Monday, July 18, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 15

I have no time to dream.
This is only my fault.

But a large pastel created recently, "Seth and The Girls," made the first cut on possible way to being exhibited at Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Show.

And we have been busy doing art fairs. The most recent was this past Saturday at Stockholm, WI. "Got Mayflies?" Oh, yes. This means that the river is healthy. Guessing it is very, very heathy... Though now the hatch has died.... They did make themselves none to all of us attending the festival, and a few were eaten, though not by choice.

This coming weekend holds a long-time-in-returning visit to BreyerFest in Lexington, Kentucky. Before my life was consumed by "bears," it was ruled by tiny "toy" horses and the tack that they wear. We would travel the States and even to Canada, buying, selling, judging models,  offering tack for sale, and enjoying the company of fellow - well, more than enthusiasts.

I have been gone from this world for many years - but the opportunity came to visit the biggest event of its kind again - and so the bears, most of them, have been replaced by plastic horses, and tubs of photo albums from the good ol' days.

Now it's time to do the final packing.
And also bring along stuff to work on for the Ely Blueberry Festival. This three-day doings up in Ely, Minnesota has become what we usually do instead of BreyerFest. Due to calendars and dates NOT aligning we are lucky to do both this year. I may not be sane by the end of F=July, but I hope to have lots more great memories!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 14

I So Often Forget to Dream

Maybe because I like my life - mostly?
Maybe because I've done many of the things I dreamed of doing?
Maybe because I'm afraid to head down new scary paths?

Does it matter?

To me the world remains a confusing bunch of doings. Just when I think I know the direction something will take it ZIGS, ZAGS, or disappears. Leaves one almost content to simply survive.

But because we are fortunate enough to live in a land where simply surviving should be almost taken for granted I think we should strive a wee tad more. I am a bad person as far as taking my own advice. "So it goes."

New adventure, bear-wise!!! 

I might get gutty enough to dream of doing 100 of these little 2" x 2" canvases. Or maybe some done on 2" x 2" papers or other supports. Five have been offered for sale. These five have been purchased! Thank you, Customers! 

The ones shown here are all done in acrylics. There is a small crew started in oils. I have many art supplies. Enough for thousands of "bearlets" - as one fan calls them. And as each is an individual this allows me to play with color and form in as many ways as there are people... I mean bears. 

Here my husband and I had been talking about working BIGGER, and then these happened! I am happy with these happening. I can pretend that I'm a jeweler again. I think of these small paintings as jewels. Small bits of color that might make one feel a feeling. Pieces big enough to display separately. Pieces small enough to make up a variety of groups. Bigger - you are going to have to wait.

Maybe I CAN dream again. About at least one hundred individuals. That's a bunch of bears with a whole bunch of dreams. These seven are a start.

But now... I have to go think about Sheep. No, not about dreaming, though... I sort of dream that these sheep will get accepted into the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Show. This is a big fuzzy DREAM, I guess.

I blither, therefore I am.

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Shows coming up: 
On Wait List for Grand Marais - check FB Page for current status.
July 15: Stockholm, WI
Late July: Ely Blueberry Fest

Saturday, July 2, 2016

100 Days - 100 Dreams: 13


This seems not to be the case.

Each morning I plan to blog.
And then I don't.


Over and over.

There is always a reason to not write. But they are not GOOD Reasons.

no time
water the garden
nothing to say
don't feel like it now
don't feel like it now (again)

Then Personal Guilt sets in.
Love that Personal Guilt.

Don't do the relatively easy, and often pleasurable task, you've set for yourself and then stew in Guilt Juices that no one else even knows you have cooked up.

Yes. So it is.
I have to quit Dreaming of Blogging and simply sit down with friendly lap-top and non-hostile readers. You are non-hostile, aren't you? And type.

Just type. Just type. Type some more.
And then the deed will be done.

It is time to head out for Shell Lake, Wisconsin, and its lovely small, but high-quality art festival. We are the people on the other side of the weekend events. Some people go to the event. Some people make up the event that people go to attend.

We will be LOOKING at the folks playing on the beach. But we will be looking from inside our little 10' x 10' white-topped tents. It is the life we've chose. It is the nomad life we lead.

"Afton" the Bear has been re-tweaked again. And varnished. So he is "done." Finished. Time to take the bruins on another road trip.

May your weekend hold the Adventures of your choosing! May YOU act upon your Dreams.

And Happy 4th!