Monday, April 25, 2016

Iris Update

Post to Self - Ready, set, learn!

A little lesson in layout... and perception.

An early post to Facebook illustrated patterns and starts of pastel paintings:

I wasn't paying attention to original photographs I'd taken...

So work progressed - Here is an early image of Iris 2.

And another...

NOTICE ANYTHING "WRONG"? I didn't. So I kept referring to colored enlargement - painting merrily on.

After working on the two paintings off and on for three days I decided to check back to original images on laptop.  "Iris 1"? Fine and dandy. I notice, though, that detail is far brighter and crispy on-screen than with color print out. So, on to "Iris 2" computer image. Confusion. Brow creasing. But just for a moment.

Because I'd been working on the painting with the image UPSIDE-DOWN! Iris petals go in so many directions I'd not noticed the flub on my part. D'Oh! When using the enlargement as reference, I'd not noted orientation. 

Here is correct positioning of "Iris 2" at bottom, the reference I'd been using in center, and Iris 1 at top. A true "AHA!!" moment. And noticing that gravity rules. This position feels more "right" - because it is!

So Lesson is: Take Note of correct orientation when working from reference photos. Maybe add a pencilled arrow noting "Top." Whatever works for you.

Here are both Iris paintings now. I'm still not sure that they are finished, but I do know that their pastel petals are pointing in the proper positions!



Both paintings are soft pastel on  8" x 10" suede mat board.

And, yes, tomorrow it's back to the bears.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Changing It Up

From time to time it's good to try something different.

For years I've photographed the gorgeous large iris blossoms that appear like magic each early summer in the flowerbed around the fireplace chimney. No, I cannot recall their particular name. Yes, I bought the bulbs at Walmart. 

I am always fascinated by the detail and subtle colors in each flower, from bud to drooping petals.

This year I finally decided to create some pastel and other pieces inspired by these beauties.

Because I only know somewhat about what I'm trying to achieve there is a sense of play and goofing off and whatever happens happens so far. These flowers aren't my "work" - right now they are still play.

Here's a bit of first day's doings:

These are approximately 8" x 10" portions of original photographs
 printed and cut out and used as guides for these new works. I am using suede mat board as support, and still deciding whether to leave visible original colors or cover those areas not iris to mirror the dark backgrounds I use when photographing the flowers.

Day One leaves me at least slightly happy with beginnings. It's sort of fun to ignore the bears for a while. Please don't tell them I typed that... Thanks.

Facebook page: Sue-Rowe-Studios