and our best garden ever. Or, so far.

I've discovered the great pleasure of an early morning light-box. the rest of the family HATES the brightness. Oh well. Right now they are still abed.

But for me there is oatmeal to eat, tea to drink, and a backpack to prep. Heading for a shift at the Gift Gallery in the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, Wisconsin. this facility is well-used year round, and we are lucky to have it within an easy drive.

Here in Stillwater, Minnesota, our Artreach St. Croix building is coming into its own as a center for writers, artists, and performance artists, and class instruction. Ever-changing exhibits are bringing in more and more viewers, and this year has also brought some excellent programs featuring writers, storytellers, musicians on a frequent basis. it's located across from our treasured Stillwater Public Library.

Another Stillwater art doing is the Van Gogh Cafe. After a couple months off, this group of folks interested in learning more about artists should be convening again shortly. Topics vary WIDELY, but each presentation has been well received. Open to all - free free to bop in for a visit. We have been meeting at Valley Booksellers but hosts are looking for possible different location. Google Van Gogh Cafe for more info?

So, on to the day. Book-keeping awaits - oh, goodie! But I'm bring a sketchbook, too. And a good book. Books, books, books.

Oh, there is an excellent hand-made paper/hand-made books exhibit at the Stillwater Library. It will probably be up only for till the end of the month. Inspiring work for us paper and word addicts.

On to 2013 and all it's Grand Adventures! GO PACK!!!!

- Fare-thee-well,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Using Stuff

This coming year I'm re-newing vow to use the stuff we already have around. This morning I thought there was so little ink in an old Sharpie Marker that the pen could be put to use on one last bear and then tossed away with joy and satisfaction in Job Well Done Old Pen.

Not to be. So a piece of paper is no longer blank, I've learned a lesson in potential, and the pen remains on the table - resting up for it's next adventure.

A day before Christmas I mixed up a batch of molasses cookies for the first time in two years. Lack of ambition and ill health had yielded ZERO cookies last Christmas Season. Not good. This year our ancient vintage old heavy-duty Hamilton Beach mixer came down from the cupboard and roared to life. It whipped those spicy buttery ingredients into shape with speed and efficiency. Appliances made in the 1950's continue to bring Joy to our household. Especially ye olde 2-slice Sunbeam Toaster (1950's) whose bread goes down automatically and come up the perfect golden brown. I have a life-long love of these toasters. My husband thinks I'm nuts. I love their style, toasting, and continued loyalty to the art of toasting.

                              On that note, here's a toast-colored bruin made fresh this morning.

On to the last days of 2012. May 2013 find you where you want to be, or on the journey, path, adventure heading on the way!


Friday, December 7, 2012


Remembering Pearl harbor Day. Somberly, respectfully.

Remembering Summer Garden 2012. With Joy and Hope for 2013.

Snow and ice are forecast for tonight. It's time for some Stillwater Summer Greenery:

Now we can face Winter head on
And start the planning for unfrozen soil

On to our varied days. Time to frame a custom order, send greeting card orders, and hope for the best for the future. Looking forward to the movie, "The Hobbit." A reading by an 8th grade boy to our 5th grade class of the part where Bilbo and Gollum first mention "My Precious" changed a part of my brain forever.

Like a great tomato will. And Pearl Harbor Day...


Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Bear for the Day

Greetings -
Too many tiny tasks.
Must remember to tackle them, as stated by Anne Lamott's father, "bird by bird."
 Keeping Lists in small notebooks is a must this days. Just don't start writing in too many notebokks.

Sent one Christmas card. Am hoping to have ambition to write witty Christmas letter this year. Last year, well..... adventures, good and bad, were not chronicled.

Here's a Bear for the Day:

Some days that's all you can ask.

Time to get back to organizing greeting car orders and finishing custom work and finding some "Not Really Balanced - Don't Really Care" tees in the basement bins.

Playing excellent jazz all day in honor of the passing of the great Dave Brubeck. Some days are filled with Bach. Today it's Mr. Brubeck's turn.

On to this December and all that it brings - may you find a bit of Play in your day!

Our Sue Rowe Studios Facebook page is always willing to take on a few more "Likes". Sitting at 99 - maybe we'll hit 100 before year's end? And who knows the Mysteries waiting in year 2013? Must get back to some Challenges. Suggestions?