Friday, December 18, 2009

A Brave attempt at Catching Up

The Christmas Letter is finished at last - thanks to a lovely cup of real coffee at Stillwater's The Bikery - the best mix of coffee-shop and bike shop in these here parts. It made for a great place to follow Lance Armstrong's Tour de France adventures this past summer.
It's not summer anymore - although this morning's temp is a toasty twelve ABOVE zero at present - 8 AM. Hardly took any time to defrost the Buick's front window - simple pleasure.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Season's Over Season's Starting

Greetings -
We are still unpacking from our last show of the year. It was the lovely Landmark Center Holiday Bazaar in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. No blizzard, no ice, great music, wonderful customers and friends. The lighted trees in Rice Park are always a delight each evening as we headed for home.

Now the bears are bunched upstairs in our booth at American Gothic Antiques, 236 S Main Street, in Stillwater, Minn., where all this fuzzy fun begain. To think that a single not-good pencil drawing in October of 1997 began the torrent of bears that we've made is still quite mind-boggling. Take advantage of any inspiration - ya might create a whole new life for yourself.

We have more bruin goodies in Minnesota at Duluth's Blue Lake Gallery, and in Bayfield, Wisconsin's Eckels Pottery. We are thrilled that the colored reproductions of the "pretty" bears are going over so well with customers. And next year, cross paws, we will offer our first ceramic pieces, starting with a standing "Larry" Bear.

I've vowed this season to eat less and exercise more, so will quit typing and head for the spinner. We've hidden the chocolate-covered cherries from me - Thanks, Todd - and there's lots of turkey soup left.

On to all of our grand adventures!